San Diego’s New Waterfront Concert Venue Makes A Splash

Of course I am describing a special place, not the kind of home most orchestras could hope to build in their neighbourhood. But the need is the same, to reach out to more people in a friendly environment. – Toronto Star
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Is Social Media Like Alcohol Addiction?

To me, it sounds like alcohol—a social lubricant that can be delightful but also depressing, a popular experience that blends short-term euphoria with long-term regret, a product that leads to painful and even addictive behavior among a significant minority. – The Atlantic
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Body-Shaming In Opera

“Diversity applies to pretty much everybody except fat people,” opera critic Uwe Friedrich tells me. The pressure to conform to a societal ideal of beauty has “increased enormously” in recent years. – Van
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Science Works On Explaining How Much Sleep We Need

Although great progress has been made in developing sophisticated models and explaining phenomena such as circadian rhythms, jetlag and details of EEG recordings of the sleeping brain, these advances are belied by the difficulty of developing a general quantitative theory for why we sleep. – Aeon
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Wave Of New Plays By Black Playwrights…

The plays are arriving at an existentially challenging moment for Broadway, when theaters have been closed for a year and a half, when the Delta variant has   from Covid, when  . – The New York Times
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How The Pandemic Is Changing How Lincoln Center Works

Usually, our work requires a year or two in advance planning. But now we’re building the plane as we’re flying. So it’s really shown us that we can be nimble. – Christian Science Monitor
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A New Movie Revives A Surprisingly Old Genre: Black Westerns

Just as there really were African-Americans in the Old West, Westerns with Black casts (first shown to segregated audiences) were made from the 1930s through the Blaxploitation ’70s and beyond. The latest example, The Harder They Fall, is fiction but depicts real historical figures. – The New York Times
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What’s Even The Purpose Of Political Writing Anymore?

Osita Nwanevu: “The morsels of rage and misery we offer might not have much political effect, but they do feed an online writing economy that rewards speed, quantity, and deference to algorithms designed for the profit of three or four tech companies.” – Columbia Journalism Review
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Researchers Explore What Juices The Echo Chamber

“You really don’t know whether this person making a good-sounding argument is really smart, is really educated, or whether they’re just reading off something that they read on Twitter.” – NiemanLab
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Afghan Singers Recount Their Flight From The Taliban

The BBC interviewed half a dozen musicians who have had instruments smashed, relatives killed, and threats issued since the extremists took over Afghanistan last month. They now all in hiding in Pakistan, hoping to find refuge in another country. – BBC
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Osage Nation Decries Sale Of Important Prehistoric Cave Art

The two-cave system is nestled within a 43-acre stretch of land in Missouri, about 60 miles west of St. Louis. Scholars have called it “the most important rock art site in North America” because of a collection of 290 prehistoric glyphs on its walls. – Hyperallergic
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Massive and magnificent creatures created from leftover rice straw

In Niigata, Japan, artists create astounding creatures from rice straw, a byproduct of rice production. Called Wara Art, the sculptures are created in a collaboration between Niigata City residents and students from Musashino Art University. The Wara Art Festival is taking place right now through October 31 in the city's Uwasekigata Park. — Read the rest
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School Mural Altered In LA After Community Complaints

The artwork was part of a 2016 project to place murals around the campus. Two years later, the Wilshire Community Coalition, a group led by Korean Americans, spoke out against the sun rays that prominently radiated from Ava Gardner’s profile. – Los Angeles Times
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‘Dune’ Costume Designers Break Down the Construction of Stillsuits and Each Planet’s Unique Look

The costumes in Denis Ville­neuve’s “Dune” tell a rich story on their own. Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan teamed up to create the 1,000 or so looks needed for the three main worlds of the movie: Arrakis, Caladan and Giedi Prime. “For research, I looked at David Lean films — ‘Dr. Zhivago,’ ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ […]
Tags: Design, Dune, Denis Villeneuve, Jacqueline West, David Lean, Timothee Chalamet, Bob Morgan

Why This Filmmaker In Myanmar Is A Fugitive From The Junta

Director Na Gyi and his wife (and leading actor) would be in hiding even if their latest film weren’t about a lesbian romance: they gave financial help to people striking against the coup. Here’s a Q&A he gave from a safe house. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Jane Powell, Wholesome Star Of Classic Movie Musicals, Dead At 91

“An actress and singer who first appeared in movies as a teenager, (she) became a sunny stalwart of Hollywood musicals in the 1940s and 1950s, most notably opposite Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding and Howard Keel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” – The Washington Post
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Ivan Turgenev on Aging He Did Not Picture Life’s Sea as the Poets Depict It

“He fell to thinking . . . slowly, listlessly, wrathfully. He thought of the vanity, the uselessness, the vulgar falsity of all things human. All the stages of man’s life passed in order before his mental gaze (he had himself lately reached his fifty-second year), and not one found grace in his eyes.” Ivan Turgenev [Photo: Félix Nadar] “Everywhere the same ever-lasting pouring of water into a sieve, the ever-lasting beating of the air, everywhere the same self-deception—half in good f...
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Myanmar’s Arts Community Is Caught Between Military Dictators, Floods, Economic Turmoil, And COVID

“People are focused on survival … and caring for their loved ones,” says one artist in Yangon. Adds another, “It’s dangerous to do a good show now, since … it is impossible to speak about the present in Myanmar without putting yourself in danger.” – The Art Newspaper
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Why This Musicologist Quit Academia

In recent years the dogmatic mode of thinking, in which uncritical commitments are enforced by mechanisms involving public humiliation, no-platforming, and attempts to have scholars fired, has become to seem like it has become endemic. – Harper-Scott
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Paris’s Musée d’Orsay ‘Can No Longer Be A Tourist Factory,’ Says Its New Director

That would be Christophe Leribault, until now director of the city’s Petit Palais and, before that, of the Musée Delacroix. (He replaces Laurence des Cars, who was recently appointed director of the Louvre.) The Orsay, says Leribault, “can no longer be a tourist factory.” – Artforum
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A Previously Unknown Van Gogh Is Now On View In Amsterdam

“Study for ‘Worn Out,’ as the drawing is being called, has lived in a private Dutch collection since the first decade of the 20th century. Its current owner … approached the museum to determine if it was a legitimate van Gogh.” – Artnet
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Stephen Sondheim, At 91, Is Working On A New Musical

As he told Stephen Colbert this week, “I’ve been working on a show for a couple years with a playwright named David Ives, and it’s called Square One. … With any luck, we’ll get it on next season.” – The New York Times
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Here’s The First-Ever Piano With 108 Keys

The instrument, designed and handmade by Wayne Stuart of Stuart & Sons in Australia, has a nine-octave range, two octaves more than a standard grand piano and about the same as most pipe organs. – Classic FM
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Seeing Steinbeck anew

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review a streaming webcast of the stage version of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Streaming webcasts of theatrical performances are growing increasingly scarce as Broadway producers and drama companies begin opening their doors once more. Yet their value remains undiminished, for streaming video gives regional companies a national profile and makes shows available to viewers who either find it difficult to go to the theater o...
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Senior Manager, Concert Operations and Booking

Description: The Senior Manager, Concert Operations and Booking is tasked with supporting the Artistic Department to produce world-class performances and to find additional opportunities for the Handel and Haydn Society to perform in New England and beyond. This position works with the Vice President of Artistic Planning to create and present H+H’s live performances, recording projects, tours, and other artistic initiatives. The position’s two main charges are to book runout and touring performa...
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General Manager Position Available

Job Title: General ManagerReports To: Executive Director Alonzo King LINES Ballet (AKLB) is a celebrated contemporary ballet company that has been guided since 1982 by its unique core values and artistic vision. Collaborating with noted composers, musicians, and visual artists, Alonzo King creates works that draw on a diverse set of deeply rooted cultural traditions and imbue classical ballet with new expressive potential. Founded in 1982, the mission of Alonzo King LINES Ballet is to nurture...
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Warehouse & Rentals Manager

NETworks Presentations is seeking a full-time Warehouse and Rentals Manager to oversee and manage the operations of the NETworks Rentals company and warehouse. This full-time position, based out of Columbia, Maryland, will work with external parties renting physical productions and NETworks staff to manage the storage, shipping and maintenance of current productions. Overview of Responsibilities Negotiate rentals and manage rental properties, including assisting as technical support for...
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In Crimea, Russian Government Is Trying To Wipe Out Tatar Heritage: UNESCO Report

“The report ascribes a goal of erasing traces of their cultural presence on the peninsula and weakening ‘the fundamental role of the indigenous Muslim people in the history of Crimea’ as a mean of ‘historical justification for its occupation.'” – The Art Newspaper
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