Honest Brokers And The Clement Greenberg Problem

Greenberg had made it clear that the single most lucrative move for a modern-day critic was to announce the newest new thing, the coming revolution that would sweep everything else aside. And he had proven so influential that… – Ted Gioia
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Jaap & Klaus to Flee to Their European Homelands, Terminating Tenuous Tenures at NY Phil & LA MOCA

Perhaps “good riddance” would be an appropriate bicoastal response to the slaps in the face that culture-lovers in New
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BBC Chief Says Culture Wars Make It More Difficult To Be Impartial

“I think the culture wars are raging, I think we’ve got a real battle on our hands. I walk a tightrope every day on this, but we’ve got to fight for it.” – BBC
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Has Philosophy Really Been Replaced By Science?

A perennial favorite of this alleged replacement of philosophy with science is the claim that, while philosophers haven’t been able to really get ahead on the issue, science tells us unequivocally that there is no free will. – 3 Quarks Daily
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What Will Happen To Online Performances When We’re Back In Theatres?

‘We’ve had thousands of years to get good at [in-person] but virtual connection is new, and we need to do some interrogation of the form to see how we get that same catharsis, buzz and deep connection that draws us to theatre.’ – ArtsHub
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Picasso’s Daughter Pays French Taxes With Nine Artworks

“It is an honour for our country to welcome these new artworks by Picasso. They will enrich and deepen our cultural heritage.” – ARTnews
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Experience Thinking – The Next Evolution for Design Thinking

GUEST POST from Anthony Mills Prologue Design Thinking is an incredibly powerful way to approach the design of just about anything that involves an interaction with people (or other intelligent creatures). Its underlying philosophy of Human Centered Design requires that … Continue reading →
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Inside The New Academy Movie Museum

While the May Co. building will be celebrated as a fine work of adaptive reuse, what will ultimately define the Academy Museum is its spherical theater, which attaches to the north face of the building via series of bridges, one of which is lined with red carpet. – Los Angeles Times
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When Did America’s First Black Theater Open? Exactly 200 Years Ago

“For the price of 25 cents — or, for a nicer seat, a hefty 50 cents — the African Theater” (which opened on Sept. 17, 1821 with Richard III) “entertained hundreds of Black New Yorkers with both classic and original work, alongside operas and ballets.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Richard III, Did America

Why Do We Refer To Some Composers With Only Their Last Name?

Who gets last-name-only treatment and who requires a full identification is a weightier, more politically fraught question than it might initially seem. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Saadi Yacef, The Man Who Started “The Battle Of Algiers”, Dead At 93

He didn’t start the battle itself, but he was the top military man in Algeria’s war of independence. When that was won, the new government wanted a movie about it. So Yacef found director Gillo Pontecorvo and co-produced and starred in the 1966 film. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Algeria, Gillo Pontecorvo, Saadi Yacef, Yacef

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet May Be Gone, But Its Successor Is Now Taking The Stage

The former company shut down in March after 25 years, but five of its dancers, with one colleague and choreographer Ben Needham-Wood, have formed Dance Aspen, just now giving its first performance. Here the executive director and a company member discuss what they’ve learned so far. – Pointe Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Ben Needham Wood, Dance Aspen

New Movie Academy Museum Succeeds At Celebrating Movies The Oscars Don’t

Perhaps the most notable alcoves of the Academy Museum are those where it resists the obvious, or at least takes a break from celebrating the already amply celebrated. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Academy Museum

Vantablack, The World’s Blackest Black? Hollywood’s Going To Be All Over It (And Vice Versa)

Yes, Anish Kapoor purchased exclusive rights to the color for visual art, but the entertainment world sees numerous uses for it and has been itching to put it to work. But Vantablack’s complicated application technique has been a hindrance —until a recent, surprisingly simple innovation. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, World, Visual, Anish Kapoor, Vantablack

Disney CEO: World Is Changing For Talent Contracts

The problem, Bob Chapek said, is that the company has found itself grappling with talent contracts that were struck three or four years ago — long before the race to streaming and before the COVID-19 pandemic upended Hollywood. – Los Angeles Times
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Is The Future Of Newspapers 24/7 Online, With Actual Newsprint Only On Sundays?

That’s already the case in Little Rock and Chattanooga, while the Tampa Bay Times prints only Wednesdays and Sundays. Many other papers throughout the US have cut some hard-copy days, especially Saturdays. Yet they all post news online all week long. – Local News Initiative (Northwestern University)
Tags: Art, US, Words, Chattanooga, Little Rock, Tampa Bay Times

Netflix Is About To Milk The Hell Out Of Roald Dahl’s Stories

“Netflix has acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC) and will expand their existing deal to … create a universe across animated and live action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theater, consumer products and more.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Roald Dahl, Netflix, Roald Dahl Story Company RDSC

Frida Kahlo estimated $30m self-portrait set to smash records

Diego y yo is expected to become most valuable Latin American artwork ever publicly soldA sorrowful Frida Kahlo self-portrait which shows her cheating husband, Diego Rivera, in the centre of her forehead, is expected to smash auction records as it becomes the most valuable work of Latin American art ever publicly offered for sale.Sotheby’s announced on Wednesday it was offering for sale a 1949 painting titled Diego y yo (Diego and I) with an estimate in excess of $30m. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Painting, UK News, Culture, Art and design, Diego Rivera, Sotheby, Frida Kahlo

Yes, Music Really Can Be Infectious — Statisticians Apply Epidemiology To Pop Songs

“The pattern of music downloads after their release appears to closely resemble epidemic curves for infectious disease – and electronica appears to be the most infectious genre of all.” – The Guardian
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Cityscape East River NYC (9-20-2021)

A pair of NYPD patrol boats were stationed in the East River at the approach to the 59th Street Bridge. Each was fitted out with a manned, high-caliber machine gun. There was no boat traffic as there usually is — no barges going upriver, no tug boats churning heavy wakes behind them, no sail boats moving lazily with the current, no speedboats — all apparently prohibited due to the opening session of the U.N. located nearby on the Manhattan bank of the river. Many streets in the surrounding neig...
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Three Tips for Unforgettable Content Creation

Having spent over 15 years in the presentation world, we have a philosophy here that simplicity is best, bullet points are an eyesore, and stories work.   We’ve seen this in action and have witnessed its success time after time.   Unforgettable content is just a few action steps away for any presenter.   You just have to know what to put on the slide, what to leave off, and how to approach your narrative.   Thankfully, we’ve got three solid content tips that will get you well on your way tow...
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Signature LA: The Richard Neutra Houses

Their stories say something deeper about Neutra’s achievement, which has less to do with stylish surfaces than with underlying rhythms—the search for a shelter that is also open to the world. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Visual, Neutra

France’s Top Book Prize Has A New Conflict-Of-Interest Scandal

One of the finalists for this year’s Prix Goncourt, The Children of Cadillac, was written by François Noudelmann, the romantic partner of one of the 10 jurors, Camille Laurens. What’s more, Laurens recently savaged a competing book on the shortlist in a review for Le Monde. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, France, Words, Le Monde, Laurens, Camille Laurens, Children of Cadillac, François Noudelmann

Long-Delayed Guggenheim Abu Dhabi At Last Has An Opening Date (And It’s Not Soon)

The Frank Gehry-designed museum, one of several starchitect-designed brand-name cultural institutions planned for the Emirati capital’s Saadiyat Island, is expected to be October of 2026, 16 years after the originally planned opening and a full two decades after the project was announced. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Frank Gehry, Visual, Emirati, Saadiyat Island

The Rivals: As The Delta Variant Rages, Sydney Reopens Its Theatres While Melbourne Stays Closed

The difference is not in case numbers; it’s in state government policies. New South Wales (Sydney), governed by the conservative Coalition, has relatively laissez-faire rules (and higher COVID caseloads), while Victoria (Melbourne), governed by Labor, has been unusually strict with lockdowns, masking rules, etc. – The Guardian
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Major Italian Baroque Painting Turns Up At Ordinary Suburban New York Church

An art history professor happened to be in the Church of the Holy Family in New Rochelle when he saw a painting that made him do a “double take.” It turned out to be Cesare Dandini’s Holy Family with the Infant St. John, dating from the 1630s. – Artnet
Tags: Art, John, Visual, New Rochelle, Ordinary Suburban New York Church, Church of the Holy Family, Cesare Dandini

Sex toy design has a lot to teach big tech

Design, at its heart, should be about making things better. Whether aesthetically or experientially, the craft should operate as a seamless bridge between a product’s function and the person operating it. The thing is, I’m just not sure that’s the case any longer. Over the past few years, it seems that design has become less user focused, concentrating far more on keeping us addicted and hooked, rather than actually improving our lives. I wanted to find out if this was true, or if I’m spouting n...
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Employee Engagement as a Strategy for Community Engagement

Guest Postby Kathleen Riemenschneider Kathleen Riemenschneider For more than two decades I have managed and developed education and community engagement programs, but while earning my doctorate in leadership studies I learned about ‘employee engagement.’ I began to wonder if there was a relationship between community engagement and employee engagement. There are similarities: both are about increasing involvement in the decision-making process or at least giving a group more input into a...
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Charlotte Ballet – Artistic Director

Organization Established in 1970, Charlotte Ballet’s vision is to be the leading dance company in the Southeast region. Charlotte Ballet is renowned for its athletic dancers and versatile programming that ranges from full-length classical ballets to cutting-edge contemporary dance. The company presents five to six performance series in Charlotte from October through June and tours across the Southeast region and nationally. In recent years, Charlotte Ballet was invited to perform at the Amer...
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BURIED TREASURE: Arthur Farwell’s “Hako” — Will String Quartets Have the Courage to Perform It?

In the world of classical music, it sometimes happens that a major work lies dormant, undiscovered and unperformed,
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