Facebook Isn’t A Platform, It’s A Country

Facebook is not merely a website, or a platform, or a publisher, or a social network, or an online directory, or a corporation, or a utility. It is all of these things. But Facebook is also, effectively, a hostile foreign power. – The Atlantic
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Why We Need To Get Comfortable With Ambiguity

If freedom-minded people are to rid ourselves of “the habits of paranoia, despair, and policing” that Maggie Nelson believes to be menacing the left — from the MeToo movement to climate nihilism — we must learn to sit with ambiguity, risk, and indeterminacy. – New York Magazine
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Is Literature “Technology”?

Angus Fletcher claims that fairy tales, free indirect discourse, autobiography, and such are “technology,” and that their primary purpose is medicinal, so that neuroscience should supplant traditional criticism. – Los Angeles Review of Books
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Why Remote Work Is The Future

“A remote-first company can access the best talent in the world. An office-first company can only access those who live within a certain radius of their building.” – The New Yorker
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This Year’s MacArthur Fellows

“As we emerge from the shadows of the past two years, this class of 25 Fellows helps us reimagine what’s possible,” said MacArthur Fellows managing director Cecilia Conrad in a statement. ” – NPR
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Inmates Who Produced A Podcast In San Quentin Now Get Paid To Do It After Release

Ear Hustle is produced by the folks at San Quentin Radio, working with San Francisco public radio station KALW. Here, co-host and co-producer Rahsaan “New York” Thomas, still “inside,” writes about how colleagues now on parole have transitioned to paid work on the podcast. – Current
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What Graffiti From Venetian Quarantine Facilities Of The 1400’s Tell Us

In their free time, some of the porters wrote on the large walls of the tezon grande, a room over 105 yards long that was used for cleaning out the goods. – Atlas Obscura
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Alums Of University Of Utah School Of Dance Recount Mistreatment, Seek Changes

“(Two recent almunae) gathered 13 written testimonials from students and faculty members about what they see as the harmful culture at the U’s ballet program. They detailed their experiences being forced to work through injuries, being body-shamed, verbally abused and facing microaggressions.” – KUER (Salt Lake City)
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Melting Glaciers In Mongolia Reveal And Imperil Ancient Artifacts

Frozen heritage is melting from mountain ice in every hemisphere. As it does so, small groups of archaeologists are scrambling to cobble together the funding and staffing needed to identify, recover, and study these objects before they are gone. – Atlas Obscura
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Wole Soyinka On Publishing His First Novel In 48 Years

“It is meant to indict us also, the governed, as a people who have jettisoned the humane values that that same society impressed on my upbringing. Yes, I would give much to bludgeon Nigeria into accepting that Black Lives do Matter!” – Los Angeles Times
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Why Is This Noted Antiquities Scholar Being Accused Of Theft Of Artifacts?

It is an understatement to say that the dispute over Dirk Obbink and the papyrus has shaken a scholarly world where ancient texts are entrusted to a set of experts whose erudition and experience have singled them out as special. – The New York Times
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Danish artist delivers empty frames for $84k as low pay protest

Denmark museum of modern art says Jens Haaning’s Take the Money and Run violates legal agreementIn an unexpected reinterpretation of an earlier work, a Danish artist has left a museum with empty frames, a depleted bank account and red faces all round.Rather than applauding Jens Haaning’s artistic commentary on modern capitalism, the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in northern Denmark has said the artist is in violation of a legal agreement – and in possession of more than $84,000 belonging to the i...
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Danish artist delivers empty frames for $84k fee as low pay protest

Denmark museum of modern art says Jens Haaning’s Take the Money and Run violates legal agreementIn an unexpected reinterpretation of an earlier work, a Danish artist has left a museum with empty frames, a depleted bank account and red faces all round.Rather than applauding Jens Haaning’s artistic commentary on modern capitalism, the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in northern Denmark has said the artist is in violation of a legal agreement – and in possession of more than $84,000 belonging to the i...
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Some Worrying Trends In Fundraising For Public Radio

Since FY16, median new donor counts have fallen 8%. During that time, median sustaining donors have dropped nearly 18%. – Current
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An Afghan Artist Recounts Her Desperate, Failed Attempt To Escape The Taliban

“The Taliban are being pressured on many issues like women’s rights and journalists’ safety, but there are no discussions about the rights and safety of artists. We can’t raise our voice here, we are in hiding.” – The Art Newspaper
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"The colors of our flag are intended to stand for unity, valor and justice. The gray, monochrome flag represents America surrendering..."

"... to its fall from power and loss of the ideals it once stood for. The American dream is being washed away." Writes Na Kim at "REDESIGNING AMERICA’S FLAG/Six New Takes on Old Glory" (NYT).  Here's her redesign: Here's a webpage showing more work from Na Kim. She's mainly a book cover designer, but she's also been prominent in social media, including in this Instagram account Panolo Blahnik, which is photographs of shoes made of bread (or... should I say bread made into shoes?): ...
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Senior Leadership Opportunity – Ravinia Festival Chief Brand, Marketing & Communications Officer

Ravinia®, North America’s oldest and most musically diverse music festival, presents over 140 different events throughout the summer. These concerts range from Yo-Yo Ma to John Legend to the annual summer residency of the nation’s finest orchestra, The Chicago Symphony. Ravinia’s Reach Teach Play programs serve over 75,000 adults and children throughout Chicagoland and are designed to educate, foster diverse audience involvement, and provide the population with equitable access to live music exp...
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16th-Century Documents Stolen From Mexico’s National Archives Have Been Recovered

The rescue of these manuscripts “comes amid a strong effort by the Mexican government to stop the international trafficking of national heritage objects, with mixed results.” Security and physical conditions at the National Archives have been particularly bad. – ARTnews
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Why Does Classical Music Humor Keep Getting More And More Lame?

Time was, Dudley Moore could dash off a witty parody of a Beethoven sonata or Britten folk song arrangement. These days, NPR Classical and Britain’s Classic FM tweet cartoons about John Cage’s 4’33” or, god forbid, the sort of viola jokes we told in middle school. – Van
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Even At Age 78, Mike Leigh Is As Exacting About Interviews As He Is About His Films

“You just couldn’t work the way he does – his scripts are improvised, not written, resting on collaboration, trust, instinct, bravery – without weighing every word, cross-examining every sentence. Otherwise it would just be baggy. He takes this perfectionism into every interview, every conversation:” – The Guardian
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Eric Schmidt: How Artificial Intelligence Will Interact With Us

We need to think now of what happens when artificial intelligence is co-resident with us in the world. It lives with us; it watches us; it helps us, maybe interferes with us occasionally. We don’t really know. – The Atlantic
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The Late-Period Pietà Michelangelo Intended For His Own Tomb Has Been Restored

What’s more, conservators and scholars involved say that the restoration has put to rest the big myth surrounding the sculpture: that Michelangelo went at it with a hammer out of dissatisfied frustration. (He had a better reason for never completing it.) – The New York Times
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London’s Barbican Centre Is Hemorrhaging Staff: Report

Current and former employees are using terms like “mass exodus”, “freefall”, and “climate of fear” to describe the situation at the central London venue. The turmoil comes in the wake of reports of racism and other discrimination there. – The Stage
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This Year’s Tony Awards Show Was In A Difficult And Delicate Position

Helen Shaw: “Looking back while looking forward was the impossible job of this year’s (ceremony). Instead of razzle-dazzling us, the host Audra McDonald (and, in the second half, Leslie Odom Jr.) had the job of surveying the pandemic wreckage, all of it still piling up.” – Vulture
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Managing Director, Performance Garage

Performance Garage, a non-profit dance center and theater in Philadelphia, in its 21st year of serving the Philadelphia dance community, seeks a dedicated, organized full-time Managing Director. The Performance Garage serves as a home for dance artists and dance making with classes, rehearsals, and intimate performances. As a non-union, non-university affiliated dance center, the Performance Garage serves a distinct need with the ecosystem of dance in Philadelphia by providing professional, affo...
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Assistant Director of Recruitment, Ohio University

The Assistant Director of Recruitment supports the College of Fine Arts and Undergraduate Admissions in integrated efforts to identify, recruit, admit, and enroll undergraduate students on the Athens campus. Creates and pursues strategies to attract a well-qualified, diverse pool of undergraduate students to the University and the college. Serving as a member of the Undergraduate Admissions team, the incumbent reports to the associate director for recruitment and outreach in Undergraduate Ad...
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Pittsburgh Symphony Keeps Manfred Honeck For Six More Years

The 63-year-old Austrian conductor has extended his contract as the orchestra’s music director through the 2027-28 season, which will be his 20th at the PSO’s helm. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Earliest European portraits of African men on show together for first time

Rijksmuseum says change in focus prompted by renewed interest in wake of Black Lives MatterThe two earliest portraits of men of African descent in the history of European art are being exhibited together for the first time in their 500-year history, reflecting a change of focus championed by the Black Lives Matter movement, curators at the Rijksmuseum have said.Among more than 100 portraits by Renaissance artists being showcased by the museum in Amsterdam from Tuesday are Albrecht Dürer’s 1508 s...
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