national day for truth and reconciliation: bearing witness, finding meaning

On September 30, many Canadians will have the day off in honour of a new holiday: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The holiday was created in response to the continuing revelations of mass graves located beneath the sites of the former concentration camps known as Indian Residential Schools. The remains of more than one thousand people have been found, and thousands more remain undiscovered. How we choose to honour this day will be up to each of us. On one end of the spectrum there ...
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Group art show in Tokyo: ephemeral – Territory of Girls 2021

The Jiro Miura Gallery in Tokyo is hosting its fourth ephemeral – Territory of Girls show, with paintings by women artists including our friends Amy Crehore and Audrey Kawasaki. Above: Ye-Ye Girl with Guitar by Amy Crehore. Below: Dreaming California by Audrey Kawasaki. — Read the rest
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How The Smithsonian Crowdsourced Weather Reports In The 1800s

The Institution handed out weather monitoring equipment to 150 volunteer observers across the country. Each day their reports arrived by telegraph, and the Smithsonian generated a national weather map displayed on the National Mall. The map became a popular attraction. – Smithsonian
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Hong Kong’s Art Market Is Flourishing. But New Security Laws Threaten

Never before has the vitality of the market felt so disconnected from the everyday lives of Hong Kong people. – Artnet
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Netflix Reveals Its Most-Watched Shows

Shonda Rhimes’ “Bridgerton” Season 1 scored as the No. 1 series based on both number of Netflix households and time spent viewing (in the initial four-week release), while “Extraction” was the most-viewed film in terms of households. – Variety
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Amazon Wants To Robotize Your Home. Do You Want It?

Science fiction is clearly a leaping-off point for Amazon’s next wave of product ideas. Suri Maddhula, director of software for Amazon’s Astro, even said as much: “It’s taking science fiction and making it a reality.” – CNet
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Site collects old video game advertisements

is a website that collects new press releases issued by local solid waste authorities. Just kidding! It actually collects old video game advertisements. [via] It's got quite a lot in there, organized by system, year and genre. — Read the rest
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Assessing The Pause On Broadway

“I always say the pandemic was the universe telling everyone to go to their room and think about what they’ve done. And while we’ve been in this season, it’s gifted—at least for me, it’s gifted me the opportunity to truly reflect on the why I wanted to do this in the first place.” –NonProfit Quarterly
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The Case For The Greatness Of “Singin’ In The Rain”

In Singin’ in the Rain, the late Clive James felt he encountered “the absolute concentration of an entire popular culture at its most powerful.” As for Kelly, James said, “it took the whole of America, including all its modern history, to create one of him.” – The American Scholar
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Tokyo Rose review – fiery musical revolves around radio DJ’s fight for justice

Southwark Playhouse, LondonIva Toguri’s trial for treason, accused of broadcasting Japanese propaganda to American troops, forms the backbone of this productionThis real-life story of Iva Toguri tells of an innocent young woman caught in the tangle of historical and wartime bigotries. Toguri, who came to be known as “Tokyo Rose”, was an American citizen who visited Japan in the 1940s and became a radio DJ. Her return to the US sparked public uproar among those who – wrongly – accused her of broa...
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“Nothing Else Like It On TV, Before Or Since”: Soul Train, 50 Years On

“It was the iconic Black music and dance show, a party every weekend that anyone could join from their living room. (On It’s Been a Minute,) we break down the lasting influence of Soul Train … with scholars, fans and even a few featured dancers.” – NPR
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Despite The Uncertain Times, One Ballet Company Has Increased Its Size By 21%

Western Australia has had only one new COVID case in 30 days, and, at least when resource prices are high, the state has money for the arts. So the West Australian Ballet in Perth has added seven full-time corps positions to its roster of 32 dancers. – Limelight (Australia)
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TikTok Passes One Billion Users

TikTok’s popularity soared during the pandemic, becoming the most-downloaded app in the world in the first quarter of 2020, with some 315 million downloads in that quarter alone according to app analytics company SensorTower. – The Verge
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Preserving The Cree And Ojibwe Languages — With TikTok

“Combining humor, everyday language use, and relatable situations, these videos” — from the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre in Winnipeg — “are contributing to making the language accessible, especially during the ongoing pandemic when many people were at home.” – Global Voices
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Meet The Boston Symphony’s New Leader

The orchestra has a deep pool of artistic talent, a fiercely devoted following, and Gail Samuel’s predecessor, Mark Volpe, grew the BSO’s endowment to roughly $550 million (the largest of any American orchestra) while overseeing a pre-pandemic operating budget of more than $100 million. – Boston Globe
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Ten Rules For How To Deal With Critics

Here are ten rules I try to live by in my own experiences with harsh feedback. – Ted Gioia
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The New Hotness In Theater Set Design? Glass Boxes

“Even before COVID-19, many ambitious productions had been taking place … in elaborately engineered glass cubes that evoke high Modernism. … There wouldn’t seem to be a more flagrant violation of dramatic immediacy. And yet the design is, as of late, ubiquitous.” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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This Guy Would Have Made an Amazing Advent Calendar

So if you wanted a steampunk Transformer that could switch from one mode to another with very few steps, apparently your guy was David Roentgen. Let’s not talk about it too much, because it will spoil the kickass surprises in these videos. I first saw the one up top, send to me by Cosette, of the desk that’s in the Royal Collection across the pond. So I recommend starting there. Suffice it to say if I could have commissioned this guy to design my entire office or library, I sure as hell would ha...
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Kenya Bans Documentary About Young Gay Man’s Struggle For Acceptance

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) announced a prohibition on the exhibition, distribution, possession or broadcast of I Am Samuel on Thursday, … saying it was blasphemous and an affront to the constitution.” – Reuters
Tags: Art, Media, Kenya, Samuel, Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB

“Fire Shut Up In My Bones” At The Met Isn’t Just A Landmark For Black Artists, It’s A Damn Fine Opera

Justin Davidson: “Librettist Kasi Lemmons and composer Terence Blanchard … haven’t blown up the genre or bent it to new purpose or smuggled anything subversive into a temple of tradition. For all its newsworthiness, Fire Shut Up in My Bones is an old-fashioned opera opera.” – Vulture
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Bob Moore, Bassist Who Helped Establish The “Nashville Sound”

“As a mainstay of the loose aggregation of Nashville session professionals known as the A-Team, (he) played on many of the landmark country hits of his day. … Each typified the intuitive, uncluttered style of playing that came to characterize the less-is-more Nashville Sound.” – The New York Times
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Apple's former design chief Jony Ive is reportedly helping Ferrari design its first electric car

Jony Ive is the designer behind many of Apple's most recognizable products. Getty Ex-Apple designer Jony Ive's firm is collaborating with Ferrari on its first electric car, FT reports. The luxury carmaker plans to introduce its electric vehicle in 2025. Jony Ive designed iconic Apple products like the iPhone, Mac, and iPod. See more stories on Insider's business page. A design firm headed by Jony Ive, Apple's former chief design officer, and industrial designer Marc Newson...
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San Francisco, St. Paul, Pilot Minimum Guaranteed Incomes For Artists

Both pilots have received private funding. In San Francisco, after initial city funding, the team raised an additional $3.4 million from #startsmall, a pandemic-relief fund started by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. – Next City
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Check out these impressively epic balloon animals

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto is a true auteur of the balloon animal genre. Which is not something I ever thought existed, until I saw these: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Masayoshi Matsumoto (@isopresso_balloon) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Masayoshi Matsumoto (@isopresso_balloon) ...
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Four Billion Euros. That’s France’s 2022 Budget For Arts And Culture.

“This historic progression”, said culture minister Roselyne Bachelot, “will bring to +15% the lasting increase in the means which have been allocated to culture since 2017, excluding public broadcasting and civil pension charges.” – Euronews
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Fraud, Theft, And Breach Of Contract As Conceptual Art (This Is Not Theoretical)

“A Danish artist was given tens of thousands of dollars by a museum to reproduce an old sculpture. Instead, he pocketed the money and called it a new conceptual artwork.” Jens Haaning has titled the new piece “Take the Money and Run.” – Artnet
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Famous paintings rendered as Minecraft-like 3D terrain

The Italian creative studio Invasione Creativa took a bunch of famous paintings and used voxelizing techniques to transform them into chunkily-pixeled relief-maps. The Mona Lisa, in that video above, becomes a landscape of colorful hill, valleys, and peaks. The result is terrain that is super reminiscent of Minecraft — these would make pretty fun maps for that game. — Read the rest
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Another Dancer Accuses Former Boston Ballet Star And Her Husband Of Rape

“The dancer, identified only as Jane Doe 100, is one of five female dancers who say Mitchell Taylor Button and his wife, former Boston Ballet principal dancer Dusty Button, ‘exploited their position of power and influence in the dance world to sexually abuse young dancers.'” – The Boston Globe
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San Antonio Symphony Is On Strike

Two weeks ago, orchestra management made a “last, best and final” contract offer which would cut the number of full-time musicians by 40%; Sunday night, management declared an impasse in negotiations and tried to impose that offer. The musicians declared a strike the following day. – San Antonio Report
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"The pro-appropriation people will say, 'well, Johns is an artist and anything that Johns does is going to be transformative.'"

Said the intellectual property lawyer, quoted in "How did this teenager’s drawing of his knee wind up in a Jasper Johns painting at the Whitney?/A new work debuting in a major exhibition raises complex questions about artistic license and appropriation" (WaPo).  The teenager, Jéan-Marc Togodgue, had made an anatomical drawing of a knee (because, he says, he wanted to understand an injury to his knee). The artist saw the drawing hanging in Togodgue's doctor's office and copied it as part of a p...
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