32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #1

Peter Cushing talks theatre, film, and Sherlock Holmes,Digital Peter Cushing thanks to pure silliness,Trilogy of Terror! Well, we knew this day would arrive. We’ve already done this for thirteen years, with thirty-two days/nights to fill. And we tried to do a movie every night. Which is 416 movies (although we didn’t do a movie every night…sometimes we did a couple of episodes of whatever, but that’s still a lot). So it’s…very hard these days to find a film that’s A) appropriate for the seas...
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Jonathan Franzen And His Evil Twin

Sometimes it seems like there are two people called Jonathan Franzen: the successful, acclaimed novelist, and his evil twin. This can be the only explanation for why he polarises otherwise like-minded people in a way that even Donald Trump or Meghan Markle can’t. – BBC
Tags: Art, People, Jonathan Franzen, Donald Trump, MEGHAN MARKLE

Science Why It’s Difficult To Enjoy Success

We know from research that purchasing an experience leads to more enduring happiness than purchasing a possession. But a study from Cornell found that this bias also applies to the anticipation of the upcoming purchase. – Fast Company
Tags: Art, Ideas, Cornell

America As Internet Meme (What Could Go Wrong?)

The ultimate joke of Americancore might be that sense of disillusionment. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Media, America

How Our Brains Prioritize Urgency Over Importance

The “mere urgency effect” describes our tendency to prioritize tasks we perceive as time-sensitive over tasks that aren’t time-sensitive, even when the rewards of the non-time-sensitive task are objectively greater. In other words, urgency trumps importance every time. – Fast Company
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Are Theatre Critics Being Too Kind?

Emerging from its forced hibernation for live performance, theater appears to be in trouble, so our compassionate reviewers/publicists/reporters feel duty bound to come to the rescue. The rah-rah is uninhibited: troupes must be supported… – Arts Fuse
Tags: Art, Theatre

How A Paris Museum Convinced Russia To Lend Out Its Most Important Collection Of Impressionist And Modern Art

The collection of the brothers Morozov, full of Picassos, Monets, van Goghs, Matisses and such, is split between the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov and Pushkin in Moscow. Here’s how the Fondation Louis Vuitton persuaded authorities to allow the first exhibition of the collection abroad. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Russia, Paris, Moscow, St Petersburg, Visual, Louis Vuitton, Tretyakov, Pushkin, Morozov

Uh Oh – A Looming Book Shortage?

 “This fall, the global publishing business can expect disruption in shipping, increases in costs throughout the supply chain, shortages in consumables used for packing and shipping, and shortages in manufacturing supplies for books and printed matter.” – Jane Friedman
Tags: Art, Words

Want To Learn A New Language As An Adult? It’s Much Easier If You Learn Alongside The Kids

“New research suggests that it’s not as difficult as experts previously thought for adults to pick up a new language. Immersing yourself in a new language as a family might just be one of the most effective — and easiest — ways to learn a new language.” – National Geographic
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New Vision For Orchestral Pops?

 Orchestral pops programming now ranges from film scores, cartoon medleys and video game music to rap artists and jazz and circus acts. It’s whatever fusion of orchestral music and flavor-of-the-day entertainment the ensemble selects. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tags: Art, Music

Department Chair, Arts Administration, Education and Policy -The Ohio State University

Department: Arts Administration, Education and PolicyPosition: Department ChairRank: Associate Professor or Professor Description: The Ohio State University seeks a department chair who will provide ambitious and innovative leadership for its Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy. Anticipated start date is July 1, 2022. The chair will serve as the administrative head of the Department, with oversight of faculty, staff, curriculum, budget, and strategic direction. The ne...
Tags: Art, Jobs, University, Ohio State, Columbus, Midwest, Ohio State University, Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio Columbus, Search Committee, Andrew Shelton

Studies Say Trigger Warnings May Be Harmful

The results of around a dozen psychological studies, published between 2018 and 2021, are remarkably consistent: trigger warnings do not seem to lessen negative reactions to disturbing material in students. Some studies suggest that the opposite may be true. – The New Yorke
Tags: Art, Ideas

Why You Shouldn’t Be Defined By Your Work

Just as our entertainment culture encourages us to self-objectify physically, our work culture pushes us to self-objectify professionally. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas

Toronto International Film Festival’s Joana Vicente Is New CEO Of Sundance

While in Toronto, she navigated how TIFF will meet the challenge of showcasing Hollywood and world cinema as younger filmmaking talent increasingly opts for streaming platforms rather than the traditional cinema house to get their latest work viewed by worldwide audiences. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Toronto, Joana Vicente

Using Artificial Intelligence To Complete Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony

Yes, it has now been done, and the AI researcher (already known for robot-created art) who led the tech side of the project —working with pianist/musicologist Robert Levin as well as a composer and a computational music specialist — writes on how they went about it. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, Robert Levin

Burying Art, Hiding Books, Smuggling Movies: Afghans Fearfully Prepare For The Taliban’s Cultural Police

The Islamists now in control in Kabul have not yet stated any cultural policies other than that any art, music, publishing, film, and the like that’s permitted must conform to Islamic law. (As interpreted by whom?) Artists within Afghanistan are not hopeful. – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul, Issues

Jasper Johns – Where Is The Love?

Almost everything you want from art is present: cogent ideas, flawless execution, a sweeping sense of history and a personal stamp that identifies every piece as unmistakably the work of a unique and capacious mind. But where are love and generosity? – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Jasper Johns, Visual

The Little-Known Cave Art Of The American Southeast

Outdoor rock art made by ancient Native Americans in the Southwest is familiar to many; not so with the underground pictographs in the southern Appalachians, which date from 6,500 years ago up to the 13th century CE, during the Mississippian Period. – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Southwest, Visual

Universities Are Screwing Over The Working Dancers Who Teach As Adjunct Professors

“Despite teaching seven classes a week, I was ineligible for health benefits. I had no job security and no time to look for other work. … If we lose our bodies to injury or exhaustion, we lose our ability to make money or artistic work.” – Dance Magazine
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September linkfest

I’m about halfway through Virginia Postrel’s 2020 book The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World, and the only reason I haven’t finished it is because I keep stopping to take notes, usually punctuated with exclamation marks. Postrel is a journalist and independent scholar who has written very good books about style and glamour; here she elegantly blends centuries of research and her own investigations (she learned to spin thread, spent a week at a traditional Indian dyeing school,...
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Violinist James Buswell Dead At 74

After debuting with the New York Philharmonic at seven and studying at Juilliard, he became one of the key members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. His recording of the Barber Violin Concerto, one of many he made for Naxos, was nominated for a Grammy. – The Strad
Tags: Art, Music, Naxos, Juilliard, New York Philharmonic, Chamber Music Society Of Lincoln Center, James Buswell

To Make Its Concert Halls COVID-Safe, Singapore Goes High-Tech

State-of-the-art filterless air purifiers and an “ionisation curtain” (a row of snake plants with ionisers attached to draw in aerosols) at the front of the stage are among the measures being taken to reassure live audiences. – The Straits Times (Singapore)
Tags: Art, Music, Audience

Chicago Public Radio Station WBEZ To Acquire Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Public Media, WBEZ’s parent organization, will take on the newspaper as a new division, according to a letter of intent approved by the board of directors. The plan was initiated by Sun-Times principal investor Michael Sacks in an attempt to secure the money-losing title’s future. – Robert Feder
Tags: Art, Media, Sun Times, Michael Sacks, Chicago Public Media WBEZ

Drama League’s Directors Project To Get Multimillion-Dollar Overhaul

“The broadened Directors Project will offer fellowships for early-stage directors, programs to help mid-career theater directors transition into film and television, and assistantships for young BIPOC creatives to shadow established BIPOC directors.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Theatre, BIPOC

Anish Kapoor on vaginas, recovering from breakdown and his violent new work: ‘Freud would have a field day’

Why has the artist painted scenes of bloodletting, decapitation and a woman with 10,000 breasts? He’s scared to talk about it – but he can explain his fascination with vaginas and the world’s blackest blackAt 67, Anish Kapoor, with a knighthood, a Turner prize and a retrospective due at the Venice Biennale next year, appears determined to strip away his own artistic skin. Like Marsyas – the satyr flayed alive by Apollo, whose gory fate Kapoor once commemorated in a 150m-long, 10-storey-high scul...
Tags: Art, London, Painting, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Turner, Venice Biennale, Freud, Anish Kapoor, Kapoor, Modern Art Oxford, Marsyas

Why Are Gen Zers And Young Millennials Binging On ‘The Sopranos’?

The streaming stats are high. There are multiple podcasts, a book, a new prequel (The Many Saints of Newark), and memes galore, many of them left-leaning. Willy Staley argues that the young’uns see a lot of themselves and their country in the show. – The New York Times Magazine
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