Audience Development Manager

The mission of the Handel and Haydn Society is to inspire the intellect, touch the heart, elevate the soul, and connect us all with our shared humanity through transformative experiences with Baroque and Classical music. Diversity is therefore fundamental to our mission; it is a core value at the Handel + Haydn Society. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all employees. We believe every member on our team enriches our...
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On the State of the Arts Today: An Emergency

Nicolas Bejarano Isaza is a young trumpeter, born in Colombia, living in LA. He specializes in new
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I'm a Butterfly

One of the central themes of The Story of My Life is The Butterfly Effect, the idea that a tiny, seemingly trivial act can have profound implications. The centerpiece of the show is a song called "The Butterfly," in which a butterfly learns about the Butterfly Effect.But what we've realized while working on this incredibly rich, layered, complex show is that there are examples of the Butterfly Effect everywhere in our story. And by the end of the show, the audience realizes that the Butterfly E...
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Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jazz Master Of The Hammond B3 Organ, 79

Smith, who backed Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick, formed his own quartet, and collaborated with hundreds of others, said the organ was “sunshine, rainbows, the rain, the wind, the storm, the flowers. … It’s like sitting in a spaceship and you don’t know where you’re going.” – Washington Post
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Romania’s Enescu Festival Persists Despite The Pandemic

The Romanian “embodied an ideal of the complete musician in his roles as composer, virtuoso violinist and pianist, conductor, teacher and generous mentor to younger artists.” And the country attracted 32 orchestras from 14 countries for the 25th Enescu Fest. – The New York Times
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Can Museums And NFTs Find Common Ground?

For this to work, “museums need to acknowledge NFTs as a natural step in the evolution of contemporary art in sync with our digitally driven lives, whose emergence has only been catalysed by the pandemic.” – Hyperallergic
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The Golden Globes Try Again

Can adding 21 members, six of whom are Black, solve the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s PR issues? “While some within the organization believe that the Globes could still be resurrected for 2022, many outside the group … remain skeptical that it is truly committed to change.” – Los Angeles Times
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How Choreographer Bill T. Jones Keeps His Creative Fires Burning

“If you see 45 gestures, made independently, strung together with various musicality and rhythms, against a beautiful song, and then the same gestures juxtaposed to a speech about civil rights, are they the same gestures? And I say they are and they are not.” – Time
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Liverpool, Home To Peaky Blinders And The New Batman, Gets Its Own Film Studios

In addition to hosting Doctor Who and other shows, “the city has previously doubled up as New York for productions including Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Channel 4 hit series It’s A Sin.” – BBC
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Aladdin, Finally Back On Broadway, Halts For Two Weeks After Breakthrough Cases Emerge

“After only one show, Aladdin was paused again because COVID-19 cases were detected within the company.” Testing allowed the show to resume for one more performance before multiple new positive tests led to a two-week shutdown. – CBS
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Beinecke’s Sweet Tweet Lorraine Hansberry to Langston Hughes and His Reply

An eagle-eyed member of Straight Up’s staff of thousands, unpaid but indefatiguable, noticed this exchange posted on Twitter by the Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscript Library at Yale University, and sent it along. Perhaps you saw it? If not . . .
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The New York Phil Is Essentially On Tour For Its Entire Season

Moving all of the instruments – and all of the music – is no small task. – The New York Times
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Wait, Why Does Seinfeld Look So Different On Netflix?

It’s all about the ratios. – Slate
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George Ferencz, Innovative And Experimental Theatre Director, 74

A founder of the Impossible Ragtime Theater, and a icon at La MaMa over decades, he infused theatre with music (especially jazz) and reimagined classic theatre with “startling new interpretations.” – The New York Times
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Hollywood’s Behind The Scenes Workers Are Ready To Bring It All To A Halt

“Hollywood couldn’t function without the set builders, costume designers, video engineers and other behind-the-scenes workers who keep the lights on and cameras rolling for the stars.” Very true, and a strike vote is ongoing this weekend. – Washington Post
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Streaming Was Supposed To Put A Pause On Piracy

But now it seems to be more prevalent than ever – in part because paying for all of the streaming services you might want costs a lot more than a pretty penny. – The Guardian (UK)
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The Guardian Of The Art Of Black Lives Matter

In 2020, in Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square, fencing to prevent protests was covered with artwork – and it all “became a symbol for the movement, a place where people stopped and took pictures, honoring what the fence and its signs stood for.” – NPR
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Did Los Angeles Just Experience Its Best Hollywood Bowl Season Ever?

Mark Swed thinks so – and it wasn’t just post-shutdown elation, either. – Los Angeles Times
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The Chopin Competition Finally Opens Again In Poland

Before COVID lockdowns hit, the last competition in the series to be delayed was thanks to WWII. – Seattle Times (AP)
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When Stanley Tucci Fell In Love With Food

Acting? Eh. Tucci: “You’re going through life, you have this trajectory and this vision, then suddenly this whole other good thing is like a sidecar attached to you, and you’re off in another direction.” – The New York Times
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The U.S. Suddenly Has Two Mermaid Museums

What? One museum’s founder: “Mermaids must’ve been coming through the ether.” – Hyperallergic
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Technology Isn’t As Neutral As We Want It To Be

No tech is without cost, but “the digital revolution, instead of just ambivalence, seems instead to promise utopia but deliver harm.” – Toronto Star
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A School Board Banned Hundreds Of Books And Documentaries Until Students Fought Back

York, Pennsylvania students, their parents, and authors around the country have won a temporary “freeze.” But the school board’s racism and homophobia seem entrenched and intransigent. One senior: “We know that they did not temporarily reverse out of the goodness of their hearts.” – The New York Times
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It’s a wrap: Christo’s final art project follows Paris triumph

As the covers come off the Arc de Triomphe, work begins to realise an ambitious project in the desert and secure the artist’s legacyBefore he died last year the artist Christo had not one but two dreams: to wrap the Arc de Triomphe and to build a massive structure out of oil drums in the desert sands of Abu Dhabi. L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped was completed last month and today visitors to Paris will have one last chance to see the arch swathed in silver blue fabric before it is dismantled tomorrow...
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