This is the era of the book blob

For several years now, bookstores are overflowing with blobs of amorphous shape and warm colors. In Print magazine, RE Hawley explores the book jacket trend of the decade. From Print: This design trend, well into its third or fourth year in the major publishing houses, has attracted plenty of nicknames and attendant discourse online—culture critic Jeva Lange calls it "blobs of suggestive colors," while writer Alana Pockros calls it the "unicorn frappuccino cover," and New Yorker writer Kyle C...
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The Metaverse: All Hype, Or The Next Big Thing?

A science fiction trope becoming real, “It doesn’t necessarily exist [yet]. It’s partly a dream for the future of the internet and partly a neat way to encapsulate some current trends in online infrastructure, including the growth of real-time 3D worlds.” – The Verge
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The New Book Shortage Is Starting To Snowball

Print books are in trouble: “Trucks are more expensive, containers are more expensive, labor is more expensive. … It used to be that you would place a purchase order, and it would just arrive two weeks later. Now, it’s 10 touches and 15 emails.” – The New York Times
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Executive Director – Peoria Symphony Orchestra (Peoria, IL)

Based in Peoria, IL, the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, with an Annual operating budget of approximately $1.2 million is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director. The next Executive Director of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra will be a leader who combines a passion for music and orchestras with excellent interpersonal skills, business management skills, and success in fundraising and patron development. S/he will have senior executive experience, preferably in the not-for...
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Art Market Soars To Record £2.7 Billion, Driven By Online, NFT Sales

Having seen sales collapse by a third in the previous year because of the initial crisis caused by the pandemic, sales soared between June 2020 and June 2021 as auctioneers quickly adopted a more online approach. – The Guardian
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When Law School And Art Meet

Proving there's a role for the aesthetic in law school.
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Is Email The Worst Form Of Communication Ever?

Let’s start with what should be obvious: email is a bad way to communicate. There’s the way it gives license to verbiage, turning simple conversations into an exchange of over-crafted essays.  – Prospect
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The Strange Saga Of Ozy Media Continues: We’re Not Shutting Down

“Last week was dramatic, it was difficult. At the end of the week we did suspend operations with a plan to wind down,” Carlos Watson said, comparing the company to the biblical figure who was brought back to life by Jesus. “We’re making news today. This is our Lazarus moment.” – Forbes
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The Novel In A Time Of On-Demand Everything

If what fiction most essentially is for us is a volume of commodified time, one of the most notorious facts of contemporary literary life is that there is so little time for it. – BookForum
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Orchestra Conductors: Old Guys Rule

Orchestra conductors appear to live longer than people in any other profession. Famous conductors of the past, then in an era when life expectancy was around 50 years, lived well into their 80s and 90s. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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The Privilege Of Making Mediocre Art

It’s a common topic of conversation, in private though rarely in public, among creatives of color: Can we afford to make mediocre art? Black, brown, Indigenous, East Asian and South Asian — all of us carry a burden of representation that renders our individual failures representative of the group. – The New York Times
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The Moms Selling Creepy Pictures Of Teen Ballerinas

She tried to defend herself by saying that she was “creating art,” and insisting that her daughter was “simply taking beautiful sporty poses in the pictures.” But, critics charge, “the only goal the mother had was to sell the photographs to sexually obsessed people.” – The Daily Beast
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Philadelphia Public Orchestra: Reinventing How Orchestras Work

Ari Benjamin Meyers explains that part of his inspiration for the public orchestra came from the lesser-known Fellini film Orchestra Rehearsal, in which the orchestra and conductor are used as metaphors for radical political change. – Philadelphia Magazine
Tags: Art, Music, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Philadelphia Public Orchestra

Afghan Art Is Going Underground

Now the Islamists are back in power, and Afghan artists and filmmakers — many who flourished during the past two decades — are scrambling to hide, protect or even destroy books, paintings and other works of art. – Washington Post
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Netflix’s Diana: The Musical is the year’s most hysterically awful hate-watch | Stuart Heritage

The filmed Broadway show has crash-landed early on the streamer with hilariously awful songs, a musical mess to rival CatsLogically, it makes perfect sense that Diana: The Musical should exist. After all, Diana, Princess of Wales lends herself extraordinarily well to musical theatre. Hers was a story of wealth and betrayal, of high camp and tragedy, plus she also happened to be an enormous fan of the medium. If you built a time machine and used it to tell Diana that she would one day get her own...
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Agents for Recovery—Going Local with Federal Arts Spending

Back in January, the NEA published The Art of Reopening: A Guide to Current Practices Among Arts Organizations During COVID-19. Then as now, arts organizations have enlisted community partners and patrons in the bid for survival—especially given the body-blow to travel and tourism. “Aligning arts programming with local community needs is paramount,” the guide states, before describing how arts organizations—when not pursuing virtual-engagement strategies—are turning increasingly to their own ba...
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How Do We Justify Touring Orchestras When It Worsens Climate Change?

I’m increasingly uncomfortable with attending concerts “interpreted by these internationally-touring orchestras when I realize that at least 80 people took a plane for a single concert; particularly when I know that I can listen to a similar interpretation of the same piece by a more local orchestra. – Van
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A Request: Please Don’t Let Amazon Eat The Film Industry

“There are eerie similarities between pre-1948 Hollywood and today’s streaming market. … The top five streaming companies dominate.” And Amazon would like to be more dominant. – The New York Times
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"The Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who was under police protection after his controversial drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in 2007 led to a series of death threats..."

"... has been killed in a car crash. Vilks died after the civilian police vehicle in which he was travelling near the town of Markaryd in southern Sweden collided with a lorry on Sunday.... Two police officers who were in the vehicle with the 75-year-old artist were also killed." The London Times reports. The cartoon that elicited the death threats — which seems unconnected to this car crash — depicted the head of Muhammad on the body of a dog. From Vilks's Wikipedia page: From 1997 to 20...
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How Munch Created His Madonna

The sketches below the surface show all the ways it could have gone wrong. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Madonna, Visual

How A Homeless Kid From Baltimore Eventually Became The New Mexico Symphony’s Principal Tubist

Imagination, hard work, and a big dose of luck propelled Richard Antoine White’s career, he says. – Baltimore Sun
Tags: Art, Music, Baltimore, Richard Antoine White

Did Clint Eastwood Endorse CBD Products?

Six point one million dollars says he did not (and a company that owns the rights to his likeness also did not). – The New York Times
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Congress Is Looking At A Bill Designed To Help Arts Workers

And cultural workers need the money, and purpose: “Creative jobs dropped 53% between late 2019 and mid 2020, recovering only halfway since then, and the prolonged pandemic continues to threaten re-openings of art spaces.” – Hyperallergic
Tags: Art, Congress, Issues

The Choreographers Who Ended Up On A Cruise Ship

Serious choreographers, pandemic, cruise ship? Yes: “The creative team has plunged into the challenges of making a work at sea as part of a large corporate enterprise.” – The New York Times
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Artists Are Questioning The Motives And Funding Of Their Own Galleries – And Countries

“Welcome to the life of a 21st-century activist artist, whose work is as likely to be exhibited at an international human rights tribunal as it is a museum, and in which death threats and cyberattacks are all in a day’s work.” – The New York Times
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As Six Reopens On Broadway, Who’s It For?

The hip, fannish crowd is almost the same as it was at shutdown, with a large fillip of relief joining the giddy thrills. “The color pours down your eye holes right into your serotonin receptors — all that warmth without heat triggers something deep in your lizard brain.” – Vulture
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A Fire In London Means The UK Is Missing Subtitles And Transcriptions

The interconnected world can be a real pain when TV subtitles and audio transcriptions just disappear into the smoke – and Deaf and blind audience members aren’t happy. – BBC
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This Year’s Turner Prize: Too Worthy For Its Own Good?

The prize was supposed to be populist, but now, and for the past few years, it seems to be idealist instead. ” The traditional criteria for judging the prize… seem to be out of the window. – The Guardian (UK)
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Musicians Flee Afghanistan And The Taliban

After trying for a month, “more than 100 young artists, teachers and their relatives affiliated with the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, a celebrated school that became a target of the Taliban,” finally escaped, heading for Portugal. – The New York Times
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Melvin Van Peebles And The Power Of Artistic Exile

“It is hard to get perspective on your surroundings when your face is being ground into the dirt, or as Van Peebles might have put it, when the Man’s foot is stuck in your ass.” – The Atlantic
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