The Critical Question (Post-COVID)

Playwright Oscar Wilde once warned an age without criticism is “an age that possesses no art at all.” He never could have imagined an age when the arts are eager for resurgence, but there are few critical voices to herald their return. – CanvasCLE
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The Future Of Tourism? Venice Uses High Tech Surveillance To Limit The Mobs

The city’s leaders are acquiring the cellphone data of unwitting tourists and using hundreds of surveillance cameras to monitor visitors and prevent crowding. Next summer, they plan to install long-debated gates at key entry points… – The New York Times
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Philadelphia Orchestra Ditches The Formal Dress

“We’re well into the 21st century. It’s time to acknowledge that in many ways, and one of them is the way the orchestra looks on the stage,” says Philadelphia Orchestra president and CEO Matías Tarnopolsky. – Philadelphia Inquirer
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25-Year-Old New Play Incubator Closes

According to a press release, the decision to shutter the 27-year-old play development mainstay was a “unanimous yet painful conclusion” of the organization’s board after “many long months of responding to pandemic-related crises and seeking paths to sustainability.” – American Theatre
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It's Life.

When I write Director's Notes for the program, for each of our shows, I always try to imagine what about this particular show might be the most challenging for the audience to understand or key into. We often do very smart, unconventional, complex shows that demand a lot from our audience. Then again, Life itself is quite often challenging and complex and demands a lot from us. Art reflects Life,, right? We often do very confrontational shows, sometimes very vulgar or intentionally offensive sh...
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Come For The Star Wars, Stay For The Kara Walker…

At the Lucas Museum: “What would be fantastic is if people came looking for Star Wars and learn about Ralph McQuarrie and then they learn about Gentileschi,” Sandra Jackson-Dumont says. “If they come for Star Wars and leave having seen Kara Walker. – The Art Newspaper
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Hidden Agenda? NEH Privileges “DEIA” Support in Awarding Grants Under Biden’s “American Rescue Plan”

The Toledo Museum of Art is one of the 292 organizations and institutions named yesterday to receive a share
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Africa’s Film Industries Could Create 20 Million Jobs: UNESCO Study

“Most creative industries in (sub-Saharan) Africa were grossly underserved,” — the major exceptions being Nigeria and Senegal — “in part due to the failure of policymakers and local authorities to protect and invest in audio-visual industries.” – The Guardian
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Inside The World Of Screen Subtitlers

It’s possible for subtitles and dubs to be so seamless that they feel invisible without pushing audiovisual translators ourselves out of sight. – Zocalo Public Square
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“Abstraction, I Think, Is Now Over,” Writes David Hockney

“It’s run its course. … Its job was to take away the shadows that had dominated European art for centuries. It was only European art that used them. … The arts of China, Japan, India and Persia never use shadows or reflections.” – The Art Newspaper
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Hunter Biden, Artist, Opens His Show. Are His Paintings Really Worth $500K?

As has been previously reported, his gallerist, George Bergès, is looking to fetch between $75,000 and $500,000 a piece for Biden’s paintings. And this has raised ethical issues the White House has not fully addressed. – Mother Jones
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Hidden Agenda? NEH Privileges “DEIA” Support in Awarding Grants Under Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” UPDATED

UPDATE: This just in—“President Biden announced his intent to nominate Shelly Lowe as the 12th Chair of the National
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Why Some College Dance Classes That Went Online During The Pandemic May Stay Online For Good

Some dance departments have found that lecture courses such as dance history and anatomy work perfectly well virtually (and give students some scheduling flexibility as well). Others say that video conferencing opens new possibilities for artist residencies. – Dance Magazine
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Why Don’t Museums Use Their Leverage?

In the museum world, there’s enormous potential stored in the museum’s permanent art collection – not as a financial asset, but as a lever for amplifying impact. Unfortunately, museums too often consider their collections to be exclusive. – MuseumNext
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22 small gifts to help friends who are self-isolating or social distancing feel less lonely

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. People are still social distancing and isolating thanks to the Delta variant and unvaccinated risks. Isolation and loneliness are quite harmful for both your mental and physical health. Sending your lonely loved ones a quarantine gift can go a long way to boosting their spirits. While U.S. cities aren't in lockdown as if October 2021, plenty of people are still self-isolating or social distancing to minim...
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What Does A 550-Year-Old Tapestry Look Like After Four Years Of Cleaning? This.

The artwork, the oldest tapestry in the possession of the UK’s National Trust, underwent 1,300 hours of conservation. While the colors are brighter and the detail work clearer, still murky is the question of where the piece spent most of the past five centuries. – The Guardian
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Fatty Arbuckle And Hollywood’s First Celebrity Scandal

The Arbuckle affair was the most notorious in a string of Hollywood scandals that threatened to kill off the movie industry in its adolescence. – The New Yorker
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Medieval Tennis: A Short History and Demonstration

British You Tuber Nikolas “Lindybiege” Lloyd is a man of many, many interests. Wing Chun style kung fu… Children’s television produced in the UK between 1965 and 1975… Ancient weaponry, chainmail, and historically accurate WWII model miniatures… Actress Celia Johnson, star of the 1945 romantic drama Brief Encounter… Evolutionary psychology… …and it would appear, tennis. But not the sort you’ll find played on the grass courts of Wimbledon, or for that matter, the hard courts of the US...
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The Decline (And Fall?) Of Facebook

What I’m talking about is a kind of slow, steady decline that anyone who has ever seen a dying company up close can recognize. It’s a cloud of existential dread that hangs over an organization whose best days are behind it. – The New York Times
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Pondering Masks As Theaters Reopen And Theater Workers Meet Their Colleagues Again

Playwright Sarah Ruhl: “To ask ‘How are you?’ no longer felt like small talk. We relied on our eyes above our masks to make connections. … If actors have always been avatars for what we cannot express, they seemed even more so now.” – The New York Times
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Tyshawn Sorey On How His Jazz Drumming And His Classical Compositions Inform Each Other

“Whenever I’m playing drums, I’m always thinking compositionally about how things develop. … Why do certain harmonies accompany the musicians in a particular way? Or why does a type of rhythmic information that I’m hearing … make me accompany the musicians in a certain way?” – The Paris Review
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Here Are The Finalists For The 2021 National Book Awards

“A food memoir that examines a mother’s schizophrenia. A novel about an author’s book tour, and about growing up as a Black boy in the rural South. Poetry honoring migrants who drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande.” – The New York Times
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Flash Floods Cause Closure Of Slovenia’s National Theater And Modern Art Museum

A total of nearly five inches of rain fell on Ljubljana on the evening of September 25, and among the many buildings to suffer millions of euros in damage were the theater SNG Drama Ljubljana and the Moderna Galerija. – The Art Newspaper
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IATSE Members Vote Overwhelmingly To Authorize Hollywood Strike

The vote by the affected members — cinematographers, electricians, video editors, costumers, and the like — was 98.7% in favor of greenlighting what would be the union’s first-ever nationwide walkout on film and television production. – Variety
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The Disappearance Of America’s Midsized Indie Book Publishers

Following Hachette’s purchase this past summer of Workman Publishing, “there is a dearth of what can be called midsize publishers that fall between the Big Five and the many independent publishers with sales of $20 million or less.” – Publishers Weekly
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Revival Of Vinyl Records Hobbled By Shortages Of Vinyl

Worldwide sales of the old-style black discs are up by 700% in the past ten years, so there’s no room in the supply chain to absorb the problems caused by the temporary closure of a petrochemical plant due to the Texas snowstorm or a California lacquer plant due to wildfires. – The Observer (UK)
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