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Here’s my piece in today’s “American Purpose,” Jeff Gedmin’s daily online magazine which valuably charts a centrist
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Streaming Has Killed Music Genres. That’s A Real Loss

Musical genres have long had a peculiar imaginative power and participatory quality. They aren’t just labels imposed by an industry; they’re shaped by passions and arguments, love and disgust, allegiances and disavowals. – The Atlantic
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Today’s “Natural” Acoustics Are Based On Theatre Experiments in 18th Century Paris

When Hollywood technicians debated how to make movies sound natural, they were unwittingly following a trail blazed by 18th-century architects, who spent decades working out the acoustic conventions of modern theatres. – Aeon
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Today’s “Natural” Acoustics Are Based Theatre Experiments in 18th Century Paris

When Hollywood technicians debated how to make movies sound natural, they were unwittingly following a trail blazed by 18th-century architects, who spent decades working out the acoustic conventions of modern theatres. – Aeon
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First Time: UK Audiences For Streaming Beat Traditional TV

Out of almost a thousand 18-70 year olds who watch at least 5 hours of television per week, more are watching via streaming platforms than traditional pay-TV services, according to  . – Variety
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Art Pranks (With A Message) On The Rise?

Most of these prankster examples either take a jab at the art market. This intersection seems to have escalated in the last five years, with the impact of these artworks escalated by the capacity for social media to take their commentary viral in real time. – ArtsHub
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European Movie Box Office Down 70 Percent In 2020

European movie theaters suffered a 70.4% year-on-year drop to €2.6 billion ($3 billion) in box office revenue in 2020. In terms of admissions, there was an annual drop of 68.4% to 430 million tickets sold. – Variety
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Director Of New Version Of “Scenes From A Marriage” Explains Why He Flipped The Genders

“One of the problems that I had when I started working is that I couldn’t live with Johan. … And whenever I tried to make him nicer, it just didn’t work. So I just read the parts as the opposite gender, and suddenly something started to happen.” – Salon
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San Jose Theatre Posts All-White Cast, Apologizes, Then Cancels

In attempting to defend itself, San Jose Playhousemade more perceived mistakes, including posting, then deleting, a note that was meant to be private; as well as by recasting one actor with multiple others. That only further inflamed opposition. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Nigel Kennedy: Liberace Of The Violin Or Latter-Day Paganini? Or…

“Paganini may be a better comparison: a restless figure of astonishing ability, despised by (some) as a circus performer and accused by others of selling his soul to the devil. Kennedy seems similarly trapped, … with a gift for embarrassing nearly everyone nearly all the time.” – London Review of Books
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NYT Jazz And Classical Critics Go Back And Forth Over Met Opera’s “Fire Shut Up In My Bones”

Though this opera isn’t Terence Blanchard’s first work to qualify as contemporary classical, he’s best known as a jazz drummer and film score composer. So the paper’s contemporary classical maven, Seth Colter Walls, and jazz writer Giovanni Russonello went to see the piece together. – The New York Times
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Improv Comedy As The Vanguard Of Socialism?

“More than a year and a half into the pandemic, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. Perhaps the socialist revolution can start in an improv community? Enter the Comedy Co-op, a planned theater in the works by more than 30 local comedians.” – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Gotta Love How This Year’s Documenta Artists Were Announced

In Germany on Friday, October 1, you might have picked up a copy of Asphalt—a publication that is sold to benefit poor and people struggling with homelessness. Within its pages, the art collective ruangrupa announced their artist list for the 2022 edition of Documenta. – Artnet
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Old newspaper kiosks in San Francisco available rent free

With print journalism dying a slow and painful death, adjacent businesses are also becoming obsolete. In San Francisco, newspaper kiosks were an early casualty, so the city's Arts Commission teamed up with the company that owns the kosks, JCDecaux, to make the 60 or so structures available rent free for creative uses. — Read the rest
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Biden Makes Historic Picks For New Heads Of NEA And NEH

Both selections are historic: Lowe will be the first Native American nominated to lead the federal humanities agency and Jackson will be the first African American and Mexican American nominated to run the arts endowment. – Washington Post
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What’s Up With The Movie Museum’s Giant Orb? (Death Star?)

A big glass-and-steel ball is not vanishing into the mist. It sits there and it’s shiny and hard and you have to pay to get in. Doesn’t it also defy the whole point of a museum of movies, which is to take this vaporous art and give it substance and permanence? – Curbed
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A Guitarist Rocks Out on Guitars Made from Shovels, Cigar Boxes, Oil Cans & Whisky Barrels

When Keith Richards felt he’d gone as far as he could go with the six-string guitar, he took one string off and played five, a trick he learned from Ry Cooder. These days, the trend is to go in the opposite direction, up to seven or eight strings for highly technical progressive metal compositions and downtuned “djent.” Traditionalists may balk at this. A five-string, after all, is a modification easily accomplished with a pair of wire-cutters. But oddly shaped eight-string guitars seem ...
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How The Booker Prize Became Such A Big Deal

Charlotte Higgins: “It was by such steps” as well-timed leaks and carefully fanned disagreements “that the Booker became not just a book prize, but a heady tangle of arguments, controversy and speculation: a cultural institution.” – The Guardian
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Veteran New York Antiquities Dealer Pleads Guilty To Trafficking In Looted Objects

“Nancy Wiener, 66, whose mother had also been a well-known expert in the field, acknowledged Thursday that she had taken possession of items that showed possible signs of looting … and presented them for sale with false statements of provenance.” –
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Get M.A.D.D. — This Chicago Company Is Transforming Tap Dance

“Short for ‘Making a Difference Dancing Rhythms,’ the tap dance company marks its 20th official season this year. … Today, M.A.D.D. Rhythms remains deeply committed to improvisation, circling up to jam every time the dancers step onto the wood.” – Dance Magazine
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After COVID: NYC Artists Testify About The State Of Things

“The illusion of reopening is that we’re back where we were in February of 2020. The reality is that in the meantime, there’s been incredible damage that has happened.” – New York Theatre
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Two Of Shanghai’s Major Museums Close Without Explanation

Last week the Long Museum West Bund shut for “facility maintenance,” though it reopened two days later. Then the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum announced, with no reason given, that it would close indefinitely starting October 1, normally the start of a busy holiday week. – The Art Newspaper
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Gramophone Awards 2021: “Peter Grimes” Is Recording Of The Year, Minnesota Is Orchestra Of The Year

The Chandos release of Britten’s opera stars Stuart Skelton with Edward Gardner conducting the Bergen Philharmonic; the Minnesota Orchestra took honors in its final season under Osmo Vänskä. Violinist James Ehnes is Artist of the Year; Young Artist of the Year is soprano Fatma Said. – Gramophone
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France’s Leading Literary Award Finally Makes Nepotism Against The Rules

Following this year’s conflict-of-interest scandal (not the first), administrators of the Prix Goncourt have declared that any book by a family member or unmarried lover of a juror is ineligible and that jurors may not publish reviews of any semifinalist or finalist title. – Deutsche Welle
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Playwright Jeremy O. Harris Withdraws “Slave Play” From L.A. Run

The 12-time-Tony-nominated play was to open in February at the Center Theater Group’s Mark Taper Forum. But the CTG has only one play by a woman in its entire season; in response, Harris suggests filling his slot a work by a female playwright. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Albert Camus on the Responsibility of the Artist: To “Create Dangerously” (1957)

Literary statements about the nature and purpose of art constitute a genre unto themselves, the ars poetica, an antique form going back at least as far as Roman poet Horace. The 19th century poles of the debate are sometimes represented by the dueling notions of Percy Shelley — who claimed that poets are the “unacknowledged legislators of the world” — and Oscar Wilde, who famously proclaimed, “all art is quite useless.” These two statements conveniently describe a conflict between art that invo...
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Gustav Klimt’s Iconic Painting The Kiss: An Introduction to Austrian Painter’s Golden, Erotic Masterpiece (1908)

Not long ago I stayed in a hotel by the train station of a small Korean city. In the room hung a reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s Die Umarmung, or The Embrace. This at first struck me as just another piece of culturally incongruous décor — a phenomenon hardly unknown in this country — but then I realized that its sensibility wasn’t entirely inappropriate. For the room was in what belonged, broadly speaking, to the category of South Korea’s “love hotels,” and Klimt, as Great Art Explained c...
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Not Charity

One of the more pernicious ideas used to denigrate community engagement is the claim that it’s “just charity work.” This implies that any community not already participating in the arts has no resources to bring to the table. That’s preposterous. Every community has cultural resources and many, if not most, have financial resources that can be applied toward things it feels are truly important. Significant self-funded philanthropic work is being done in Black communities, Hispanic communi...
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‘I sculpt the air’ – does scent artist Anicka Yi plan to make Tate’s Turbine Hall smell like vaginas?

She has made art out of smells, ants, bacteria, spit and vaginal swabs. So what is the US artist about to unveil for her Turbine Hall commission? Yi, who was once a vagabond in London, takes us on an olfactory odysseyAnicka Yi offers me some beetroot crisps. These, along with carrot crisps, are her breakfast, both free of oil and salt. “I can’t eat greens, dairy, sugar, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, nightshades, spice, alcohol – nothing,” the Korean American conceptual artist explains. “I can onl...
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