The Great Novel Of The Internet Was Published In 1925

That novel? Mrs. Dalloway, of course. “‘We are all Mrs. Dalloway now,’ one writer put it.” – The Atlantic
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How Did The Pandemic Affect The Indian Art Market?

Some things went better, including a lot of pivoting to digital, but “Before the pandemic hit India, the annual India Art Fair took place in Delhi. ‘We were at an all-time high,’ said its director, Jaya Asokan. … Just weeks later, everything ground to a halt.” – The New York Times
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Mustill Artworks Newly Archived at Emory University

Took more than two years to make it happen, chiefly due to difficulties posed by the pandemic. So congratulations to the late artist’s widow, Norma Mustill, for donating the artworks to the university and to the library curators for seeing the project through. When conditions are back to normal, perhaps they will be able to exhibit them. .wp-duotone-filter-6163306c740ad img { filter: url( #wp-duotone-filter-6163306c740ad ); } Biographical note: Norman Ogue Mustill (1931-2013) was...
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Union President Says A Contract Or A Strike Is Mere Days Away As IATSE Talks Wrap Until Monday

What issues remain? So many, the union says – “‘the most grievous problems’ in the companies’ workplaces.” – Deadline
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Opera Singer Warns Of Brexit’s Damage To British Musicians’ Careers And Standing

If British musicians can’t travel to Europe easily and often, Dame Sarah Connolly says, their ability to be seen and to network will decline quickly and decisively. “How can we compete with our German, French, Portuguese, Austrian friends if we are not known?” – The Observer (UK)
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Maria Rosario Jackson, NEA Chair Nominee, On The Role Of Arts

Jackson, a professor at Arizona State and a veteran arts administrator, “is a recognized expert in creative placemaking, a process that leverages arts, culture and design to spur economic development in communities and promote social change.” – The New York Times
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The Founder Of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Arrived Just In Time For The Great Fire

Conductor Theodore Thomas’ first concert in Chicago was predicted to be “one of the most notable events in the history of music in Chicago.” Sure, except with no music: “By curtain time, Crosby’s, and much of the city around it, would be ash and ruin.” – Chicago Sun-Times
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Opera Performer Killed By Scenery On Bolshoi Stage

The accident happened to a member of the chorus during a scene change. “As the chorus kept singing and the orchestra continued to play, there was a sudden commotion onstage. Performers waved their arms and shouted ‘Stop!'” – The New York Times
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Playing Princess Is No Easy Role

At least, not when that princess is Diana, says actor Kristen Stewart. – BBC
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How To Explain Trump’s Love Of The Musical “Cats”?

What Trump is soothed by, perhaps, is not the sentimentality of the song alone but a tensile line of steel to which, Betty Buckley thinks, conceivably with undue generosity, he may even be unconsciously sensitive. – The New Yorker
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"The couple had planned to live together in her home but Swedish police insisted it could not be made secure."

"They wanted her to live in his tiny flat, in effect a 'closet' where he kept all the paintings no one would exhibit, [said a friend of the artist, a retired judge who] had been trying to broker an agreement between the couple and police. Now it is too late. [The artist's girlfriend] suspects excessive speed — it was normal for the police car to travel at 100mph on the motorway — may have killed her partner: she had often been 'quite scared' in the days when she was allowed in the car. 'I would ...
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A Brief Survey Of Men Having Opinions About Women Reading

“You’d think men might sit out commenting on books written by women about female rage, but you’d be wrong.” – LitHub
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Stop Calling It Misinformation

It’s weaponized propaganda – and happily spread by armies of humans, as well as bots, online. – The Atlantic
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Do We Need A New Bill Of Rights For An Artificial Intelligence-Driven World?

Absolutely, we do. “Some of the failings of AI may be unintentional, but they are serious and they disproportionately affect already marginalized individuals and communities.” – Wired
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Book Sales Soared In Britain During Lockdown

Can the physical, print book continue its run this year? Independent bookstores would really like books to keep selling, even when people aren’t trapped at home. – BBC
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Black, Queer, And Other Theatre Artists Left The Flea To Protest Racism

Now the Fled Collective artists are back, in collaboration with the theatre, after 18 months of restorative justice work. – American Theatre
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Composer Louise Farrenc Is Making A Huge Comeback

Though is it a comeback if the 19th-century composer was never as popular before as her work is now? “‘The symphonies and the overtures should hold a similar place as Schumann and Mendelssohn,’ said Yannick Nézet-Séguin.” – The New York Times
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Airbus turned its A220 airliner into a private jet with the help of a graffiti artist - see inside

ACJ TwoTwenty business lounge Airbus Airbus collaborated with French artist Cyril Kongo on the interior design of its ACJ TwoTwenty bizjet. Kongo used street art and vibrant colors to bridge his background with the private plane. The ACJ TwoTwenty is part of Airbus' "Xtra Large Bizjet" line and is three times bigger than competing aircraft. See more stories on Insider's business page. The ACJ TwoTwenty, which is the private version of the A220 airliner, was launched in October...
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A Portrait Of Chopin Bought At A Flea Market Turns Out To Be From The 19th Century

The portrait was peeling with age, and it hung for three decades in a private home in Poland after that consequential flea market find. “Only the artist’s first name, Alfred, is preserved.” – ABC News (AP)
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The Wexford Festival Opera Turns 70

Elaine Padmore, artistic director 1982-94: “I was the casting director. I chose everything: repertoire, production teams, every singer, even the chorus. That was wonderful. It was the biggest area of total control of an artistic project that I’ve ever had, before or since.” – Irish Times
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Netflix’s Trans Workers Protest Dave Chappelle’s New Special

The comedian has often told transphobic jokes, and the streamer’s workers are fed up. Software engineer Tara Field “tweeted a grim and long list of trans people who were ‘not offended’ by Chappelle’s comments — because they died in transphobic attacks before The Closer was released.” – Los Angeles Times
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Do Streaming Release Strategies Even Matter?

Whether episodes are released week by week (Only Murders in the Building) or all at once to binge (Squid Game), well, experts haven’t yet seen “any data proving one strategy is definitely and consistently better than the other.” But: Viewers like choice. – Vulture
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World History, According To Disneyland

“The castle [lies] at the center of the park, homage to the glorious medieval years after the bubonic plague wound down, when fair maidens and knights vanquished mysterious evils while kings and queens conquered the farthest reaches of the known world with the Christian God behind them.” – The Paris Review
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The Workers’ Fight That Could Transform Hollywood

These are some of the stories IATSE members have been sharing: “Eighteen-hour workdays with no lunch breaks. Car accidents caused by sleep deprivation. A crew member who returned to set the day after a miscarriage.” – The Atlantic
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