GMCW seeks Director of Development

About Us The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC (GMCW) is an internationally recognized organization that inspires equality, justice, and inclusion through the performing arts. Our organization is comprised of a 300-member flagship chorus, the GenOUT Youth Chorus for LGBTQ+ and allied young people ages 13-18, the chamber ensemble Rock Creek Singers, the a cappella group Potomac Fever, the gospel/inspirational ensemble Seasons of Love, and the dance troupe 17th Street Dance. Since ...
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Summer Music Festival, Camp, and School Seeks Development Manager

The Walden School ( seeks a Development Manager to join the School’s dynamic, fun, and collegial San Francisco-based administrative team. The Development Manager, with the Executive Director and Board’s Development Committee, helps lead the School’s annual fund and overall development effort. The ideal candidate is highly collaborative, exceptionally organized, has excellent persuasive written and oral communication skills (including communicating in email/online, letter, teleph...
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The Crisis In Scientific Publishing

The worry is that scientific processes have been undermined by perverse incentives to the point that it’s difficult to know what to believe. – London Review of Books
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Australian Theatre In Crisis

COVID-related funding losses have seen drama departments at seven universities either cut completely, or drastically pruned. The loss of these programs will have a devastating impact on future generations of artists and arts educators. – ArtsHub
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The Folger’s Karen Ann Daniels: Reconsidering Shakespeare’s Legacy

“Within the theatre industry itself, and in education, we’ve elevated him as sort of a pinnacle. We have an opportunity to understand why and when we’ve done that—when we’ve done that well, when we’ve done that wrong or we’ve used it to hurt other people.” – American Theatre
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Netflix CEO’s Chappelle Memo Is A Masterpiece Of Gaslighting

If the LGBTQ community, including members of your own staff, tells you that — even when couched in calling out racism — 70 minutes of Chappelle insulting gay and trans people is hateful, how can your response be “um, no it’s not”? – Los Angeles Times
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Weird Wheels: United Nude’s ‘Lo-Res Car’ Up for Auction

If anybody has a soft spot for wedge designs and the automotive future envisioned during the 1970s, it’s yours truly. While mainstream vehicles being manufactured during the Malaise Era often left a lot to be desired, the concepts were sublime and led to some of the most unique-looking production cars in automotive history. I’m talking about […] The post Weird Wheels: United Nude’s ‘Lo-Res Car’ Up for Auction appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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You’re A Budding Choreographer. How Do You Land Commissions, And What Do You Do When You Get One?

A couple of working contemporary choreographers offer ideas about how to get a foot in the door — and then what to consider in order to actually create in the piece in the two or three weeks you’ll probably have. – Dance Magazine
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TV Ads Are Fading. Where Will That Money Go?

Though total TV advertising is set to top $60 billion this year, according to media agency Zenith, the market is expected to shrink by 4 percent in 2021, which creates an incentive to stop digital giants from stealing business. –
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The Most Influential Science Fiction Books In History

Yes, the obvious candidates are here — Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1984, Dune, Asimov, Bradbury, Octavia Butler — along some you perhaps didn’t know about because they weren’t originally written in English and some you might not realize count as science fiction. – Book Riot
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AI Recreates Three Lost Gustav Klimt Paintings In Glorious Color

The Faculty Paintings — three allegorical works titled Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence — were likely destroyed in a fire near the end of Word War II; all we have today are black-and-white photos and some verbal descriptions. Here’s how Google and Vienna’s Belvedere Museum recreated the artworks. – Smithsonian Magazine
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How Today’s Environmental Challenges Will Change The Art World

“These crises are emerging out of environmental challenges and social justice challenges that are very present. Going back to business as usual is going to sound unconvincing.” – The Art Newspaper
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“The Worst Idea In History” — ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ At 50

That phrase is how one potential investor rejected Andrew Lloyd Webber’s proposal to stage the rock opera he wrote with Tim Rice. (That’s why it first appeared as a concept album.) Here’s how Superstar got to Broadway— and what happened when it did. – The New York Times
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University Of Hong Kong To Remove Tiananmen Commemoration

The 23-foot tower of naked bodies twisted together, some mid-scream, was created by Danish sculptor Jens Galschiøt and is the last remaining Tiananmen commemoration on Chinese soil. – Washington Post
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From concealed penises to Barbra Streisand: how Frieze got its mojo back – review

Regent’s Park, LondonAfter decades of fun, noise, fame and money, the London art fair has found its soul. But there’s still plenty of outrage and sleaze at the grown-up FriezeI was relieved when I finally found the hidden willies. At times, the first post-pandemic Frieze art fair is so relaxing you could fall asleep in one of its classy lounges. So it was good to see Lindsey Mendick flying the flag for subtle outrage. At the Carl Freedman Gallery booth I come across her lustrous, decadent cerami...
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Nathalie Stutzmann Named Music Director Of Atlanta Symphony

Stutzmann, a former contralto from France who’s currently principal guest conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, will start an initial four-year term at the ASO’s helm next fall. She’ll be the only woman currently serving as music director of a year-round orchestra in the US. – The New York Times
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How Your Brain Constructs You

Just as your memory is a construction, so are your senses. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel is the result of some combination of stuff outside and inside your head. – MIT Technology Review
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Some Early Good News From The WBEZ-Chicago Sun-Times Merger

In a Q&A, two senior executives at Chicago Public Media (WBEZ) say that they no plans to reduce the newspaper’s seven-days-per-week print schedule and that, far from imposing layoffs, they expect to hire 40 to 50 new staffers. – Medill Local News Initiative
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Jim O’Quinn, 75, Founding Editor Of American Theatre Magazine

The magazine’s mandate was to cover not only the nation’s nonprofit theatre scene but, as O’Quinn promised in his  , to shine a light also on “Broadway, international theatre, and a wealth of related art forms.” – American Theatre
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Inside The Rebuilding Of The New York Philharmonic’s Hall: Will The Acoustics Finally Be Good?

“Renovation is a weak term for this undertaking. … Acousticians scrutinized every block and beam in the auditorium and the architects bent their design to the properties of sound.” Justin Davidson looks into what made David Geffen Hall’s sound problematic and how it’s being fixed. – New York Magazine
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Homeowners ‘jab’ at anti-vaxxers with divisive Halloween displays

One Twitter user showcased a series of human skulls situated next to front-yard gravestones inscribed with epitaphs such as, "Trusted Ivermectin more than science."
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Homeowners ‘jab’ at anti-vaxxers with grim Halloween displays

One Twitter user showcased a series of human skulls situated next to front-yard gravestones inscribed with epitaphs such as, "Trusted Ivermectin more than science."
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Halloween, New York Post, Design, Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, News Brief, Tiktok, Coronavirus, COVID

Paddy Moloney, Founder Of The Chieftains And Hero Of Irish Folk Revival, Dead At 83

For nearly 60 years, playing his tin whistle and uilleann pipes, he and his supergroup brought Irish traditional music to the world, making nearly 40 albums, winning six Grammys, and selling many millions of concert tickets and records. – The Washington Post
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A Temporary, Prefab Concert Hall At A Disused Power Plant On The Edge Of Town — Can It Work?

That’s what they’re hoping for in Munich, where the Gasteig has closed for a multiyear renovation. Both the city’s orchestra’s will be performing at the Isarphilharmonie, assembled for only $46 million but custom-designed with (very successful) acoustics by Yasuhisa Toyota. – The New York Times
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LA’s Center Theatre Group Promises All-Female-Playwright Season Next Year (And Gets ‘Slave Play’ Back)

After criticism for programming few plays by women this season, culminating in Jeremy O. Harris pulling Slave Play from the schedule there, CTG says that the entire 2022-23 season at Mark Taper Forum will be plays by female or nonbinary writers, mostly BIPOC. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Merch! Netflix Does Deal With Walmart To Sell Lots Of Branded Stuff

Hoo-boy. “The new Netflix Hub at Walmart will bring Netflix-branded gadgets, clothes, music and games to Walmart’s online store exclusively. … (It) will also include programs … like a crowd-sourcing feature called ‘Netflix Fan Select’ that allows fans to vote on which merchandise they’d like to see.” – Axios
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A feel-good family funeral

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review two Broadway transfers, Chicken & Biscuits and Is This a Room. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Douglas Lyons’s “Chicken & Biscuits,” the third of an unprecedented eight shows by Black playwrights that are set to open on Broadway this season, bills itself as “a feel-good comedy that will feed your soul.” This production, which is extremely well directed by Zhailon Levingston, originated at a theater in Queens but was forced to close after less than two weeks bec...
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Snapshot: Chuck Jones receives an honorary Oscar

Chuck Jones receives an honorary Oscar from Robin Williams in 1996 for his work in the field of animated cartoons: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Prototype design

I am currently working flat out on a new business that my wife and I are putting together in the field of healthcare. With a bit of luck, we can take the covers of at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco next January. (Hopefully after that I can boost the SlideMagic product more, I have a few interesting ideas). I am becoming better and better at designing web front ends, fusing what I am learning about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with what was already in my head when it comes to...
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‘Museums overlooked these artists’: celebrating the forgotten women of abstract art

In a new exhibition, the female abstract artists between 1930 and 1950 whose work was sidelined at the time finally get their space in the spotlightIn 1934, the abstract painter Alice Trumbull Mason wrote her sister, Margaret Jennings, a letter, noting that she was eager to resume painting, which she had temporarily stopped in order to raise her children.“I am chafing to get back to painting and of course it’s at least a couple of years away,” Mason wrote. “The babies are adorable and terribly i...
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