Raymond Gniewek, 89, Was Met Opera Orchestra’s Concertmaster For 43 Years

Mr. Gniewek (pronounced NYEH-vik), a violinist whose solos invariably drew acclaim, was just 25 in 1957 when he was named the orchestra’s concertmaster. He had two obstacles to overcome. – The New York Times
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London Bans Wood In Constructing Some Buildings — Expert Says Rule Harms Climate

Rules restricting the use of wood in UK buildings are hampering the switch to low-carbon building methods, according to timber architecture expert Andrew Waugh. – Dezeen
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Scandalous Biographers and Their Publishers

Ruth Franklin in conversation with Laura Marsh, Tim Duggan, Katha Pollitt, and Ian Buruma. Tuesday, October 19, 6 pm. A free online event. To register, please click here. from The Leon Levy Biography Center: Recent literary scandals raise difficult questions for authors, publishers, and readers. Do they have an obligation to consider a writer’s personal conduct when making decisions about whether to publish or buy a book—or do they have an obligation not to? When Blake Bailey’s b...
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UK Museums Show Impacts Of COVID Shutdown

More than 18 months since the coronavirus pandemic hit Britain, its long-term effects on the country’s museums are becoming clear. Months of closures have caused havoc with their finances, and as a consequence, many museums expect to be strapped for years. – The New York Times
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More Virtual Sex As Birthrates Plunge. Should We Worry?

If sex is everywhere, it’s also nowhere: as birth rates plunge globally, we are engaging in the act less and less. The significance of this change shouldn’t be underestimated, as how we conceptualise sex and relationships is at the root of how we organise our societies. – The Conversation
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Wonder Why Your Favorite International Artists Are Canceling US Trips? Ask The Danish String Quartet

It takes months and months to apply for an get cleared for visas to come to the US. Hundreds of international artists have had to cancel gigs in the US. – Los Angeles Times
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Dave Chappelle Has Become A Rorschach Test

“Is the story ‘rich comedian attacks marginalized community’ or ‘Black comedian attacks elite consensus’? … Why are Caitlyn Jenner jokes (greater) grounds for cancellation than ones about white bitches getting tear-gassed? … He dares critics to take unequal offense, and prove his point about a hierarchy of suffering.” – The Atlantic
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From Brainwashing To Misinformation

“Social media has gone from techno-utopianism to dystopic weaponization. Perhaps Timothy Leary was more accurate than he realized when he branded the internet the new LSD. Tomorrow’s brainwashers could not help exploring the possibilities.” – Washington Post
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What People Today Misunderstand About Old Sufi Love Poetry

“What, then, do Rumi and his followers on the Sufi ‘path of love’ really mean when they say ‘love’? The answer turns out to be more radical than even the most far-fetched of modern misreadings of this erotic spiritual tradition.” – Psyche
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Our Sense Of Smell Is Intense. If Only We Know How It Worked…

How a receptor detects a smell remains a deep riddle to scientists. The odorant’s shape appears to determine which olfactory receptors it binds to; beyond that, we have no idea why molecules smell as they do. – Believer
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What’s The Best Artistic Leadership Model?

There are several, and coming out of the pandemic, it seems appropriate to reassess what works. – Nightingale Sonata
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Remembering The Black Artist Collectives Of The 1960s And ’70s

“Musicians and writers, artists and architects, photographers and filmmakers listening, arguing and creating with each other, … drawing inspiration from the collectivizing impulse of the Harlem Renaissance, … these groups explored a range of approaches to fostering culture and community.” – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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New Low Price! Cricut Maker for $249.99 + Free Shipping! (reg. $399.99) + Super Bundle Deals!

  If you’ve been wanting a Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Hurry, these are selling out! Get the Cricut Maker for $249.99 + Free Shipping! (reg. $399.99)! Direct from Cricut! Make T-Shirts, Ornaments, Mugs, Cards, and so much more! The machine is also available on Amazon with Prime Shipping. Some great options: Cricut Maker® Machine,... Read More
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The Very First Video Game Was Released Exactly 50 Years Ago. Here’s Why It Never Caught On

Computer Space made its debut in 1971 at a trade show for pinball machines and jukeboxes. (Its creators founded Atari and released Pong the following year.) The common story is that it was too complicated for bar patrons, but that wasn’t the real problem. – The Conversation
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Spooky photos of ice castles

Frankie Carino is a photographer and sculptor who lately has been focusing on ice castles — i.e. human-created buildings made of ice. He's taken some gorgeous and eerie photos of them; in his lens, the ice has an unsettlingly organic quality and transmits light on a diffuse and crepuscular register. — Read the rest
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The Right To Culture: Afghanistan Bans Music

The Taliban’s stance on music forbids people from enjoying and participating in cultural activities, and violates the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. – The Conversation
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Why Do We Have Weird Dreams? To Learn Better

More and more, findings in deep learning are inspiring new theories of how our brains work. Neural networks need to “dream” of weird, senseless examples to learn well. – Nautilus
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Country Music Is Losing Some Devoted Fans As The Culture Wars Rage On

The stereotype of country music lovers being only Southern and Midwestern conservatives isn’t really true — yet. As some industry stars take controversial stands on some issues (e.g., vaccines) and keep silent on others (George Floyd and BLM), some fans are turning away. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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Boston Ballet Debuts Free Streaming Platform, Including Virtual Reality

ÜNI, as the site is called, wasn’t created to stream the company’s live performances: each work on the platform was choreographed especially for digital video, and a few of them includes VR versions that can be controlled by the viewer. – The Boston Globe
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Could A One-Atom-Thick Layer Of Graphene Really Protect Artworks From Fading? Very Likely, Say Scientists

“Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon allotrope whose molecules bind together through a phenomenon called Van der Waals forces. … It can be produced in large, thin sheets; it blocks ultraviolet light; and it is impermeable to oxygen, moisture, and other corrosive agents.” – Artnet
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Type? Writer.

The lede reads: “Daniel hoped he hadn’t made a big mistake. It was a birth day present coming fr om Europe. Shipping was a big part of the price.” I’m copying from the page above, so it’s all [sic]. The package arrived from the U.K. weeks before my Virgo birthday. ” ‘What if you don’t like it?’ I got nervous, but he said he could send it back.” Sure, I could retype the whole first page I wrote on my gift on my MacBook, or scan and copy a doc that would come close. But any accuracy would be c...
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Half The PPP Loan Money For Culture Went To Only 228 Institutions. They Still Laid Off A Quarter Of Their Workers.

The purpose of the Paycheck Protection Program was to let businesses hobbled by the pandemic retain their employees. An AFSCME study found that, out of 7,500 eligible cultural institutions, 228 large ones got $771 million, half the total — and let go of 28% of their staff. – Hyperallergic
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Antiquities Dealer Confesses In Court To Selling Thousands Of Forgeries

“Mehrdad Sadigh pleaded guilty to seven felony counts that included charges of forgery and grand larceny. … The prosecution of Mr. Sadigh was something of a departure by the Antiquities Trafficking Unit, which generally pursues people dealing in artifacts that have been looted.” – The New York Times
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IATSE Tells Hollywood Studios That Midnight On Monday Is The Strike Deadline

“Unless an agreement is reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers in the coming days, 60,000 IATSE film and TV workers will go on strike on Monday, Oct. 18, at 12:01 a.m. PDT.” The primary issues are rest periods and minimum pay. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Former “Hamilton” Cast Member, Black And Nonbinary, Files Discrimination Complaint Against Producers

Suni Reid, who’s done the show in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, alleges their contract wasn’t renewed because they requested a gender-neutral dressing room. Producers say they supported Reid, financially and otherwise, and withdrew the contract only after learning they were being sued. – The New York Times
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136 Paintings by Gustav Klimt Now Online (Including 63 Paintings in an Immersive Augmented Reality Gallery)

At the end of World War II the Nazis burned an Austrian castle full of masterpieces, including three paintings by Gustav Klimt entitled Philosophy, Medicine, and Jurisprudence. Called the “Faculty Paintings,” these were commissioned by the University of Vienna for the ceiling of its Great Hall in 1900, then, upon completion seven years later, were deemed pornographic and never exhibited. Until now, they were preserved for posterity only in black and white photographs. Thanks to cutting edge art...
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New face

I mentioned in this space the other day that “personal distractions” were among the things that had kept me from posting for three weeks. The main one is the fact that I have fallen in love.  The woman in question is Cheril Mulligan, a theater-and-film buff from and lifelong resident of Long Island. We became acquainted through Twitter, on which she tweets under a pseudonym, and “Three on the Aisle,” the theatrical podcast that I do with Peter Marks and Elisabeth Vincentelli. We got to k...
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The life less ordinary of artist Laura Knight

From painting nudes at a time when it was forbidden to sleeping among the troops in both world wars, the vitality of her work makes her still strikingly relevant“It is my opinion that fine realism is indeed true abstractionism,” the British painter Laura Knight wrote in 1954. Her critics complained that she was just copying life, but Knight believed that she transformed the world more than abstract painters, who seemed to her, to ignore its sensuality and specificity.We can decide for ourselves ...
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