The Team Orchestrating Your Brain’s Consciousness

This new framework points to a view of the brain as a fusion of the local and the global, arranged in a hierarchical manner. – Psyche

Testicle bath wins Germany's James Dyson Award

Industrial designer Rebecca Weiss has won Germany's James Dyson Award which "celebrates, encourages and inspires the designers of new problem-solving ideas." The problem she is trying to solve is the limited number of male birth control options. The proposed solution is a new kind of male contraception device enabling the testicles to be periodically submerged in an ultrasound bath to inhibit sperm motility. — Read the rest
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Is There A Role For Art In A Post-Liberal World?

The liberal beliefs that underpin today’s international art world are only shared by a tiny minority of the global population. Yet the West’s art establishment continues to label as “bad” anything that does not conform to such orthodoxies. – The Art Newspaper
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An Audio Producer On The Process Of Becoming Deaf

I know neither birdsong nor silence, and yet am acutely aware that countless people struggling with their own version of “life is unfair” would trade their lot for mine in a heartbeat. I know this intellectually, but a loss is still a loss, and mourning takes time. – Vince Werner
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How Opera Invented The Modern Fan

Theater impresarios quickly recognized them as their ideal audience: the true-blue fans who reliably subscribed to the whole opera season; bought programs, auto­graphed photos; and drummed up the anticipation and conversation that kept theaters in business. – LitHub
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Visa Delays Are Crippling US Music World

The delays have hampered many industries, but they are particularly upending classical music, which relies on stars from all over the world to make a circuit of leading concert halls and opera houses. – The New York Times
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Tracking Arts Unemployment: Still Grim

As of August 2021, the national rate had fallen below 6% while the sector rate increased to over 10% once again. – SMU Data Arts
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The Professor Who Showed Us That Teaching Writing Is More Than Just Correcting Mistakes

Mike Rose at UCLA “heralded a paradigm shift in the way writing is taught in our educational system. … (He) asked teachers to understand students as whole people, with mixed feelings about academic writing, who are nonetheless trying to do a very difficult thing.” – The New Yorker
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London Mayor Announces Plan For Huge New Cultural District

The former industrial district in Newham, East London, a big destination for new immigrants, will get film, music, and art studios as well as performance venues and community workspaces. The mayor says the project will create 35,000 jobs and 4,000 new homes over 20 years. – The Stage
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The Benefit Of Watching Horror Movies

People can derive pleasure from recreational horror, whether in a haunted attraction or in front of the screen. For some, it is about maximum stimulation; those people are the adrenaline junkies. But for others, it is about keeping fear at a tolerable level. Aeon
Tags: Art, Media, Audience

The Benefit Of Watching HorrorMovies

People can derive pleasure from recreational horror, whether in a haunted attraction or in front of the screen. For some, it is about maximum stimulation; those people are the adrenaline junkies. But for others, it is about keeping fear at a tolerable level. Aeon
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Chicago Art Institute Board Chair Explains Why 150 Docents Were Fired

Robert M. Levy: “In order to succeed, the Art Institute and our peer group must let go of the museum tenet of “this is how we have always done it” and explore new ways to ignite enthusiasm in our visitors.” – Chicago Tribune
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K-Pop Isn’t Just Music, It’s Become A Dance Genre

“From the comical horseback-riding step in PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ to the carefree peace-sign–wielding grooves in BTS’s ‘Permission to Dance,’ K-pop choreography often goes viral. … Nearly every K-pop song has corresponding choreography that hits each accent in the track.” – Dance Magazine
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Chicago Art Institute Fires 150 Docents

Once you cut through the blather, the letter basically said the museum had looked critically at its corps of docents, a group dominated by mostly (but not entirely) white, retired women with some time to spare, and found them wanting as a demographic. – Chicago Tribune
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Rotten Tomatoes And Measuring The Divide Between Critics And Audience

The new Disney Plus documentary on Dr Anthony Fauci, which explores the personal side of the controversial figure, has a certified 91 percent approval rating from critics and a mere 2 percent from audiences. – The Spectator
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As Netflix Has More International Hits, Subtitles Are Becoming A Serious Issue

Some observers have been criticizing the English titles for Squid Game in particular, with one Korean-American even saying “If you don’t understand Korean, you didn’t really watch the same show.” The format’s constraints make it a tricky business — and one hugely affected by Netflix. – The Guardian
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Twelve Predictions About The Future Of Music

Dead musicians will start by giving tours in concert halls, but as the cost of the technology goes down, they will begin performing everywhere. – Ted Gioia
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Gallerist Margo Leavin, Who Helped Make L.A. Into A Contemporary Art Capital, Dead At 85

For more than 40 years, she presented some of California’s most important artists (e.g., John Baldessari, Alexis Smith) and major solo shows of the likes of Jasper Johns and Sol LeWitt. Her archive was considered consequential enough that the Getty Research Institute bought it. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Landscape Architect Who Rehabs Contaminated Sites Is Inaugural Winner Of Oberlander Prize

Julie Bargmann, whose firm is called D.I.R.T. (“Dump It Right There”) has been given the first Oberlander Prize, a $100,000 biennial award for landscape architecture. Justin Davidson explores how Bargmann’s approach leaves onsite as much as possible of what’s there and uses nature for cleanup. – Curbed
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This “Library” Lends Artworks To Hundreds Of Museums

Since 1984, the Broad Art Foundation (yes, as in Eli and Edythe) in Los Angeles has made more than 8,700 loans (well over 200 a year) to nearly 600 institutions. How does it work? Here’s a look at the operation’s logistics. – ARTnews
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Just What Are Esa-Pekka Salonen And His “Collaborative Partners” At The San Francisco Symphony Up To? They’re Not Sure Yet

Esperanza Spalding: “You may know who you’re writing for, the instrumentation, the length. … But once you actually start populating the spaces with notes and phrases, it changes. You can’t know what the shape of something you’ve never done before is going to be.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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Spain To Give Every 18-Year-Old A €400 Culture Pass

The program budgeted for 2022 is similar to young adults’ culture passes established in France (€300) and Italy (€500). A key difference is that the money will be divided so that not all of it can be spent only on theater tickets or books or opera. – The Local (Spain)
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Royal Shakespeare Company Is UK’s First Performing Arts Institution Given Official Status As Research Organization

The designation, more typically given to universities, makes the RSC eligible for government research grants and will allow it to expand its work as a “teaching theatre.” – The Stage
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And Who Are These San Francisco Symphony “Collaborative Partners”, Anyway?

Here’s what to know about Nicholas Britell, Julia Bullock, Claire Chase, Bryce Dessner, Pekka Kuusisto, Nico Muhly, Carol Reiley, and Esperanza Spalding. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Higher Education Is Now An American Culture War Battleground. Public Radio Could Get Trampled.

Many listeners don’t realize how enmeshed public radio is with higher ed: two-thirds of NPR outlets are affiliated with colleges or universities, many of which own the stations’ licenses. As culture war politics erupt at universities (e.g., Nikole Hannah-Jones and UNC), public radio becomes vulnerable. – Nieman Lab
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Nakhane: ‘Why do they care so much?’

The artist Nakhane is fatigued by the idea that lifestyle choices are ‘other people’s business’ The post Nakhane: ‘Why do they care so much?’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Replay: an interview with J. Robert Oppenheimer

Edward R. Murrow interviews J. Robert Oppenheimer on an episode of See It Now originally telecast by CBS on January 4, 1955: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Once upon a time on Wall Street

I review the Broadway transfer of The Lehman Trilogy in today’s Wall Street Journal. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * “The Lehman Trilogy” tells how the three original Lehman brothers emigrated from Bavaria to Alabama in the mid-19th century and started a general store that traded with slave-holding plantation owners (a fact that is discreetly underlined in the play’s newly revised version) and evolved into a New York-based cotton brokerage. In due course, the firm grew into a financial empire...
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Cambridge college to be first in UK to return looted Benin bronze

Jesus College will give sculpture of a cockerel back to Nigeria, which could spark a wave of repatriationsA Cambridge college is to become the first British institution to return one of the Benin bronzes to Nigeria later this month in what has been described as “a historic moment”.Jesus College, University of Cambridge, will return the bronze cockerel to Nigerian delegates on 27 October, in a handover ceremony that Nigerian officials say offers “hope for amicable resolutions” to the ongoing disp...
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