Learn to write like an architect

Forget the ersatz typefaces (though they be awesome) and learn how to letter in the distinctive and uniquely legible style of an architect: "Everything had to be clear because a misinterpreted note on a drawing could make for a costly construction error" Even though digital production has made the architectural handwriting tradition less essential, I would argue learning a handwriting style is still a relevant exercise. — Read the rest
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Donna Meija talks about social justice in the arts

Donna Mejia, Associate Professor, former Director of Graduate Studies in Dance and Crown Institute Inaugural Chancellor’s Health and Wellness Scholar in Residence at the University of Colorado Boulder discusses social justice as an artist educator.
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Vienna museums open adult-only OnlyFans account to display nudes

Tourist board in Austrian capital rails against censorship of art on social media platformsMore than a century after the artists of the Vienna Secession declared “to every age its art; to art its freedom”, the Austrian capital has found a new site for artistic expression free from censorship: the adults-only platform OnlyFans.Vienna’s tourism board has started an account on OnlyFans – the only social network that permits depictions of nudity – in protest against platforms’ ongoing censorship of ...
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Character Study: Self-Awareness

The following exercise helps students learn self-awareness (which is one of the categories of social and emotional learning) and apply it by analyzing characters in a play that they are currently studying. Seeing fictional character examples will help students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of self-awareness. This exercise can be done as a class, […]
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Symphony San Jose Seeks President/General Director

About Symphony San Jose Founded in 2002, Symphony Silicon Valley has progressed from daring idea to exciting reality, rapidly becoming the greater South Bay’s premier professional orchestra and a notable community success story. In October 2021, the Symphony changed its name to Symphony San Jose, recognizing the long connection to the nation’s 10th largest city. The Symphony budget for the current season is $3.8 million. The Symphony’s artists, nationally recruited, locally resident, wi...
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