‘It feels really natural’: hundreds pose nude for Spencer Tunick shoot near Dead Sea

US artist returns to site for third time to highlight plight of Dead Sea, which is receding by about a metre a yearHundreds of models wearing only white body paint have walked across a stark desert expanse near the Dead Sea, part of the latest photography project of American artist Spencer Tunick.The 54-year-old photographer visited the spot in southern Israel as a guest of the tourism ministry to portray for the third time the shrinking Dead Sea via nude subjects. Continue reading...
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A Woman Wins A Writing Prize, And She Turns Out To Be Three Men

“Carmen Mola” was always pseudonym, but the fact that “she” was three scriptwriter men in tuxedos shocked the crowd (and the crime-thriller-reading world) at the Premio Planeta literary awards in Barcelona. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, Carmen Mola, Premio Planeta

The World Is So, So Ready To Dance Again

“Maybe it’s because of the advent of COVID-19 vaccines. Maybe it is because feet can be repressed for just so long. But it seems that everywhere, dancers are letting loose.” – St. Paul Pioneer Press (AP)
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Rebecca Solnit On The Legacy Of George Orwell’s Garden

“Nearly everyone who knew him is gone, but the roses are a sort of saeculum that includes Orwell. I was suddenly in his presence in a way I hadn’t expected, and I was in the presence of a living remnant of the essay.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, George Orwell, Words, Orwell, Rebecca Solnit

It’s Development Versus The Arts In Dublin

“Protesters have for several years argued that a proliferation of new hotel projects in Dublin crowds out other vital development, such as housing and space for the arts.” Developers, of course, argue that tourism brings jobs, and hotels bring tourists. – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Dublin, Issues

The Fight Over What Kids Can Read Isn’t New

But it is particularly virulent right now, especially in states where white parents and legislators feel threatened by – well, what? Not actual Critical Race Theory, but in some cases, literally any books by Black writers. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Words

Musicians Aim To Revitalize The Maori Language

In 1999, when musician Dame Hinewehi Mohi sang the national anthem in Maori at the men’s Rugby World Cup, she got quite a backlash. Now, “awareness and celebration of Maori music is mirroring a shift in attitudes toward the language across New Zealand.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, New Zealand, Dame Hinewehi Mohi

Remember A Few Months Ago When Kind Comedy Was All The Rage?

Well, things have changed: The Ted Lasso freakout has faded, while Squid Game‘s popularity has spurred producers to search for more “international drama.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Ted Lasso

The New Maria Callas Statue In Athens Is Attracting A Lot Of Attention

But not for its skill or beauty. One complaint: “Nothing could be less representative of Maria Callas, as no opera singer, not even a second-grade student at music school, would ever adopt such a pose with crossed arms in front of their chest.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Athens, Visual, Maria Callas

Is The Line Between Inspiration And Appropriation Clear, Or Sometimes A Bit Fuzzy?

“People in power have always had a way of working nuance to their advantage. If consent is also nuanced, are we ready to admit that creativity and power go hand in hand?” – Hyperallergic
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Little Amal in Britain: giant puppet of Syrian girl reaches her journey’s end

Three-metre tall figure will land on Folkestone beach after walking thousands of miles across EuropeThe transcontinental odyssey of Little Amal will begin its final stage this week when the giant puppet of a nine-year-old Syrian girl reaches the shores of the UK after walking thousands of miles across Europe.Bells will chime and choirs will sing as Little Amal appears on the beach on Tuesday in Folkestone, Kent, after making the same cross-Channel journey that has been taken so far this year by ...
Tags: UK, London, Theatre, UK News, World news, Immigration and asylum, Culture, Britain, Stage, Oxford, Refugees, Yorkshire, Birmingham, Kent, Puppetry, Folkestone

Inside The Battle For Britain’s National Trust

Many National Trust properties rest on profits from the labor of enslaved people. “The charity seems to have become a lightning rod for the boiling emotions of a nation in flux, racked by arguments over national identity, social justice, pride and guilt.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Britain, National Trust, Issues

Tentative Agreement Reached Between IATSE And Hollywood

The membership hasn’t ratified the contract, so a strike could still be called. The details go to the membership for a vote. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Featured, Issues, Iatse

Was Mexico City’s Pyramid Light Show A Victory For Decolonization – Or For Revisionist History?

During a light show on a replica of the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan, “vendors walked among the crowds selling Aztec-style souvenir headdresses with colored lights, filling the Zócalo with flashes of revelry.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Mexico City, Visual, Tenochtitlan

Omnipresent Memes Might, Or Might Not, Help Sell Movie Tickets

But they definitely help define the internet: “Years later, after the movie itself has been largely forgotten, you will still find images from it circulating, speaking a new dialect.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas

What Will Happen When The College Culture Wars Come For Public Radio?

Nearly two-thirds of NPR stations are affiliated with colleges or universities, and “with higher education at the crossroads of the culture wars, public media is vulnerable to growing political interference over its operations.” – Nieman Lab
Tags: Art, Media, Npr

The Golden Globes Will Not Be Televised On NBC

But they are happening, and they will be televised – on the CW Network. Will anyone in Hollywood care? – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Nbc, CW Network Will

Reinventing The Nude

Mickalene Thomas keeps a “loving, lusty, multifaceted gaze on the Black female form.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Mickalene Thomas

Everything American Fans Are Probably Missing In Squid Game

Fans of K-drama probably know much of this already, but “peppered throughout the series are blink-and-you’ll-miss-them references to historical events and political jargon.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Media

Tango Is Back, Baby

During the pandemic, tango suffered more than most other dance forms. “There is no distance between bodies; partners lean into each other, faces and chests touching, an arm wrapped around the other’s back, communicating through fingertips and subtle shifts in weight.” – The New York Times
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The Pacific Northwest’s Only Latinx Theatre Plans Its Comeback

Milagro Theatre’s artistic director: “It brought home the value of what we do — that we are practitioners of live theater. … How do you convey meaning to a stranger? How do you convey emotion to a stranger? That’s what we do in theater.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
Tags: Art, Oregon, Theatre, Pacific Northwest

Gandhi in heels? Maria Callas statue hits the wrong note

Critics compare figure of famous soprano erected in Greek capital to an Oscar statuette Drama in life, drama in posterity. For Maria Callas, Greece’s greatest diva, there is, even 44 years after her death, no let up from the artistic wrangling that was her lot.But this time the uproar is focused on a statue erected at the foot of the ancient Acropolis, opposite the Roman theatre where the world-renowned opera singer made her debut. Continue reading...
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