Piffaro the Philadelphia Renaissance band: A new sun rises again and again

Once the upstart child of the early-music counterculture, Piffaro the Philadelphia Renaissance Band is now downright venerable at age 40 as its founders are ceding leadership to a generation who learned about pre-Bach wind band literature by memorizing their recordings. Priscilla Herreid moves up through the ranks as the new director starting next season, replacing Joan Kimball and Robert Wiemken who have jointly been given a lifetime achievement award by Early Music America. The world never as...
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Friends of Chamber Music KC Seeks Artistic Director

The Friends of Chamber Music, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is searching for a dynamic and experienced Artistic Director to lead one of the country’s preeminent music series. Currently in its 46th season, The Friends of Chamber Music has earned a reputation for excellence, with programs and performers matched to create a season of deliberate artistic vision. The organization’s season has been comprised of about a dozen concerts from October through May in three series: The Intern...
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Associate Development/Database Management

Job Description Development Associate/Database managerThis position reports to the Development Director/External Affairs Director Duties and Responsibilitie The Development Associate/Database manager is an integral member of the AKLB Team. The position is responsible for supporting the day-to-day functioning of the Development Department as well as helping to ensure the success of all special events.This position requires a high level of attention to detail combined with the ability ...
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Roundabout Theatre Company – Director of Human Resources

Organization Founded in 1965 and based in New York City, Roundabout Theatre Company (Roundabout) has grown to become one of the country’s largest nonprofit theatrical institutions. Roundabout operates three venues on Broadway— American Airlines Theatre, Stephen Sondheim Theatre, and the historic Studio 54—and two venues off-Broadway—Laura Pels Theatre and Roundabout Underground Black Box Theatre, which are housed in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. With a mission to cel...
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How To Count Audience? Netflix Makes A Change

The streamer, in reporting its third quarter financials, noted that it will switch to reporting on hours viewed for its shows and movies rather than the number of households or accounts that choose to watch them. – Deadline
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The Truth About Conspiracy Theories — By Those Who Study Them

True, we’re hearing a lot about Covid-19 and QAnon-related conspiracies. But just because they are more visible does not mean that belief in them has gone up. – Persuasion
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Sotheby’s Launches An NFT Marketplace

The layout of the Metaverse website, similar in format to NFT-specific platforms such as OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, is designed to display the NFTs so that viewers can easily see the transaction history of any piece. – ARTnews
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Shakespeare, Otello, And Race – A Complicated Issue

Art at its Shakespearean finest isn’t a repository for wisdom but an interrogation of what we think we know. It’s one of the rare opportunities in our polarized world to contemplate how we live and might live as a community. – Los Angeles Times
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Report: One-Third Of UK Music Jobs Were Lost During Pandemic

The research said there were 69,000 fewer jobs in music in 2020 than in 2019 – a drop of 35% – due to the “devastating impact” of coronavirus. – BBC
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How TikTok Is Spreading Learning Of Indigenous Languages

The platform best known for it’s viral dance clips, is making learning languages fun. – The World
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The Mind-Boggling History That Shapes South Korea’s Popular Cultural Exports

Think about it: Parasite and Squid Game are pretty weird: intense drama, occasional shocking violence and dark satire jumbled with juvenile humor and an almost childish innocence. What does this strange mishmash come from? The difficult, disorienting past hundred years South Korea has lived through. – The American Scholar
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Why The Dallas Symphony Is Making Significant Investments On Digital Content

“Audiences who were very reticent or uninterested in digital content became interested. I believe we cannot turn back from that whole process.” – Dallas Morning News
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Permit Me a Moment to Bask in This Review

Click for the ebook. I hadn’t seen it until today, and I have no idea who Hope Goldsmith is. But on Oct. 14 this is what she wrote: This biography is truly exceptional in its prose and subject matter. If you are an avid movie fan, you’ll enjoy the wealth of information about a truly brilliant director. If you simply enjoy non-fiction material, this will be a great read as the writer presents a beautifully written story on so many levels. It’s the type of book you never want to finish. ...
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The Strange Journey Of South Africa’s Most Popular Magazine

Perhaps surprisingly in 2021, that magazine is in Afrikaans: Huisgenoot (“Home Companion”), founded in 1916 to help form a national Afrikaner consciousness in the wake of the Anglo-Boer Wars. Yet Huisgenoot has changed immensely in the past century, just as its country has. – The Economist
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A Growing Chorus Demanding Safer Movie Production Rules

“It’s really clear from our survey, that it’s not just about the data; it’s the stories that people are telling about their experiences working on productions. It’s clear that these hours are not sustainable – they’re not healthy and they’re not safe for people.” – The Guardian
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Tom Lehrer, Remembered By Someone Who Was At His First And Last Public Concerts

Jeremy Bernstein: “When I was a graduate student Tom and I sometimes had lunch at the (Harvard) Graduate Center. On one occasion a student waiter dropped a tray with a horrible crash. ‘They’re playing our song,’ Tom said.” – London Review of Books
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Native American Radio In The Big City

There’s a long history of radio serving indigenous Americans, but most of it involves dedicated stations serving individual tribes in rural areas. Here’s a look at “Beyond Bows and Arrows”, a show on KNON which serves the varied Native American community in Dallas-Fort Worth. – Texas Observer
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The Existential Dangers Of “Longtermism”

Longtermism might be one of the most influential ideologies that few people have ever heard about. I believe this needs to change because I have come to see this worldview as quite possibly the most dangerous secular belief system in the world today. – Aeon
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A Lifeline For Boys Who Get Tormented For Studying Ballet

“Through town halls and one-on-one virtual mentorships, which are open to dancers around the world,” Boys Who Dance “aims to help students overcome bullying, negative stereotyping and other challenges they may face during their training.” – Pointe Magazine
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The Wildly Popular Immersive Art Experiences Of The Late 1800s

“Never heard of cycloramas? Understandable, since they have all but vanished from memory. There are still a few around, though, reminders that, in their time, cycloramas were entertainment as popular as movies would become, if for some they offered experiences as disconcerting as bad dreams.” – MSN (Chicago Tribune)
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Meet America’s Oldest Working Actor

In Chicago, Mike Nussbaum, 97, is “a part of theatrical history. And the people who run the theaters all know me. They know that people will come to see me if I’m in one of their plays. So they cast me a lot.” – MSN (The Washington Post Magazine)
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Facebook Gets Serious About Building The Metaverse

The company announced it plans to create 10,000 new jobs across the European Union in order to develop what it calls the metaverse. In Facebook’s own words, it’s a “new phase of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies like virtual and augmented reality.“ – Mashable
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Down Mexico Way (with a detour to Italy)

I could not at first remember why I bore a grudge against the late Angela Carter. But a rapid search turned up, as its first item, a review in The London Review of Books for 24 January 1985, of The Official Foodie Handbook by Ann Barr and me. The piece is uninformed, egregiously silly and vindictive in a class-warfare way.  Angela Carter mistakenly thought that Ann Barr’s books for the now renamed Harper’s & Queen magazine, The Sloane Ranger Handbook that she wrote with Peter York, and the Foodi...
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Egypt detains artist robot Ai-Da before historic pyramid show

Sculpture and its futuristic creator held for 10 days, possibly in fear she is part of spying plotShe’s been described as “a vision of the future” who is every bit as good as other abstract artists today, but Ai-Da – the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist – has hit a snag: Egyptian security forces have detained her before an exhibition at the Great Pyramid of Giza.Ai-Da is due to open and present her work at the exhibition on Thursday, the first time contemporary art has been allowed nex...
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WBEZ And The Chicago Sun-Times: Can Public Radio Really Rescue Print Journalism?

“Similar mergers and acquisitions have become a common way to bolster the struggling print industry, but if radio were to take on a major newspaper, that would be a first.” – The Verge
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Oslo’s Towering New Edvard Munch Museum

“Rebranded simply as MUNCH, it will open on 22 October following a decade of development drama, political U-turns and staggering logistical challenges. The result is one of the largest single-artist museums in the world.” – The Art Newspaper
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The Returning Broadway Audience Has A Whole New Set Of Pre-Show Rituals

“Coming back has entailed a few adjustments: the ability to deftly juggle proofs of vaccination and photo IDs and tickets to get inside; preshow announcements that now urge people to keep their cellphones off and their masks on.” – The New York Times
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First There Was Wall Street’s “Charging Bull”. Then Came “Fearless Girl”. Now There’s A Bronze Gorilla.

Why? Because capitalism has gone bananas. So now there are 10,000 bananas (real ones) piled around Charging Bull, with a seven-foot statue of the late Harambe the gorilla a few feet away. As with Fearless Girl, this is a marketing stunt. – Artnet
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When Salvador Dali Viewed Joseph Cornell’s Surrealist Film, Became Enraged & Shouted: “He Stole It from My Subconscious!” (1936)

Did Salvador Dalí meet the diagnostic criteria for a personality disorder and maybe, also, a form of psychosis, as some have alleged? Maybe, but there’s no real way to know. “You can’t diagnose psychiatric illnesses without doing a face to face psychiatric examination,” Dutch psychiatrist Walter van den Broek writes, and it’s possible Dali “consciously created an ‘artistic’ personality… for the money or in order to succeed.” No doubt Dalí was a tireless self-promoter who marketed his wor...
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Snapshot: Liberace stars in The Loved One

A scene from The Loved One, Tony Richardson’ 1965 screen version of Evelyn Waugh’s satirical novella about Forest Lawn, starring Robert Morse and Liberace. The screenplay is by Terry Southern and Christopher Isherwood: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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