Five Observations on the Arts 18 Months into COVID: Finances

Many arts organizations are coming out of the COVID shutdown in better financial shape than they were going in.
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Robot Artists Detained By Egyptian Authorities Over Security Concerns

A robot artist made it to an exhibit at Egypt’s pyramids after its British maker said airport security held his creation for 10 days on suspicion it could be part of an espionage plot. – Washington Post
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Exploring: The Culture Of Music Genres

“It’s not untrue that these genres are a kind of record company plot to sell us music but there’s a reason why this conspiracy has been so successful: they were recognising real communities and finding ways to serve them. – The Guardian
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The New York Times Long History (And Ambitions) For Books

It all started in the very first issue of The New York Daily Times on Sept. 18, 1851. In an article on Page 2 headlined “Snap-Shots at Books, Talk and Town,” the paper laid out its ambitious plans for covering books and the publishing industry. – The New York Times
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How The Big Resignation Is Remaking America

This is a moment of fascinating decentralization. The U.S. economy lost its mojo. We had less quitting, less moving, and less entrepreneurship than in the 20th century. But now that’s reversed. We’re moving out of jobs, out of companies…. – The Atlantic
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Chicago Art Institute Fired Its Docents. But The Story Isn’t So Simple

James Rondeau, the Institute’s director, said that the docents program had long been viewed as logistically unsustainable, and that the Institute had stopped adding new volunteers 12 years ago. – The New York Times
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Is This 12 Hours Of Documentary Theatre Or Is It Displaying People As If They Were In An Exhibit?

The show 12 Last Songs at Leeds Playhouse consists solely of dozens of people talking about, or actually doing, what they do for a living: a midwife lecturing about the birth process, an astrophysicist talking about stars, a chef making dinner, a decorator hanging wallpaper. – The Guardian
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Reconsidering The History Of Humanity

Humanity was not restricted to small bands of hunter-gatherers, agriculture did not lead inexorably to hierarchies and conflicts and there was not one mode of social organisation that prevailed, at least until thousands of years after the introduction of agriculture. – The Guardian
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‘A Low-Rent Shangri-La Beyond Borders’

As the steep streets bow to the river, I have been falling through holes for some months seeking a new underworld ... — David Erdos
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What Monica Lewinsky’s Documentary About Public Shaming Completely Misunderstands

In HBO’s 15 Minutes of Shame, Lewinsky — the prototype victim of worldwide public humiliation via the media — argues that today’s Twitter-driven pile-ons could stop if the pilers simply paused and thought about their targets as actual people. Lili Loofbourow explains just why that’s way too optimistic. – Slate
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Vinyl Records Are Popular — Too Popular To Keep Up

Left for dead with the advent of CDs in the 1980s, vinyl records are now the music industry’s most popular and highest-grossing physical format, with fans choosing it for collectibility, sound quality or simply the tactile experience of music in an age of digital ephemerality. – The New York Times
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Tribute Or Marketing Stunt (Or Both)? Secretive Seattle Street Artist Stalks Manhattan Recreating “Shadowman”

Richard Hambleton painted his dark silhouette figures around the Lower East Side in the 1980s, becoming “the godfather of street art.” The artist known as Nullbureau has lately been painting fresh copies of Hambleton’s Shadowmen around New York, and some Hambleton devotees are outraged. – The New York Times
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A New Shakespeare-Style Theatre In The UK North

is on course to open next summer, joining only a handful of historically accurate, wooden-framed theatre auditoriums in England. – The Stage
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Quick Study: Local Arts Agencies as Creative Connectors

To celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month, this episode of Quick Study looks at the critical role of local arts agencies in a post-COVID-19 environment. A transcript of this podcast is available at the NEA website. Click here for the most recent episode of Quick Study.
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‘Never sold a painting in his life – but died worth $100m’: the incredible story of Boris Lurie

The difficult, devastating work of the Holocaust survivor turned painter is being celebrated at a new exhibition at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage“He never sold a painting in his life, lived in hovels, yet died worth about $100m,” says Anthony Williams, chairman of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, at a press preview for Boris Lurie: Nothing to Do but Try. “He was,” he later says with a sigh, “a complicated man.”The paradox of Boris Lurie’s living conditions is just one contour in the tragic...
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Picasso Lived His Entire Life In France Under Surveillance

“For more than 40 years, his Catalan connections, his communist leanings and his celebrity made him a suspect in the eyes of the French police and intelligence services. His request for naturalization was denied. He was the target of xenophobia and identity politics.” – The New York Times
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25 TV Shows That Are Defining/Reflecting The 21st Century

These are the series that are both influential and significant, that have broken new ground, that have reflected life specifically in this century, or that have changed the culture of TV in some way. – BBC
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Disgraced During #MeToo, Garrison Keillor Tries For A Comeback

Five years after he retired from A Prairie Home Companion, four years after accusations led public radio and publishers to drop him, Keillor is self-publishing and doing speaking gigs before forgiving audiences. He has no regrets, but his account of things is, well, sanitized. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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Black Americans Should Absolutely Appropriate European Opera (Though Not Necessarily Like This): John McWhorter

Writes the Columbia University linguist and New York Times columnist of Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones and William Grant Still’s Highway 1, U.S.A., “the tradition being appropriated here is based on a philosophy of composition and audience reception hardly inevitable.” – The New York Times
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With His “Team TERF” Routine, Dave Chappelle Dishonors A Long Line Of Great Black Performers

Artists from Richard Pryor to Moms Mabley to Ma Rainey to Josephine Baker “took big risks to affirm LGBTQ people and be honest about their own sexuality. … Chappelle [is] doing something they never did — making a career of going after a group even more reviled than Black people.” – CNN
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Love, Solace and Deadly Nightshade

There’s a bit of a hidden treasure, if not quite on my doorstep, then only an hour’s drive away
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What Fuels Conspiracy Theories

New research suggests that it’s not just negative emotions that contribute to the appeal of conspiracy theories. People can also find conspiracy theories entertaining – and the more entertaining people find them, it seems, the more likely they are to believe in them. – Psyche
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Museums turn to OnlyFans to get around FB's 'decency' filters

The NYT reports that the Venice Tourist Board has opened an OnlyFans account to share images of some artwork for various local museums that Facebook/Instagram algorithms block as indecent. NYT: OnlyFans has a surprising new member: the Vienna Tourist Board. — Read the rest
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England’s Theatres Are Open, No Masks Or Distancing Required, And Feelings Are Mixed

“How are theater fans feeling about this new normal? Has the pandemic changed what they’re seeing, and how they’re seeing it? We spoke to [eight] theater enthusiasts to find out.” – The New York Times
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Nine Years In Prison For Former Principal At English National Ballet

Yat-Sen Chang was convicted on twelve counts of sexual assault on female students in London between 2009 and 2016. Born and trained in Cuba, Chang, 49, danced with ENB from 1993 to 2011 and was, until his trial, ballet master at the theater in Kiel, Germany. – The Guardian
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Interpol Says Illegal Excavations Of Cultural Heritage Sites Soared During Pandemic

“Africa saw an increase in offenses related to digs, up from 44 incidents in 2019 to 153 in 2020. The starkest increase occurred in Asia and the South Pacific, from 42 to 1,563. In total, more than 35,000 items were reported stolen across the world.” – ARTnews
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The Believer, Award-Winning Literary Magazine, To Close

The announcement comes seven months after high-profile editor Joshua Wolf Shenk was forced to resign after an indecent exposure incident on Zoom and multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior. The final issue will be February/March 2022. – AP
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Messaging group avatars

“Upload a profile picture” is the question you often face when creating a new messaging group for an upcoming event, a school parent group, etc. Most people go for a relevant picture, for example the class group photo of last year’s end of school year party. But avatars are tiny and often have a circle shape. What jumps out most to the user is the dominant color of the image. So the best solut...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 134 – Teaching Law Students Business Design Skills – Jessica Erickson and Josh Kubicki

Richmond Law School professors Jessica Erickson and Josh Kubicki join us to discuss how they are teaching law students not only the critical skills to “think like a lawyer” but also the understanding that they are entering the world of business. Whether that is in BigLaw, non-profit, in-house, public interest, or solo practice, they need to have a baseline of business acumen to practice and thrive. Prof. Kubicki runs Richmond’s Legal Business Design Hub that delivers leading-edge competitive ski...
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‘Clay feels perverse’ – Theaster Gates on working on Obama’s library and going back to pottery

The superstar ‘social artist’ has revived derelict buildings and rescued a legendary record collection – but in lockdown, as two new UK exhibitions show, it was singing and throwing pots that made him happy Theaster Gates likes to get his hands dirty. His two new London exhibitions are dedicated to clay, and in one there’s a film of him singing with great gusto as he throws a pot. So it feels a shame not to be meeting one to one, but via laptop. The artist decided at the last minute to stay at h...
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