Some Independent Movie Theatres Have Been Doing Great During COVID

For a certain sector of the exhibition business, things look, if not blazingly bright, at least cautiously bullish. While not immune to the forces that have affected the greater industry, independent theaters and art houses have managed to weather the challenges with startling success. – MSN
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Arts Organizations Coping With A Changed Labor Market

As some arts organizations retool and expand their hiring, they’re finding that the upheavals of 2020 — the dislocation of the pandemic and a renewed interest in racial and social justice — have created a different pool of job applicants. – San Francisco Chronicle
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A Morbid Month of Artworld Losses: Kenneth Baker, David Finn, Michael Sillerman

An occupational hazard of my advanced age has been a sense of sad obligation to post appreciative obits of
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The Insidious Harm Of “Inspiration Porn”

I’ve “come to see Keller’s mainstream image and story as a textbook example of “inspiration porn,” where disabled people’s lives are flattened into saccharine narratives about overcoming adversity, usually designed to make nondisabled people feel uplifted and grateful.” – The New York Times
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We’re Not Supposed To Call It The Brexit Festival, But Here You Have It…

Unboxed: Creativity in the UK – formerly known as Festival 2022 and derided by some as a “festival of Brexit” – draws on arts, science, engineering, technology and maths in a government-backed £120m celebration of ingenuity. – The Guardian
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Canadian Theatre Icon Martha Henry, 83

Only 12 days before her death, Henry gave her last performance as the character “A” — an older, dying woman — in Stratford’s production of Edward Albee’s “Three Tall Women.” – Toronto Star
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Can You Really Be A Better Person Taking Masterclasses Online?

Mark Williamson, the company’s chief operating officer, told me, “I think it’s legitimately possible for us to create an algorithm that builds a personalized catalogue that leads you to become the best person you can be.” – The New Yorker
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Fully Trained Dancers Are Finding A New Home In Burlesque

“For the growing number of women who have found their way to nightlife performance from a concert-dance background, burlesque can feel pretty close to a feminist utopia — one where women’s bodies and choreographic voices are celebrated.” – Dance Magazine
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Theatre Educator Profile: Michelle

At Theatrefolk, we celebrate the theatre educators who share their stories and continue to make their classrooms and stages a warm and wonderful place for all students. Michelle (she/her) has been an out and proud middle-school theatre teacher in Wake County, North Carolina since 2014. She acts as an advocate for diverse students through her […]
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Major Social Media Influencer. Black And Queer Activist. Ballet Star. Meet Harper Watters

“The Houston social-media influencer is a gay Black man with a gift for the absurd and a passion for platform heels. He’s also a star dancer in one of the world’s most rigid, gendered, and segregated art forms.” – Texas Monthly
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Synchronised spinning and the invisible PM: Australia’s best political cartoons of 2021

Australian cartoonists cast a satirical and sceptical eye over politicians. The results are informative, insightful, cutting, acidic and hilarious. Russ Radcliffe created the annual Best Australian Political Cartoons series in 2003 to highlight and record the year’s top offerings. Here, Guardian Australia’s photographer-at-large Mike Bowers picks out some of his favourites from this year’s edition• The 2021 edition is published on 1 November and can be pre-ordered at Scribe Publications Continue...
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The Social Media Problem: We’re Talking Too Much

A lot is wrong with the internet, but much of it boils down to this one problem: We are all constantly talking to one another. Take that in every sense. Before online tools, we talked less frequently, and with fewer people. – The Atlantic
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Is Eight Shows A Week Too Much To Ask Of Actors?

The schedule is famously wearing, especially for leads in demanding roles. (Come the holidays, they sometimes do ten shows a week.) As Broadway returns from the pandemic shutdown, some performers are asking that their standbys go on more frequently, and some producers are obliging. – TheaterMania
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Giant Puppet Finishes Four-Month Refugee Walk From Syria To UK

Little Amal, whose name means hope in Arabic, was created by Handspring, the company that made the equine puppets in War Horse. She stands 3.5 metres (11ft 5in) tall and is operated by a team of eight puppeteers working shifts to control her legs, arms and facial features. – The Guardian
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This May Be The Most Innovative Public Library In The U.S.

The Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library in Memphis hosts “financial literacy seminars, jazz concerts, cooking classes, and many other events — more than 7,000 at last count. You can check out books and movies, but also sewing machines, bicycle repair kits and laptop computers.” – Smithsonian Magazine
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The Unprecedented Logistics Behind Getting Broadway Up And Working Again

Broadway shows stopped dead in their tracks in March 2020. The production teams simply had to hurriedly depart their stages with scenery still in place, costumes hanging on racks and dressing rooms abandoned — leaving behind a kind of theatrical Pompeii. – Washington Post
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New ways of dreaming with iwalewabooks

iwalewabooks offers artists, cultural workers and academics a roving space to explore aesthetic and intellectually rigorous modes of publishing The post New ways of dreaming with iwalewabooks appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Open City: The art of invading Jo’burg

FNB Art Joburg director Mandla Sibeko speaks to Kwanele Sosibo about this year’s Open City, during which unlikely spots are turned into art spaces The post Open City: The art of invading Jo’burg appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Unknown Arshile Gorky Painting Discovered Behind Later Artwork On Paper

The newly discovered work, called Untitled (Virginia Summer) and dated ca. 1946-47, was found when the Arshile Gorky Foundation sent out The Limit (1947) for routine conservation. – Artnet
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The High-Tide Flooding In Venice Is Only Getting Worse

Says the chief caretaker of St. Mark’s, which sits at the city’s lowest point, “I can only say that in August, a month when this never used to happen, we had tides over a meter five times. I am talking about the month of August, when we are quiet.” – AP
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The “Immersive Transcript”, A New Way To Make Podcasts Accessible To Deaf Audiences

“Transcripts are hardly uncommon in podcasting but they’re often an afterthought, littered with omissions and inaccuracies thanks to automated transcription. … For their new show More Than This, Vox Media set out to create a podcast that could also be seen and felt. – Nieman Lab
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Seriously? Send Your Art To Space?

Uplift promotes ‘Constellation Vault’: ‘a platform for commercial promotion and exhibition in low Earth orbit’. ‘The Constellation Vault will offer patrons the exclusive opportunity to acquire highly coveted items for private sale and auction in space, delivered upon return to Earth.’ Apollo
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Bernard Haitink, Revered Conductor, Dead At 92

Known especially for his Mahler and Bruckner, Haitink had long tenures at the helm of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, Royal Opera in London, and Glyndebourne Festival and spent periods as (unofficially but in effect) interim chief conductor at the Boston And Chicago Symphonies. – BBC
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Facebook Agrees To Pay News Outlets In France For Content

“Facebook said Thursday that it has struck a deal with a group of French publishers to pay for links to their news stories that are shared by people on the social network. … The financial terms weren’t disclosed.” – AP
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Alec Baldwin, Firing Prop Gun On Set, Kills Cinematographer And Wounds Director

While filming a scene on location near Santa Fe for the feature Rust, which he co-wrote, is producing and stars in, Baldwin discharged a prop pistol loaded with blanks and hit director of photography Halyna Hutchins, now dead, and director Joel Souza, hospitalized. – Santa Fe New Mexican
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Pianist Yundi Li Arrested On Immorality Charge In Beijing

Li, who earned fame in the West in the ’00s and became a household name in China, was arrested with a sex worker — and promptly expelled from the musicians’ union, crippling his career. State TV warned that “anyone who challenges laws and social morality is doomed.” – Bloomberg Quint
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The Inside Scoop on How Wes Anderson Designed a Dining Car for the World’s Most Luxurious Train

Celebrities are often spotted riding the Venice-Simplon Orient Express. The opulent train was made famous by Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Recent movies based on that 1934 novel have helped maintain that rail service's rarefied air of classic luxury with hints of diabolical mystery. A single ticket from London to Venice goes for...
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Replay: Ralph Richardson appears as the mystery guest on What’s My Line?

Ralph Richardson appears as the mystery guest on an episode of What’s My Line? originally telecast live by CBS on July 28, 1963. Bennett Cerf, Peter Cook, Arlene Francis, and Phyllis Newman are the panelists and the host is John Daly: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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In need of a shape-up

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review the Broadway transfers of Thoughts of a Colored Man and Dana H. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Barbershops of the old-fashioned three-chair type are integral parts of Black urban neighborhoods, quasi-community centers where the locals not only get their hair cut but hang out, see friends, swap gossip, and shoot the breeze. I learned this from “Barbershop,” Tim Story’s charming 2002 screen comedy about a 40-year-old shop on the South Side of Chicago, and “Thoug...
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