Edita Gruberova, Coloratura Of European Opera Houses, Dies At 74

The Slovak singer “enchanted audiences with gleaming, vibrant and technically dazzling singing over a 50-year career.” – The New York Times
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Painting Is Back In Britain, Baby

The Young British Artists are well established institutions, but now so-called Young British Painters, including several who are Black women, “are grabbing the attention and the cash, with some of their work fetching more than £1m a canvas.” – The Observer (UK)
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Diane Weyermann, Producer Of RBG And An Inconvenient Truth, 66

Weyermann (the NYT obit is here) is remembered by Ai Weiwei: “Her passing [is] a huge loss to like-minded people; like a bridge of hope and imagination washed away in the storm.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Cambodia Asserts That The Met Has Dozens Of Looted Antiquities

This isn’t idle speculation. “Cambodian officials said they have developed a spreadsheet of 45 ‘highly significant’ items at the Met that the evidence suggests were stolen before being donated or sold to the museum.” – The New York Times
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Memorials Can Make A Shift In How California – And The US – Sees Its History

As L.A.’s Chinese American Museum makes plans with full city support to commemorate the massacre of 1871, it’s a good time to consider which monuments, and to whom, are visible around the country. There’s so much more history to tell. – Los Angeles Times
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What It Means To Lose, And Regain, A Language

Ask the grandchildren of immigrants – they know all too well. But one thing is clear: Shaming younger generations doesn’t work. “If the end goal is to farther fluency … then we need to be more positive about how we embrace young people for trying.” – Sahan Journal
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The Set Of ‘Rust’ Had Multiple Gun Problems Before Halyna Hutchins Was Shot

Two accidental discharges on Oct. 16 led to multiple crew members walking off the set. A veteran professional armorer said “that the chain of events described in the affidavit struck him as a ‘red flag.'” – The New York Times
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Netflix Still Isn’t Any Viewer’s Friend

Look … its social media accounts, including one touting LGBTQI+ content, may have a personal feel, but Netflix is about profits. “What is surprising is how long Netflix managed to convince both its users and its workers that they weren’t like anybody else.” – Slate
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Halyna Hutchins, 42, A Cinematographer Who Was On The Edge Of A Breakthrough

Hutchins, killed by a prop gun, was finally on her way up. One director wrote, “She worked tirelessly for eleven years, and her career just started to take off this year. And it ends like this? … Why does this industry take forever to notice a talent?” – Washington Post
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Interlochen Has Been Following A Master Plan For Decades

And the results for arts education are, according to Philip Kennicott, correctly focused. “It feels a bit like a small city in Scandinavia, modest and hodgepodge, a collection of functional, appealing but never ostentatious buildings.” – Washington Post
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Jerry Pinkney, Beloved And Prolific Illustrator, Has Died At 81

Pinkney, “a legend in the world of children’s publishing,” won the Caldecott Medal, numerous Coretta Scott King Awards, and the recognition of millions of children and adults for his covers and illustrations. – NPR
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As The Royal Ballet’s Edward Watson Retires, He Has Hope For Boys In Dance

Watson says, “We all grew up with this thing of saying ‘don’t look like a sissy’, ‘don’t dance like a woman, dance like a man’. Now you think, well, what does ‘dance like a man’ mean? … What is it to be a human on stage?” – The Telegraph (UK)
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"We have not even to risk the adventure alone for the heroes of all time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known... we have only to follow the thread of the hero path."

"And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a God. And where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves. Where we had thought to travel outwards, we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.” Wrote Joseph Campbell, in a popular "hero's path" quote that is printed on the wall of the Soho gallery showing "The Journey Home’ a Hunter Biden Solo Exhibition," visible in photographs at "Hunter ...
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Did The Harry Potter Movies Show The Way To Keeping Child Actors Safe?

Maybe. “The Harry Potter kids were lucky to be working in the UK industry, which could never compete in scale or ferocity” with Hollywood. “They were fortunate, too, in being outliers, insulated within those same roles and that protective family-like structure for a full decade.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Visual Humor Might Be Helping Ease The Stresses Of Pandemic Life

That’s right, to deal with the constant dread and worry about what’s next with a constantly evolving virus, we all need … memes. – Fast Company
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Broadway Shows, With The Advantage Of Time Off And Protests, Have Quietly Made Changes

Many changes came about because actors requested some rethinking of words, lyrics, or choreography. Sally Hemings, for instance, no longer flirt-dances with Jefferson in Hamilton‘s “What Did I Miss?” – The New York Times
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Peter Scolari, Who Found Fame With Tom Hanks On Bosom Buddies, Has Died At 66

Scolari also played Bob Newhart’s producer on Newhart and Lena Dunham’s character’s father on Girls. – The New York Times
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A Different Kind Of Gold Torso

These aren’t from ancient Greece or Rome. Instead, they’re modern casts artist Ellen Downes makes to help women heal from trauma. – BBC
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You Thought COVID Was Bad For Music Festivals

But the long-term impact of climate change – and festivals’ impact on the climate – is yet to come. For large festivals, “They’re basically creating a city. . . . They have to find resources, pack in all the water, equipment . . . and then in a few days, it’s gone.” – Washington Post
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Did Judy Chicago Troll A Crowd At The De Young Museum?

No, but yikes. “When that initial plume dispersed a bit the first things I could see were dozens of people running in the opposite direction, masked or scrambling to find their masks, and throwing their kids over their shoulders to escape.” – Hyperallergic
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The Week That Shook The Center Theatre Group

The reaction to Center Theatre Group’s 2021-2022 lineup came quickly. “CTG had received a torrent of calls, emails, and criticism on social media … and was in the midst of crafting an official response. And then the other shoe dropped.” – American Theatre
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Moments Before Fatal Shooting, Baldwin Was Told Gun Was Safe

An assistant director, Dave Halls, handed actor Alec Baldwin a prop gun during rehearsal. “‘Cold gun,’ Halls yelled. But it was not.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Inside Costa Nova, un reportage photographique signé Tiago&Tania

Tania De Prascalis et Tiago Marques, photographes Italiens basés à Milan à la tête du Studio Tiago&Tania, présentent leur reportage Inside Costa Nova. Un véritable voyage au cœur d’un petit village pittoresque situé au Nord du centre du Portugal, au caractère architectural harmonieux et unique. Costa Nova est un village connu pour Tiago qui allait avec ses parents à sa plage dans son enfance. Un projet photographique intéressant grâce à ces maisons rayées si particulières. En effet, ces rayures ...
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Hilary Mantel tells a great tale but ruined abbeys tell a different one, says expert

Final part of Wolf Hall, now on the West End stage, is under fire from English Heritage for its ‘Tudor bias’ in charting historyThe staging of the final novel in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy has, arguably, been the flagship theatrical event as the West End re-opens after lockdown. One critic described The Mirror and the Light, which chronicles the downfall of Thomas Cromwell, as the completion of a “magnificent hat-trick”.But Dr Michael Carter, the senior properties historian at English Her...
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Picasso paintings displayed at Las Vegas hotel sell for more than $100m

The works collected by the Bellagio’s former owner Steve Wynn had made the hotel an unlikely destination for art loversEleven Picasso paintings and other works that helped turn Las Vegas into an unlikely destination for art have been sold at auction for more than $100m.The Sotheby’s auction was held on Saturday at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, where the works had been on display for years, and took place two days before the 140th birthday of the Spanish artist on 25 October. Contin...
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