The Hope and Frustration of Understanding Audiences

Row X blog by Hannah Grannemann Sometimes I hear or read an interview with an author, and I immediately add their book to my too-long to-read list. Sometimes the interview is all I need. One of the ways in which I’d like to bring value to you, the readers of this blog, is to occasionally write about academic works that I think have value for arts professionals, the primary audience for Row X. This is the first of those posts. Much of what I read is interesting but, in my view, not imme...
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University of the Arts seeks two Deans

Dean, School of Art Dean, School of Film The University of the Arts is accepting applications and nominations for two crucial dean roles—Dean, School of Art and Dean, School of Film. Deans serve as the chief academic, creative and administrative officer of their respective schools, and join the council of deans comprised of the heads of the university’s six schools in art, dance, design, film, music and theater; the division of graduate and professional studies; and the director of Crit...
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20 Years Ago: How The iPod Changed Everything

The eureka moment was the click wheel that enabled nimble search and control without a keyboard. Jobs wanted it as small as possible, with an apocryphal tale circulating that he tossed one prototype in a fish tank, pointed at the bubbles coming out and said they indicated dead space that should be removed. – The Guardian
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How Joshua Vides Went From Graffiti Artist To Designing For Global Brands

His creations have turned the former scofflaw graffitist into an illustrator and visual artist sought after by a growing list of global brands, including Adidas, Converse, Warner Bros., Google, Red Bull, EBay, Fendi, Ballentine and Mercedes-Benz. – Los Angeles Times
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Where Ya Going To Sell Picassos For $110 Million? Vegas, Of Course

Eleven Pablo Picasso artworks that have been on display at a Las Vegas hotel for more than two decades have sold at auction for nearly $110m (£80m). The works, which were owned by MGM Resorts, featured in the Picasso Restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel. – BBC
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Unlikely Path: From TickTok To Riverdance Dancer

Morgan Bullock: “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Am I being pranked? Is this real?’” she says. But her new journey with Riverdance is far from a joke. – Irish Times
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Are You Ready For Our Real-Life Dystopia?

When you zoom out, it’s easy to see that American society is approaching a modern-day dystopia as the once sci-fi-worthy stories of environmental destruction, technological control, and loss of human rights and freedoms creep to fruition. – Wired
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How To Fix Social Media (Lessons From History)

The arrival of broadcast media at the start of the last century set off an information revolution just as tumultuous as the one we are going through today, and the way legislators, judges, and the public responded to the earlier upheaval can illuminate our current situation. – The New Atlantis
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Astonishing Growth In University Endowments Last Year — What To Do With It?

Washington University in St. Louis saw a 65 percent return. Duke, 56 percent. MIT, 55.5 percent (after completing a $6 billion capital campaign). Brown, 51.5 percent. Dartmouth, 46.5 percent. Yale, 40.2 percent. – Inside Higher Ed
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Facebook Employees Had Plenty Of Ideas How To Fix Facebook. But…

It’s almost cliché at this point to accuse Facebook of ignoring the impact its products have on users and society. The observation hits a little harder, however, when it comes from inside the company. – Wired
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Remembering Diane di Prima

A memorial issue of the Swiss magazine Fabrikzeitung pays tribute to her poetry. SHE WHO she whose face we have never seen she whose body is a door to the world she whose black thighs gleam w/ oil w/ fat & oil whose laughter is the earthquakes she whose inhalation is the end of time who can compass her round w/ his arms? who can penetrate to the depth of her desire? stars are the seed pearls she sets on her flesh they are the milk of her breasts & the juice of her love her orgasm shake...
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Why Did Believer Magazine Shut Down?

It’s a popular idea, these days, that all it takes is a kindly benefactor to set things right. Unfortunately, it is and will always be futile to rely on the benevolence of the wealthy, even wealthy institutions for that matter, to act in the best interest of the arts or the general public. – Gawker
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How Facebook Has Failed Us All

The social media giant “has algorithmically surfaced false information about conspiracy theories and vaccines, and was instrumental in the ability of an extremist mob to attempt a violent coup.” But “the Facebook we have in the United States is actually the platform at its best.” – The Atlantic
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Glasgow School Of The Art, Ravaged By Fire, Decides To Rebuild Original Building

The school said it had looked closely at a wide range of alternatives, including a ‘do minimum’ approach, a new build on the site or elsewhere on the GSA campus, a hybrid or a full reinstatement. – The Architect’s Journal
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Comments Sections Are A Toxic Stew Of Sexism, And That’s By Design

“It’s not enough to simply call on women to speak up. We do need to change public conversations, but it is fundamentally a design problem. It’s a function of comprehensive social design, web design, workplace design, and conversation design.” – Fast Company
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Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait Says There’s No Such Thing As Cancel Culture

“People love to say, ‘George Carlin couldn’t do his act today! What would he say about all this?’ … I know exactly what he’d say. He’d say something hilarious and cutting. … There is no cancel culture. It only exists if you’re a whistleblower or a victim.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Can art mobilize people to fight climate change? This artist thinks so

Neuroscientists at Columbia University observed a curious thing. When they asked a group of test subjects to concentrate on a painting of an angel wielding a sword, they found it triggered responses in the subjects’ wrists. Others have reported the sensation of dancing when observing Degas’ Ballerinas. This is due to a process called embodied cognition. When we view a piece of art, our brain mirrors actions depicted on the canvas. Not only can art inspire physical action, it can also stimulate e...
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How The Internet Changed Photography For The Masses (And A Nostalgia For The Past)

Curiously keen to recapture the not-knowing-what-the-hell-is-on-there waiting period that analog film required, young digital types have taken up the popular Dispo camera app, which forces its users to wait until 9 a.m. the following day before photos “develop” and they can view the damage. – The Atlantic
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On the brand trail: Oakland to Denver (and back again)

I interrupt my regular scheduled posting—word of the week, monthly linkfest—to bring you some notes and images from my recent trip to Denver. It was my first out-of-California trip, and first non-driving trip, since May 2019, and the most time (four full days) I’ve ever spent in the Mile-High City. It was my bad luck to schedule the outgoing portion of the trip via Southwest Airlines, which had just canceled more than 2,000 flights and rescheduled my own 8:10 a.m. flight three times be...
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Inside The Phantom’s Return To Broadway

So much celebration ensued – and, well, perhaps for good reason. “The show, which opened on Broadway in 1988 and has never closed, takes its first post-pandemic bow not just as a monied buttress for the industry, but as a symbol for Broadway’s own endurance.” – Variety
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The Race Against Time To Save Australia’s Archives

Glass plate negatives, nitrite negatives, lantern slides, paper – all can disintegrate and decay. What will the digital records of these tangible archives tell humans in a century or two? – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Visual, Time To Save Australia 's Archives

The Post-Apocalyptic Book Inspired By The Events Of Charlottesville

Author Jocelyn Nicole Johnson taught art for decades before her first novel was published. My Monticello was easy to imagine, she says, “because it was me nudging forward from the very real fears I had after 12 August 2017.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, Charlottesville, Monticello, Jocelyn Nicole Johnson

Potential Legal Fallout From The Fatal Shooting Of Halyna Hutchins

The experts weigh in – and it’s not going to go well for someone. “This doesn’t happen without negligence. There are safety protocols that are supposed to be followed. It’s really just a matter of who’s negligent and how the responsibility gets parceled out.” – Los Angeles Times
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The Chief Electrician On ‘Rust’ Blames The Film’s Armorer For The Fatal Shot

In a Facebook post, gaffer Sergey Svetnoy wrote of holding Halyna Hutchins as she died, and he blamed the 24-year-old armorer – and the producers. “To save a dime sometimes, you hire people who are not fully qualified for the complicated and dangerous job.” – Los Angeles Times
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In Britain, Subtitles May Finally Be Returning After Fire

“Hundreds of hours of Channel 4 programming have been affected by the outage, which began when fire suppression devices destroyed hard disks at a west London broadcast centre on 25 September.” But some are back – only some, for instance on Great British Bake-Off. – BBC
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Roman villa with world’s only Caravaggio mural up for sale

Villa Aurora set to go on auction in January with opening bid of almost €500mA sprawling villa in Rome containing the only ceiling mural ever painted by the Italian master Caravaggio is being put up for sale for almost €500m (£422m).The 2.75-metre wide painting Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte in the 16th century to adorn the ceiling in what was his alchemy laboratory at Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi, better known as Villa Aurora. Continue ...
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Reckoning With Monuments In The North

The American South isn’t the only place with iffy monuments. Consider Boston. – The New Yorker
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The Vancouver Opera May Be Returning To A New Kind Of Normal

A costume sale for Halloween heralded the semi-return to normal for an opera house whose costume shop pivoted last year to mask-making. Cleaning out felt good: “There is another life for our stuff, and another life for our company.” – Vancouver Sun
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There Are So Many Trump Books

Virginia Heffernan read them for us. “Loathsome characters bring out zestful writing, and authors who represent Trump as perilous to democracy … could find that the danger the former president poses to America’s future is more cinematic than democracy itself.” – The Atlantic
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Six jailed in Spain for selling fakes of Goya and other artists online

Valencia police seized 27 paintings by various artists being sold for €1.2m, 18 of which were crude forgeriesSix people have been jailed in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia after police broke up a criminal gang that was using the internet to sell crudely forged paintings attributed to artists including Francisco de Goya, José Benlliure y Gil and Nicolás Falcó.The investigation, carried out by officers from the historical heritage group of the Valencian police, began when doubts arose over ...
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