Like Sports, Ideas Have To Be Played To Be Tested

Sport is fundamentally about what you do when the chips are down, not what you say or plan beforehand. What matters is how well you perform in the moment. Athletes have skin in the game when it comes to their progress. There is a consequence for a lack of improvement. – Psyche
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Orchestras And The Vaccine Requirement

“People are being forced to do this, not invited. I’ve already had COVID, and I had a terrible reaction to a vaccine in my early teens that put me in the hospital. My doctor told me I don’t need this.” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Journalism’s Obsession With Metrics Is Killing It. The Lessons Apply To Culture

Such dynamics incentivize journalists to craft their reporting according to clickbait criteria that emphasize controversy, conflict, sensationalism, and anything that prompts people to engage with stories, thereby generating more advertising revenue. – Jacobin
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Why It’s So Important To Figure Out Who Gets To Own Our Data

Our problem today lies in finding a model of data ownership that recognizes the collective interest we have in how personal data is used, that avoids the profound costs of free-wheeling private exploitation by individual firms, and that does not slip into authoritarian state control. – Boston Review
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Ron Mercer Collected 2000 Music Instruments. Why?

“I get bored or start counting the same thing twice, so I’d say probably close to 2,000.” Two narrow walkways allow Mercer or his visitors to wander through the collection which, despite looking a bit chaotic, is meticulously categorized. –CBC
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Charles Ives’ America

“’Charles Ives’ America’ is very likely the most important film ever made about American music” –
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Who Can Speak With Authority On The Pandemic?

Presumably, it would be those of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s rank, or, in other direction, people completely outside of the medical world: artists documenting an isolated world, Zadie Smith essaying deserted aisles, comedians bringing sense back to a world inaner than usual. – LitHub
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A Masterpiece By Bernini, Newly Restored, Shines More Brightly Than Ever

“Art and restoration specialists presented the result in the Cornaro Chapel in St. Mary of the Victory Church (in Rome) on Thursday. The chapel’s centerpiece is one of Bernini’s most celebrated sculptures, depicting the mystical experience of St. Theresa of Avila.” – AP
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How Samuel L. Jackson Got Booted From One Of The Most Prestigious Historically Black Colleges In The World

His brief period at Morehouse College included his acting debut, his involvement in the civil rights movement, and an unorthodox bit of speech therapy. – Literary Hub
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Remembering Bernard Haitink

You went to a Haitink concert fully aware of what to expect, only for those expectations usually to be surpassed. Haitink was able to make music emerge as if it was entirely uninterpreted — without it becoming anonymous… personal, even as it felt impersonal. – The New York Times
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Bollywood Is Coming To Broadway (What Took So Long?)

“Come Fall in Love — The DDLJ Musical, based on the Indian filmmaker Aditya Chopra’s 1995 hit Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which has become a cultural touchstone of contemporary Bollywood, will open during the 2022-23 season.” – The New York Times
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Only Three Months After Brain Surgery, Michael Tilson Thomas Resumes Conducting

When he resumes activity, MTT will first lead the New York Philharmonic (Nov. 4–7) and then return to San Francisco (Nov. 12–14), where he is music director laureate, following a 25-year tenure with the SF Symphony. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Contemporary Art At The Pyramids – Helps You See Them In A New Way

“For [authorities], it’s a site of antiquities, it’s heritage, but contemporary art is not appealing to them. We changed people’s mentality and now they actually say that the art makes these ancient walls speak.” – Artnet
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Dozens Of Museums In Mexico And Central America Are Broke And Near Closure: Report

A study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico found that “more than 75 percent of (responding museums) said they are facing financial insecurity; 63 percent said that a budget shortfall put them at risk of not being able to properly maintain their facilities.” – ARTnews
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Prototype iPod is something to behold

Panic's Cabel Sasser revealed an amazing artifact in their possession: a prototype iPod. It has always been my deepest dream to smoothly unzip a backpack on a flight, theatrically pull out this incredible beast, plug in some headphones, and use it as my actual "portable" music player. — Read the rest
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The Transformation Of The Gibney Dance Company

When Gina Gibney founded her troupe in 1991, it was your basic single-choreographer ensemble, picking up per-project freelancers. Now The Gibney Company has 12 dancers as full-time employees with benefits, three directors, and a focus on activism, working particularly with domestic violence survivors. – Dance Magazine
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A Question In The Wake Of The Alec Baldwin “Rust” Shooting: Who Or What Is A Movie’s Armorer?

“An armorer is tasked with managing all firearms used on set, ensuring they look realistic and are appropriate for the setting. More importantly, they’re tasked with ensuring weapons are correctly loaded, properly kept up and safely handled.” There’s no formal training for the job. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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How Amazon And Its Publishing Arm Are Changing Literature

Parul Sehgal: “The author is dead; long live the service provider. The reader, in turn, has been reborn as a consumer in the contemporary marketplace, the hallmarks of which are the precision and the reliability with which particular desires are met.” – The New Yorker
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Australian Artists’ Earnings Are Falling Behind…

The most recent data places the average gross annual income for an Australian artist at $48,400. When adjusted for inflation, average incomes have fallen by 4% since 2009. In comparison, the average salary across all Australians is $90,329. – ArtsHub
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Pompidou Center In Paris To Postpone Renovation Until After 2024 Olympics

“The initial restoration plan involved shutting down the Centre Pompidou for three years from the end of 2023 for essential maintenance work.” The question now is whether the project can be completed in time for the museum’s 50th anniversary in 2027. – The Art Newspaper
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Louis Langrée, Cincinnati Symphony And Mostly Mozart Music Director, Has Big New Job In Paris

As of November 1, the 60-year-old native of France’s Alsace region will be the director of the Opéra-Comique. Among his plans are revivals of key operas that premiered there such as Carmen, The Tales of Hoffmann, and Pelléas et Mélisande. – The Violin Channel
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Decoration is a creepy, animated short about a vase that inhabits a girl's body

If you're feeling famished for a dose of unsettling content, then check out this animated video titled Decoration, by Ben Wheele. The story is about a young girl whose body is haunted by a vase named "Decoration". The story is like a fever dream, and the animation style on it's own is pretty fascinating. — Read the rest
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She Saved Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center And Merged It With The Philadelphia Orchestra. Now She’s Retiring

When Anne Ewers arrived in 2007, the Kimmel still had $30 million in construction debt. She raised money to pay it off, increased revenue (more Broadway shows, fewer touring orchestras), and oversaw the merger that ended conflicts between the Kimmel and its largest tenant. – MSN (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
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Crew Member Who Handed Alec Baldwin Fatal Prop Gun Had Been Fired For Mishandling Weapons Before

“The assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin the gun that killed a cinematographer last week had been fired from a previous job after a gun went off on a set and wounded a member of the film crew, a producer said Monday.” – AP
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Inside Costa Nova, un reportage photographique signé Tiago&Tania

Tania De Prascalis et Tiago Marques, photographes Italiens basés à Milan à la tête du Studio Tiago&Tania, présentent leur reportage Inside Costa Nova. Un véritable voyage au cœur d’un petit village pittoresque situé au Nord du centre du Portugal, au caractère architectural harmonieux et unique. Costa Nova est un village connu pour Tiago qui allait avec ses parents à sa plage dans son enfance. Un projet photographique intéressant grâce à ces maisons rayées si particulières. En effet, ces rayures ...
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First penny black stamp could fetch up to £6m at auction

Launched in 1840, Sotheby’s says the stamp ‘is the most important piece of philatelic history to exist’It was less than one square inch and cost just a penny but it launched a revolution in communications. Now the first “penny black”, the postal stamp bearing an image of Queen Victoria’s profile, is expected to fetch up to £6m when it is sold at auction.The stamp was a runaway success when it went on sale in 1840, allowing people to send a letter weighing up to half an ounce to any destination i...
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