Museum Shows With A Moral Message? Yes, Actually

So it’s an exhibition with a pointed moral agenda. But it’s not preachy or obvious. It’s smart, it’s thoughtful, and it’s visually compelling. – Washington Post
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Twitter Has 211 Million Users, Up 13 Percent

Revenue of $1.28 billion was up 37%. Twitter sales are advertising based and saw U.S, total sales up 45% to $742 million and ad sales up 51%. – Deadline
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You’re Writing A Book. How Do Your Choose Names For Your Characters?

When it comes to writing, naming is one of the more fun problems of fiction, perhaps especially speculative fiction, where names can be as elaborate, archaic, or invented as the imaginative worlds they inhabit. – LitHub
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Why Has Gender Become So Contentious Worldwide?

The attacks on so-called “gender ideology” have grown in recent years throughout the world, dominating public debate stoked by electronic networks and backed by extensive rightwing Catholic and evangelical organizations. – The Guardian
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The Real Questions For Movie-Makers After The Santa Fe Accident

I start to question things I should’ve been questioning harder, earlier. Do we need this stuff? Why does recreational screen slaughter remain America’s number most influential cultural export? – Chicago Tribune
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Why Do People Like Blood And Gore In Their Movies And TV So Much?

There are several reasons, say researchers, most of which boil down to “Hey, adrenaline is fun when you’re not actually in danger!” And watching gory movies in a group can even be a bonding experience. – Salon
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How Conspiracy Theories Work

“In folklore, we have this law of self-correction. So if something doesn’t quite fit, you go back to the way you heard it from 15 other people. I might be saying Jeff Bezos. But if three other people are saying Bill Gates, it’s going to be Bill Gates.” – The Guardian
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Looking To A Play About An Earlier Epidemic To Answer A Key Question About This One

In Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart, Lily Janiak finds some lines that shed bright, painful light on why some people would refuse a vaccine that demonstrably saves lives. – San Francisco Chronicle
Tags: Art, Theatre, Larry Kramer, Lily Janiak

Do Cars Belong In Art Museums?

There’s a “danger of treating the car as an art object in itself. It may be art, but it’s a very different kind of art than the art that is made about cars.” – Washington Post
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Util’s Plié for a Few of your Favorite Things

In ballet, a plié involves just a small bend at the knees yet gives a big bang for your buck: it’s a foundational movement that establishes balance, links jumps and turns, and protects the dancer from injury. Just so, Util’s Plié Wall Shelves express the idea of doing more with less. Constructed of powder-coated aluminum, and engineered for maximum structural support with minimal materials, Plie´is a lightweight, streamlined shelving system that organizes stuff and highlights ...
Tags: Books, Storage, Furniture, Switzerland, Interior Design, Util, PLIÉ, From Lighting, Cesare Bizzotto, Tobias Nitsche, Wall Shelf, Wall Storage, Powder-coated Aluminum, From Industrial Design, Plié Wall Shelf, Util design

Is The Sitcom Dead?

There are a few reasons why the sitcom seems, if not comprehensively deceased, then at least less responsive than it has ever been. – The Guardian
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The Uninhibited Bite of Dutch Mordant

With an artist as prolific and versatile as Gerard Bellaart, it is not easy to pinpoint his “style.” which has just been published by Moloko Print, presents images of some of his many paintings, drawings, and handmade cards issued in limited editions from his Cold Turkey Press. Dutch Mordant As I’ve written before, his large oil-on-canvas paintings bring a dream world out of hiding. And his drawings look spontaneous, evolving from one to another with a freewheeling ease. But you can ...
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Another Set Of Looted Treasures Is Being Repatriated To Africa (And These Are Actually Going To Benin)

You know about the Benin Bronzes, looted by the British from what’s now Nigeria and some of which are being returned there. These objects, the Abomey Treasures, were taken by the French army in 1892 from the Kingdom of Dahomey, present-day Benin, where they’ll be shipped next month. – AP
Tags: Art, Featured, Nigeria, Africa, Benin, Visual, Kingdom of Dahomey, Benin Bronzes

Pina Bausch’s Former Company Has A New Artistic Director

Boris Charmatz, a 48-year-old French choreographer, has been appointed to lead Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch as of next September — with a mandate to expand the repertory of the company, which has continued to labor in Bausch’s shadow since her sudden death in 2009. – Le Monde (in French)
Tags: Art, Dance, Pina Bausch, Bausch, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Boris Charmatz

How The Russian Version Of “Married… With Children” Became A Cultural Phenomenon

So successful was the sitcom that they ended up running out of American scripts to adapt and they soon began writing their own. All told, Schastlivy Vmeste ran for 365 episodes… and the show turned its stars into household names in Russia. – Mel Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, Schastlivy Vmeste

384 by Jérôme Puigros-Puigener is an outstanding experimental comic

384 is an outstanding French conceptual comic by artist Jérôme Puigros-Puigener. Published by Habeas Corpus, 384 was made in 2010 and is only 16 pages long. What makes this comic so unique is its experiential art style, organized into a grid of very tiny panels. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, News, Comic Books, Habeas Corpus, Experimental Media, Jérôme Puigros Puigener

Decommissioned Church In Detroit To Become New Arts Complex

Gallerists JJ and Anthony Curis have bought the old Good Shepherd Catholic Church in the East Village neighborhood and will reopen it in 2023 as a cultural center with two galleries, a library, workshop space, a sculpture garden, and a skate park. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Detroit, Issues, East Village, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Anthony Curis

Marvel at these astonishing cat people made from actual cat hair

Brisbane, Australia sculptor Jason Sank created these astonishing cat people from actual cat hair. Sank sculpted the fur over chicken wire forms he built based on photographs of himself and a friend in situ. No cats were harmed in the creation of these creatures. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Post, News, Cats, Australia, Weird, Sculpture, Sculptures, Brisbane Australia, Jason Sank, Sank

Want To Buy A Villa With Its Own Caravaggio Mural?

“A sprawling villa in Rome containing the only ceiling mural ever painted by Caravaggio is up for sale for almost €500m. The 2.75-metre wide painting Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte to adorn the ceiling in his alchemy laboratory.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Rome, Pluto, Visual, Caravaggio, Jupiter Neptune, Francesco Maria Del Monte

Afghanistan’s All-Female Orchestra Has Reassembled Itself In Exile

Zohra, a 35-member women’s youth orchestra founded in Kabul in 2016, was shut down as the Taliban returned to power, and many of its members fled the country, leaving their instruments behind. Now the group has reconvened in Qatar. – Yahoo! (AFP)
Tags: Art, Music, Qatar, Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul, Zohra

Who’s Listening To Podcasts

In the U.S., 40% of internet users listen to podcasts. In Canada a third (32.8%) listen and in Mexico a quarter do (25.8%). But in the Asia-Pacific region the numbers are smaller. In South Korea and Japan 12% of internet users report listening to podcasts. – Inside Radio
Tags: Art, South Korea, Japan, Media, Mexico, Canada, Asia Pacific, Audience

England’s Arts And Culture Sector To Get An Extra $1 Billion In The Next Budget

“The culture sector in England will receive £850m in extra funding from the Treasury in the Budget to be announced this week by Chancellor (of the Exchequer) Rishi Sunak.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, England, Budget, Treasury, Issues, Rishi Sunak

Lost Novels by Céline Resurface, And Old Arguments Break Out Anew In France

By means he won’t disclose, a journalist acquired thousands of manuscript pages by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, revered in France for literary craftsmanship but reviled for anti-Semitism and collaborating with the Nazis. That conflict is being rehashed, and a battle with Céline’s heirs has arisen. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, France, Words, Celine, Louis Ferdinand Celine

France Passes Another Law To Protect Bookstores From Amazon

For years it has been illegal in France to sell new books at a discount, which has kept bookstores from being undersold by the e-commerce giant. Free shipping is prohibited as well — so Amazon has been offering shipping for one cent. New legislation ends that loophole. – Reuters
Tags: Amazon, Art, France, Words

Porsche will sell you a 992 Turbo body panel to hang on your wall

When you aren’t driving your Porsche on the street you’d like to be reminded of the experience of owning a Porsche, right? Is there anything more artful than the widebody curves of a brand new 911 Turbo? Hanging this rear quarter panel and door jamb from your living room wall is surely better than any comparable Picasso or Rembrandt. Not only does it come in a choice of 17 Porsche exterior colors, but you can get your choice of either black or white backing panels. Only 99 of these will be sold...
Tags: Art, 911, Germany, Hanging, Porsche, Autos, For Sale, Picasso, 911 Turbo, 992

‘Joyously subversive sex goddesses’: the artists who gave witches a spellbinding makeover

Thousands of women were slain after being accused of witchcraft. Don’t they deserve more than the evil cackling hag stereotype? A powerful new book blows away the satanic baby-eating mythsWe all know what a witch looks like. A gnarled old face full of warts with teeth missing and bright green skin. Then there’s the long black coat, the tall black hat and let’s not forget the sizable crooked nose, sniffing the fumes rising from a bubbling cauldron in a room festooned with cobwebs.But that’s not w...
Tags: Art, Books, Photography, Painting, Culture, Art and design, Kiki Smith, Auguste Rodin, Taschen, Art and design books, History books, Library of Esoterica

Mort Sahl, Who Created Political Comedy As We Know It, Dead At 94

He became famous for walking up to the microphone with a newspaper and riffing on whatever stories he found there. (Time magazine called him “Will Rogers with fangs.”) As actor-filmmaker Albert Brooks put it, “Every comedian who is not doing wife jokes has to thank him for that.” – AP
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Snapshot: Aaron Copland conducts El Salón México

Aaron Copland leads the New York Philharmonic in his El Salón México at a Young People’s Concert taped on November 12, 1960: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Cruise Ships Turning?

From 2015 to 2019 the Wallace Foundation funded a $52 million program involving 25 large budget arts organizations called Building Audiences for Sustainability. It was designed to develop “practical insights into how arts organizations can successfully expand their audiences.” Recently Francie Ostrower of the University of Texas completed an evaluation of the program. A brief on that study “Why Is It Important That We Continue? Some Nonprofit Arts Organizations Rethink Their Value in Chal...
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Director, Opening Nights at Florida State University

About Opening Nights at Florida State University Performing arts presenting at Florida State began in 1921 with the creation of the Florida State College for Women Artist Series. The inaugural concert of the series was by composer and bandleader John Philip Sousa, and throughout the years world-class talent flocked to campus to perform – including modern dance pioneer and choreographer Martha Graham, cello virtuoso Pablo Casals, bandleader and pianist Count Basie, and the Metropoli...
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