A New “Golden Age” For Horror Fiction?

“There’s this fantastic description of the gothic – that it is not a genre at all, but a virus that attaches itself to genres and infects texts, and also morphs through time and adapts as needed. I think horror perhaps could be seen as the same thing.” – The Guardian
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How “A Housewife From Winnetka” Started Collecting Data About Dance

The data project shows that, despite recent improvement, works performed by major ballet companies are still overwhelmingly choreographed by men. – MSN (Chicago Tribune)
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Are We Okay With Giving Up Beloved Buildings (and Even Cities) To Climate Change?

So many values and sentiments of identity and belonging are invested in historic heritage. How will we cope with the much more substantial loss that awaits us? – Aeon
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How Museums Are Struggling To Change What/How They Present

Museums everywhere have worked to excavate more complex truths in their collections for years. In the ongoing grind of a pandemic that has exposed every manner of social division and inequity, the demand is for that work to accelerate. – Boston Globe
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Surge In Visitors at Chinese Heritage Sites. And Concerns…

According to a national survey in 2012, mainland China has more than 766,000 sites of immoveable cultural relics but only around 130,000 designated custodians. Short staffing means that some sites are left unguarded, while others are closed to the public. – The Art Newspaper
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Has Amazon Really Changed Literature?

Spotify-like Kindle Unlimited subscriptions have made fiction into an “‘always on’ utility” that prioritizes “serial plenitude over singular encounters.” – The Baffler
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Turns Out Poland Is A Hotbed Of Sacred Choral Music

Paweł Łukaszewski, now his nation’s leading living composer, has written a lot of good music for choir. So have his Polish colleagues and predecessors going back centuries, he says, and he’s started a festival in London to bring the rest of the world’s attention to it. – Bachtrack
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Preserving Mexico’s Old-Time Popular Cinema — And Getting Some Respect From The World For It

“Had they not been rescued from a dusty storehouse seven years ago, the original negatives of hundreds of Mexican movies featuring the likes of the silver-masked crime-fighting wrestler El Santo, a bikini-clad Batwoman and the Satan-worshipping Panther Women would have been lost forever.” – The Guardian
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Homer As A Manufactured Construct

Faced with uncertainty surrounding the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the ancients rushed to fill in gaps, in essence producing a biography of the poet who, it was assumed, must have lived at some point in the past. – Lapham’s Quarterly
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Media Companies Believe The Blockchain Will Transform Their Businesses

With crypto and blockchain, the movie and entertainment industry is poised to reinvent its business functions, facilitating secure, transparent, and traceable transactions across the market. – Fast Company
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Victorian “Penny Dreadful” Pulp Novels Actually Contributed To Improving British Society (No, Really)

The cheap, cheesy horror stories became so popular, especially among older children and teens, that they were arguably a bigger factor in spreading literacy than was the introduction of mandatory public education. – Atlas Obscura
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Pixel art: How designers created the new Pixel 6 colors

During a recent visit to Google’s Color, Material and Finish (better known as CMF) studio, I watched while Jess Ng and Jenny Davis opened drawer after drawer and placed object after object on two white tables. A gold hoop earring, a pale pink shell — all pieces of inspiration that Google designers use to come up with new colors for devices, including the just-launched Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.“We find inspiration everywhere,” Jenny says. “It’s not abnormal to have a designer come to the studio wi...
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James Ivory, Still Working At 93, Says His Life As A Gay Man Has Been Too Easy

The director half of the Merchant Ivory filmmaking duo (and the oldest person ever to win an Oscar) says he and Ismail Merchant weren’t public about their coupledom because of Merchant’s Indian family but had little problem in their industry. (Ivory’s also unusually frank about sex.) – The Guardian
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Why Have 17,000 People Lost Their Jobs In Australian Universities?

Before it happened, we in the sector viewed the prospect of such an outcome as intolerable: a Rubicon we would never allow to be crossed. – Sydney Review of Books
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‘Of Blood, Sweat and Data’: Everyone goes to the mall

‘Of Blood, Sweat and Data’, on show as part of FNB Art Joburg’s Open City programme, hopes to alter the way art lovers view Johannesburg — and photography The post ‘Of Blood, Sweat and Data’: Everyone goes to the mall appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why People Really Cancel Their News Subscriptions

The Nieman Journalism Lab asked its readers who had cancelled to tell them why, and hundreds did. Ideological or political bias was cited, but it was by no means the primary reason. – Nieman Lab
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COVID Killed Quite A Few Dance Companies, And The Survivors Are Scared

As dance companies are returning to the stage, the ghosts of those that no longer exist haunt the field. … Dance advocates see the vanished organizations as troubling signs that the art form, routinely under financial stress, may be shrinking, its structures drastically changing. – MSN (The Washington Post)
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When Rudy Giuliani Tried To Shut Down The Brooklyn Museum

In a new memoir, Arnold Lehman, who was director of the museum at the time, looks back at the culture-war media circus that broke out over the 1999 exhibition Sensation, and especially over Chris Ofili’s painting The Holy Virgin Mary. – ARTnews
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‘True genius’ of Fragonard revealed after restoration of The Swing

Rococo painting to go back on show at Wallace Collection with greater depth and detailA complex and delicate conservation process on one of the most celebrated paintings in French art history has revealed fresh vibrancy and detail that shows the artist’s “true genius”.Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Swing, created in 1767, was considered by many contemporaries as highly risqué for its depiction of a young woman revealing a glimpse of her undergarments from her perch in a verdant garden. Continue rea...
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Seven Rules For The Culture Wars

In culture wars, both sides like to refer to self-evident sources of ‘the truth’ – such that ‘every sensible person must surely be able to recognize’. But… the formerly reliable solid ground is being replaced by quicksand. – Eurozine
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“Utterly Astounding”: Well-Preserved Roman Statues Found On Route Of Britain’s Planned High-Speed Railway

“Statues of a Roman man, woman and child have been uncovered by archaeologists at an abandoned medieval church on the route of the HS2 high-speed railway.” – The Guardian
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NBCUniversal Loses Half A Billion Dollars On Its New Streaming Service

“Comcast on Thursday reported $230 million in revenue and a $520 million adjusted loss related to NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock in its third-quarter earnings report. That compared to $41 million in revenue and an adjusted loss of $233 million in the comparable year-ago period.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Off-Broadway’s Leading Awards Eliminate Gender From Acting Categories

The Lucille Lortel Awards will honor outstanding lead performer and outstanding supporting performer in a musical and in a play, thus cutting the number of acting awards almost in half (a single category is being added for outstanding ensemble). – The Hollywood Reporter
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The Behemoth Of Broadway Licensing Companies May Be Up For Sale

You may not know of Concord Theatricals, but over the past five years, it has bought up Samuel French, Tams-Whitmark Music Library, and the rights to license the shows of Rodgers & Hammerstein and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Its majority owner — for now — is Michigan’s state pension fund. – Forbes
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In praise of working girls

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review an off-Broadway revival of Mrs. Warren’s Profession and a Broadway revival of Caroline, or Change. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Time was when George Bernard Shaw’s effervescent comedies of ideas were seen on Broadway with fair regularity, but those days are long past. All the more reason, then, to praise David Staller, the artistic director of Project Shaw, a long-running series of semi-staged concert readings of the playwright’s 60-odd shows. In add...
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Horror GIFs

The Horror GIF Necronomicon may not contain every spooky GIF the 1990s had to offer, but it's certainly got the best of them.
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Franz Kafka drawings reveal ‘sunny’ side to bleak Bohemian novelist

Surreal drawings by author of The Trial – which he demanded be burnt after his death – to be publishedStricken with self-doubt, paranoia and existential despair, the writings of Franz Kafka have taken generations of readers on what the author called “the descent into the cold abyss of oneself”.A trove of 150 drawings, retrieved from a Swiss bank vault in 2019 after years of legal wrangling and presented to the public for the first time on Thursday, offers a more cheerful interpretation of the te...
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