Jazz Autumn: Returns, galas and even awards

If all “jazz” shares a single trait, it’s that nothing will stifle it. Adjusting to covid-19 Ari Brown greets fan at Hyde Park Jazz Festival; photo by Michael Jackson for Chicago Reader strictures, Chicago (just for instance) in the past two months has been site of: A stellar Hyde Park Jazz Festival; Herbie Hancock’s homecoming concert at Symphony Center; audiences happily (for the most part – no reported incidents otherwise) observing appropriate covid restrictions in intimate venue...
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How The Humanities Make Better Thinkers

Henry Adams once wrote that “nothing in education is more astonishing than the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.” Literature shows us how to animate facts, and still more how to make them cooperate, to work and dance together toward revelation. – The American Scholar
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Ai Wei Wei On Being Ai Wei Wei

Ai’s trajectory is impossible to understand without knowing about his late father, Ai Qing. Regarded as one of China’s greatest poets, Ai Qing was a leftwing hero, having been imprisoned in 1932 for his links to communism. – The Guardian
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The Dance That Didn’t Get Made During Lockdown (Sorta)

Choreographer Madeline Hollander has brought together New York City dancers, from big and small companies and from Broadway shows, and given them a task: to perform choreography that was canceled or postponed during the pandemic. – The New York Times
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Whitney Houston Is Back. Singing! Dancing! Are These DeepFake Holograms Creepy Or Cool?

The show in many ways shatters the norms of techno-illusion. A two-minute deep fake is one thing. The dead dancing for us is another. – Washington Post
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K-Pop Is Big. So It’s Getting Its Own 20,000-seat Arena

Backed by CJ Live City, a subsidiary of Korean entertainment conglomerate CJ ENM, the venue is designed for mega-scale concerts with 20,000 indoor seats, and capacity for a further 40,000 outdoors. It is scheduled to open in 2024. – Variety
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Can This New Movie Pass Save Art House Theatres?

Mubi, which caters to cinephiles seeking an eclectic mix of films, has begun offering a membership program: A well-stocked streaming service that movie lovers can flip on from home, bundled with a weekly ticket they can use to go see a handpicked film at their favorite theater. – The New York Times
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Do Buildings Have “Moral Purpose”? Jacques Herzog Thinks Not

“They do congresses and symposia and they speak about this and that. I have to say that I have huge doubts. Architecture is the art of facts. You do a building or you don’t, and if you do a building, do it right. We shouldn’t have a moralistic standpoint.” – The Observer
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Soprano Designs A Better Mask For Singers

What was wrong with ordinary masks? “They were really close to the lips and you would breathe in and you would suck the fabric right into your mouth. You would open [your mouth] wide to make a tall vowel and the mask would pop off,” she said. – CBC
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We Need A New Way Of Studying Literature

“There is no such thing as an individual work in literature.” The work is always part of a “system of literature,” in which the arts are interrelated. Indeed, “[i]f a literary work is torn from the context of one literary system and moved to another, it will take on a different coloring. – LA Review of Books
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10 Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2022

When writing an interior design blog it would be best that you constantly look for inspiration on ways to make your blog attractive to your readers. There are a couple of blogs that could provide you some ideas you could incorporate in your blog. D’KOR HOME Interior Design Blog Created by Dallas Interior Designer, Dee Frazier Interiors, this blog lets you take a closer look at common interior trends in Dallas luxurious homes. The blog showcases content that will give you ide...
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Architect Quits Over Dismal Mega-Dorm Project

The dorm, on the UC Santa Barbara campus would be an “11-story, 1.68 million-square-foot building with just two entrances. The massive dorm would house 4,500 students, 94 percent of whom would not have windows in their compact single-occupancy bedrooms.” – Washington Post
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Why “Star Trek” Has stood The Test Of Time

From the beginning it had a mission, not just to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no earthlings had gone before, but to model a future for its audience that was a little ahead of its time. – Los Angeles Times
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The Golden Globes Want To Present Awards Again. Hollywood Takes A Pass

Despite the public silence, according to those involved in the response discussions, there is a broad “consensus” across the entertainment industry to withhold submissions for the planned upcoming Globes. – Los Angeles Times
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The 1619 Project Debate Is Still Roiling The Historian World

As an interpretation not only of the founding moment but of the whole of U.S. history the project involved major scholarship. Yet it didn’t emerge from the usual processes for developing historical interpretations. It wasn’t slow, careful, academically curated, peer-reviewed, and opaque to public scrutiny. – Slate
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Mark Gatiss: ‘I’m currently very, very ashamed of being English’

The former League of Gentlemen star on his love of low-budget British spinechillers, his loathing of Brexit and a slew of projects opening this winterMark Gatiss scans the breakfast menu at an east London restaurant with a famished eye. We’re at the hinge moment between the nightlife of an A-lister, who attended the James Bond premiere the previous evening, and the day job as an actor who, by his own account, could only land a role he had wanted all his life by writing the play himself. “It was ...
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Will Workers Return To The Office? This Expert Says No

My prediction? Absolutely not. If companies make employees who can do their jobs at home go into the office, it will be harder for them to hire, and other companies will benefit. – Washington Post
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Intact Ancient Roman Busts Found During UK Train Excavation

In a small village in southeast England, at an abandoned medieval church along a high-speed railway, archaeologists have made what they call an “astonishing” discovery: complete Roman busts of a man and a woman, as well as another statue of the head of a child. – Washington Post
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Old Movies Have Never Been So Available. So Why Are We Worried?

There was a time when you couldn’t see even towering classics, other than at the odd repertory showing. Now, those films are just a click away. But will a cinephilic culture continue to surround them? And if it does, does it matter if that culture continues to shrink as long as it’s enthusiastic? – IndieWire
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How I Reframed The Dentist’s Drilling Into Music

Perhaps as a coping mechanism… I trained myself to turn my dental saga into a cycle of musical encounters, and to revise my role as a patient in the recliner into that of a captive audience. – Washington Post
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A Critique Of Modern Progressivism?

Modern progressivism is in danger of becoming dominated by a relatively small group of people who went to the same colleges, live in the same neighborhoods and have trouble seeing beyond their subculture’s point of view. – The New York Times
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