William Burroughs Reminds Us ‘The Rulers of This Most Insecure of All Worlds Are Rulers By Accident, Inept Frightened Pilots’

‘Not one man rule or rule of aristocracy or plutocracy but a small group elevated to posessio​n​s of power by ra​n​dom pr​e​ssures and subject to political and economic factors that leave ​l​ittl​e​ room for decisions. They​ a​re representatives of abstract forces that reach power through surrender of self.   Click the image to see the video by Burroughs & John Cale. The iron​-willed dictator is a thing of the past. There will be no more ​S​talins no more ​H​itlers. The rulers of this...
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The Secrets In Van Gogh’s Olive Trees

It helps to see his paintings near each other, but it’s not just viewing that’s useful; the knowledge comes from a “years-long, collaborative conservation and scientific research project” between the Dallas Museum of Art and the Van Gogh Museum. – Hyperallergic
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iSing Seeks Executive Director

iSing Silicon Valley, an internationally recognized choral organization that serves more than 300 girls who love to sing, welcomes nominations and applications for the newly created position of Executive Director. The Organization Founded in 2013 by Artistic Directors Jennah Delp Somers and Shane Troll, iSing serves a diverse population of more than 300 girls in first to twelfth grades, guiding them to discover the power of their voices as they reach fo...
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Before Time Began And We Were Free

The whole symbolic apparatus of cultural evolution aimed to make freedom—which they define as the freedom to move, the freedom to disobey orders, and the freedom to imagine less hierarchical ways of organizing ourselves—seem archaic and perilous. – The New Yorker
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The Essential Philosophical Question: Have Philosophers Lost Their Way?

Today, few philosophers believe philosophy is a way of life, let alone the fullest and most complete way of life. Or if they do believe it, they won’t admit it in public. – 3 Quarks Daily
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What Architects Want Out Of The Climate Change Conference

Leading architecture and design figures attending the summit expressed concerns that the built environment is not being talked about enough, as well as calling for clear, achievable targets to bring down greenhouse gas emissions. – Dezeen
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Should Docents Be Canceled? My Contrarian Take on the Controversy

As an art critic, I frequently attend press previews (or I did, pre-pandemic), which grant journalist/critics the privilege of
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Study: More Diversity on Screen Boosts Viewership

The study found that ratings and social media engagement for most groups, including white audiences, peaked for shows that featured casts that were at least 31% minority, while viewership among adults between the ages of 18 and 49 often peaked when a show had a majority minority cast.  – Time
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What To Make Of The Montreal Symphony’s New Music Director?

As a successor to Dutoit and Nagano, Payare seems a bit slight. He’s a largely unknown quantity in the music world. The orchestras he’s led—Belfast, San Diego—are fine bands, but you don’t build a global reputation in such outposts. To the OSM, this was actually part of the appeal. – MacLean’s
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A Hard Truth? Democracies Aren’t Up To Big Challenges Like Climate Change

 The common theme in all these accounts is that the public are not to be trusted – they do not understand, or care; they are too selfish, or too shortsighted. Better to let the experts decide. – The Guardian
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The Artistic Influences That Made Paul McCartney

The context in which McCartney was exposed to both King Lear and Edward Lear is vital to an understanding of his achievement. – The Guardian
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Art (And Artists) Are Fleeing The Taliban

There has been a concerted campaign to remove artworks from all aspects of life, in an attempt to make society more Islamic, the Taliban have said. In doing so, the group is erasing two decades of craftsmanship that blossomed after the collapse of its first government in 2001. – The New York Times
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A Book That Promises To Challenge Everything We Think We Know About Human History

“There’s a whole new picture of the human past and human possibility that seems to be coming into view. And it really doesn’t resemble in the slightest these very entrenched stories going around and around.” – The New York Times
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The Artist Who Brought Day Of The Dead Into Focus For The United States

No, today isn’t “Mexican Halloween.” Just ask artist Ofelia Esparza. “At its core, the tradition is a pitched battle. Forgetting, Esparza said, is what Day of the Dead is fighting.” – Los Angeles Times
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Why The Aspen Ideas Festival Is A Bad One (Idea, That Is)

If we’re to have ideas, let’s have fewer ideas, better ideas, and ideas more likely to annoy the sort of people who bankroll Ideas conferences. – The New Republic
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Who Said Tech Had To Look So Bland?

“I’m tired of tech that caters to the heterosexual, cisgender, male, white, wealthy masses. I’m tired of AirSpace, of minimalism, of bland beige tones. … Where is the bold, bright tech that allows me to be unapologetically myself?” – Wired
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What Happens When Everyone Is Literally Writing The Same Book?

As one might suspect, one author says that “when we learned of one another’s existence, it felt a little awkward.” – The New York Times
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As Lockdown Ends In Australia, Artists Are In Desperate Straits

A Melbourne gallery director says that along with years of massively shrinking arts funding, “the pandemic lockdowns left the industry on its knees. … ‘We have lost a generation of artists’ work,’ he says.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Power – And Virtue – Of Hateful Characters

Oh, it’s a joy to hate the Roys on Succession. How refreshing! “Likeability is an odd requirement, as well as a sterile and stifling one. … Unpunished, remorseless wickedness—like the Roys’—is becoming a no-no.” – The Economist
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Horror Helps Us Deal With The All Too Real Experience Of Loved Ones’ Deaths

Not to mention our own. “In horror, there is no ultimate triumph at the end. Even if the characters survive or defeat the monster, there’s no going back to the people they once were. That’s what grief feels like.” – LitHub
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The Word Of The Year 2021 Is Vax

So says Oxford Languages, publisher of The Oxford English Dictionary. “‘All these other vaccine words increased, but nothing like vax,’ said Fiona McPherson, a senior editor for new words. … ‘It’s a short, punchy, attention-grabbing word.'” – The New York Times
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Tracey Emin Says She’s Been Mischaracterized, And Her Art Overlooked

The artist, who shot to fame with the work Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995, says she’s been characterized as a narcissist, and that has made critics overlook how serious her art is. – The Guardian (UK)
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The People Who Want To Ban Toni Morrison’s Beloved Have One Thing Right

One expert on challenged books: “Beloved is an extremely violent book, it’s absolutely true. But that is the point of the book. This mother [who wants Beloved banned]? She’s absolutely right—it’s extremely difficult to read. It gets stuck in your head.” – Slate
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Dance Is Under Serious Threat In British Schools

The pandemic hurt a lot, but “nearly two-thirds of dance educators said teaching had become more difficult in recent years, while half of teachers said external pressure for students to take traditionally academic subjects was the key reason for dance’s decline.” – The Stage (UK)
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The Choreographers Making Utopian Films In Minneapolis

One choreographer – a former econ major at Macalester College – says, “If I walk out of here in downtown Minneapolis, I don’t know what will happen to me. Will I be stopped? With Atlantis, my power is beyond what I see. It’s the idea of conquering death.” – Sahan Journal
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Can Afghan Art Survive The Taliban?

Hundreds, perhaps more, of artists of all cultural areas have fled. One artist, whose murals have been whitewashed: “The future of art and culture seems bleak. … It is not possible for the Taliban to live with art.” – The New York Times
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It Wasn’t Just Gertrude Stein And Alice Toklas, And A Prizewinning Book Knows That

No Modernism Without Lesbians is the title of Diana Souhami’s most recent book – and the “hugely enjoyable” history of queer women like Stein, Toklas, Natalie Barney, and Sylvia Beach has won an LGBTQ-specific prize in Britain. – The Guardian (UK)
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There’s An Explanation For Why Some People Loathe Specific Celebrities

Honestly, you might think, who cares about James Corden or Nicki Minaj? Some people really care, and frankly, it’s a little scary. “Fan culture, of course, goes back hundreds of years – but mass media has warped the obsession into something much larger.” – USA Today
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Petrit Halilaj: ‘I started to live with fear on a daily basis’

The artist was 12 when the Kosovo war destroyed his home, but a chance meeting in a refugee camp led him to document a child’s-eye view of the conflictPetrit Halilaj was 12 years old when Serbian troops moved into his Kosovar village, forcing his family to flee and then burning their house to the ground. Piling as much as they could on to a tractor, they took off for his grandfather’s home. When that was also invaded they moved again, flitting from refuge to refuge until they arrived at a camp i...
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‘This is the age of waste’: the show about our throwaway addiction and how to cure it

It is now 100 times more lucrative to mine gold from e-dumps than from the ground. Yet 70 years ago, we barely threw anything away at all. Can design change our disposable culture?How will this age be remembered? After the stone age, the bronze age, the steam age and the information age, what material or innovation will most define the current era? According to a new exhibition at the Design Museum, the most ubiquitous hallmark of the Anthropocene is not a gamechanging material, nor the mastery ...
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