The Amarillo Symphony seeks Executive Director

The Amarillo Symphony invites applications and nominations for the position of Executive Director, available in early 2022. About the Amarillo Symphony The Amarillo Symphony, located in West Texas at the gateway to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2024. The Orchestra’s early history is a testament to the dedication of area musicians and civic leaders and their efforts to share symphonic music with the audiences...
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Director of Rentals and Patron Services

Position Title Director of Rentals and Patron ServicesDepartment Grand Opera HouseDivision General UniversityVacancy Number 22-213Work Location Macon, GAJob Type Full-timeJob Category Staff Responsibilities The Grand Opera House is a 115 year old historic theatre, proud to be one of the anchors of the revitalization of downtown Macon, GA, a storied city with a rich musical heritage 75 miles south of Atlanta. Macon is the hometown of legendary artists like Little Richard, Otis Redding, T...
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Milwaukee Ballet – Executive Director

Organization Founded in 1970, Milwaukee Ballet has grown to become the leading ballet company in the state of Wisconsin and one the country’s most admired. Its mission is to transform lives and connect communities through inspiring dance, community engagement, education, and training. Renowned for delighting audiences with a rich mix of full-length classical ballets alongside exciting contemporary works, the company of 25 dancers offers performances each season at the 2,200-seat Marcus Perfo...
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How Korea Became A Major Cultural Exporter

Once streaming services like Netflix tore down geographical barriers, the creators say, the country transformed from a consumer of Western culture into an entertainment juggernaut and major cultural exporter in its own right. – The New York Times
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The Cultural Revisionism Industry

Over the past few years, a certain genre of media has found opportunity in debunking false conceptions of the semi-recent past and meditating on the cultural factors which contributed to their initial spread. – Gawker
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Jazz Guitarist Pat Martino, 77 — Overcame Amnesia To Perform Again

In 1980, brain surgery left him with no memory, but he painstakingly relearned the instrument, and his own past, and went on to three more decades of innovative musicianship. – The New York Times
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DC City Council Approves Two New Arts Commission Members Over Objections Of Its Chairman

The controversy comes as the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities has dramatically reshaped its policies to focus on diversity and equity and to broaden its reach to serve the entire city. Its $38.4 million budget is one of the nation’s largest. – Washington Post
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This Year’s Booker Prize Winner:

Booker judges pronounced Damon Galgut the winner, praising his novel for its “unusual narrative style that balances Faulknerian exuberance with Nabokovian precision, pushes boundaries, and is a testament to the flourishing of the novel in the 21st century.” – The New York Times
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Inigo Philbrick, “The Bernie Madoff Of Art Dealers”, Will Plead Guilty To Fraud

In 2020 he was indicted on multiple charges of wire fraud and identity theft and fled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, where he was ultimately arrested; deemed a flight risk, he’s been in custody in New York ever since. – Artnet
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What Do Hybrid Performances Look Like After COVID?

It may be counterintuitive, but the consensus view is the best way to produce the emotional intensity of a live performance is to create programming distinctly different from the work being done onstage. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Mark-Anthony Turnage Writes Music For A Soccer Match

Granted, this isn’t just any match: it’s the still-legendary 1989 English Premier League championship in which the London team Arsenal pulled off a dramatic last-minute win against Liverpool. Here the composer writes about how the unusual project came about. – The Guardian
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Rehabilitating Chuck Close

Where Close’s work ultimately lands in the canon of American art will serve as the art world’s first test case for how an artist who faced sexual harassment allegations in life will be remembered in death. – Artnet
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JackTrip: Solving The Internet’s Latency Problem For Musicians?

“We now have 60,000 users and we just hit the 100,000-hour mark of people making music on our platform. We’re excited to be a part of solving this problem.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
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After 80 Years, The “City Of Arts” Diego Rivera Dreamed Of Is Open

“The 13-building complex opened this weekend (in Mexico City) with around 64,600 square feet of gardens, workshops, and performance and exhibition spaces.” Amazingly, the six-year project was completed for less than $1 million. – ARTnews
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Orchestras Continue Progress On Diversity During COVID

With racial sensitivities heightened since the 2020 murder of George Floyd, classical music groups nationwide have increasingly highlighted BIPOC performers and composers. – Dallas Morning News
Tags: Art, Music, Dallas, BIPOC, George Floyd

Not Your Grandfather’s Native American Dance Troupe

“When Indigenous Enterprise appeared on World of Dance, Kenneth Shirley described the group’s style as ‘Native American with a little bit of hip-hop.’ And the influence of hip-hop is discernible in footwork and bounce, but most of all in attitude.” – The New York Times
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Google wants caterpillars, birds, and bees to attract the next generation of workers to its $2 billion 'biophilic' NYC office

COOKFOX Architects Google is expanding its New York City presence with the $2.1 billion purchase of St. John's Terminal. The 'biophilic' office has welcomed birds, bees, and a "resident praying mantis" to the space. Its green layout is all about the "recruitment and retention of talent," the office's architect told FT. Google is redefining office perks from nap pods to birds, bees, caterpillars, and a "resident praying mantis," according to a Tuesday report by the Financia...
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“Internet Culture” Reporting Is Technology Reporting (So Let’s Call It That, Okay?)

Taylor Lorenz: “Why aren’t internet culture writers, who are primarily women and people of color, seen simply as technology or culture reporters? And do we really need the word ‘internet’ or ‘digital’ in front of things in the year 2021?” – Mirror
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Tomb Of Chief Official To Pharaoh Ramses II Uncovered

The 3,200-year-old monument was the burial place of Ptah-M-Wia, who was treasurer and chief scribe to Ramses the Great. It’s one of many impressive discoveries made over the past few years in Saqqara, an ancient necropolis south of present-day Cairo. – Smithsonian Magazine
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What Happened To Tony Soprano In The End? “Sopranos” Showrunner David Chase Finally ‘Fesses Up

Okay, it’s not really a surprise, but we finally get confirmation from the guy who made the decision, along with his feelings about the brouhaha around the show’s finale, what led him to make the prequel, and how he feels about film versus TV. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Mark Zuckerberg As Cultural Director Of The Internet? Er…

Though the term “metaverse” suggests a fully articulated sci-fi realm, Zuckerberg is using it to glamorize a network of virtual and augmented reality apps and gear, like headsets. – The New York Times
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Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Opens Its Brand-New Building

Chris Jones: “Contrary to the way it has sometimes been reported, Steppenwolf has not added a theater to its portfolio so much as replaced an inadequate one with a superior facility in a different configuration.” – MSN (Chicago Tribune)
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Middle East’s Leading English-Language Newspaper Shuts Down

The Daily Star was founded in Beirut in 1952 and relaunched in 1996, after Lebanon’s 1975-90 civil war. Having struggled financially for years, it published its last print edition in February 2020 and is ending online operations amid Lebanon’s worst economic crisis since independence. – AP
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By 2100, Venice Could Crumble Into The Sea, Warn Scientists

The European Geosciences Union reports that sea levels could rise three feet by the end of the century — and that’s before the seasonal high tides that flood the city every year. What’s more, salt from sea water is eating the foundations of Venice’s buildings. – The Hill
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One Of The World’s Largest Ancient Mosaics Restored and Unveiled In Jericho

The tiled floor in Hisham’s Palace in the West Bank city dates back to the 8th century and covers nearly 900 square feet. – Al Jazeera
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Doing Art

As part of Engaging Matters’ 10th Anniversary, we are highlighting important and/or popular posts from the past. In reviewing such posts it became clear that many were grouped thematically. As a result, this Anniversary series will, for the most part, present the theme with links to relevant posts rather than simply re-posting individual items. Over the last few years I have developed an increasing awareness of the critical importance of broad-based participation in the arts to the futur...
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What are the elements in your iPhone, Starbucks cup and bike? Visualized

The Dutch duo Studio Drift’s multipart show at the Shed in New York, Fragile Future, deconstructs the materials of daily lifeWhat happens if you reverse engineer the raw materials of everyday objects such as an iPhone, a Starbucks cup or a bicycle? Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of the Dutch art collective Studio Drift attempted to find out by stripping back the elements and depicting them proportionately in cubes and prisms.Titled Materialism, their show at the New York event space the Shed as...
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