The Metropolitan Museum’s Fugitive Works on Paper: Easy Come, Easy Go

A mystifying missive hit my inbox last week, announcing that the Metropolitan Museum had recently acquired “more than 700
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Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra – General Manager

Reporting to the Executive Director and serving as an integral member of the senior management team, the General Manager will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for production, education, and community engagement functions. The successful General Manager is an experienced relationship-builder who ensures the smooth operations of all the orchestra’s activities, facilitating communication with the Music Director, artistic partners, musicians, venues, community partners,...
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Interim Administrative Officer

Theatre Bay Area, one of the largest regional performing arts service organizations in the nation,seeks an enthusiastic applicant to join its management team on an interim basis for nine monthsduring its leadership transition. The position will report to the organization’s Executive Director and work closely with other members of the TBA staff. This position is responsible for the day-today stewardship of the organization’s administrative activities. This position will play a lead role in cr...
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Chicago Dancemakers Forum Seeks Executive Director

Chicago Dancemakers Forum seeks a leader to ensure the fullest expression of its mission and the consistent achievement of its financial objectives. The Executive Director is responsible for all organizational strategy and planning (Strategic, Programming, Fundraising, Financial, and Marketing), as well as oversight of all day-to-day business. Salary/Benefits: $75K-80K with maximum allowable HSA contribution. Chicago Dancemakers Forum catalyzes the growth and artistic fulfillmen...
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Textile Museum of Canada – Director and CEO

Organization The Textile Museum of Canada (Textile Museum) is the only national museum, and one of eight worldwide, exclusively devoted to the collection, exhibition, and documentation of global textiles. Based in Toronto for more than 45 years, the award-winning Textile Museum explores local, national, and international social and cultural histories through the medium of textiles and how they inform contemporary art, craft, design, and human histories. It serves as a national cultural insti...
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Development Manager – New Hazlett Theater

DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Passionate about the arts in our community? Looking to make a change and a difference? We’re looking for someone like you. Our Development Manager will help us substantially grow the New Hazlett Theater’s budget. The Development Manager is responsible for researching new foundation prospects, grant writing, funder reports, corporate sponsorships, and individual donor research, cultivation, and tracking. New Hazlett employees must embrace the theater’s mission and its g...
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H C Smith Ltd is pleased to represent the Madison Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (MSO), one of America’s leading regional orchestras, in its search for a new Executive Director. Under the leadership of Grammy-winning Music Director John DeMain (hailed as “a gifted orchestra builder” by The New York Times), the Symphony is in its 95th season, and enriches the cultural and educational environment of Madison and the surrounding area with excellent performances of the great masterworks and top-tier guest ...
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Royal British Columbia Museum To Close Indigenous Galleries, “Decolonize”

The Becoming B.C. gallery, which focuses on the story of European settlement in B.C. and has been widely criticized for pushing a colonial narrative, will be the first to close. – CBC
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Edinburgh Fringe Once Again Feeds The West End

There remained no shortage of quality work presented at the fringe, but its own aesthetic had changed over this time, contributing to making it feel less conducive for West End and commercial productions. – The Stage
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The Impossibility Of Translating

To put it less politely, translation is a bitch. – Granta
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Why “Mistakes” In Language Are Actually Progress

Someone in my line of work hears around him a linguistic feast, where many just hear the English language going to the dogs. – The New York Times
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Why Museums Should Cut Down On The Art In Storage

Museums should downsize storage for commercial, environmental, social and ethical reasons. Post-pandemic with their revenues ravaged, they need to take a hard look at the fixed and hidden costs of storage and weigh it against its academic objectives. – Hyperallergic
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Fun web app for doodling inspired by its creator's elementary school doodling "rules"

Boing Boing contributor and esteemed author Clive Thompson created a delightful Web app for doodling. The design of the "Right-Angle Doodling Machine" was inspired by a curious set of rules that Clive followed when doodling in elementary school. Try it below! — Read the rest
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The Art World’s Most Wanted Criminal (No, Not Inigo Philbrick)

“Not so long ago, Christian Rosa was a buzzy young artist on the rise. Now he’s facing a series of charges related to alleged forgeries and on the run from the FBI. How did it come to this?” – Vanity Fair
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Hyundai Teases the Ioniq SEVEN Concept

Hyundai Motor Company has revealed teaser images of the Ioniq SEVEN, an all-electric SUV concept scheduled to debut at AutoMobility Los Angeles later this month. The model is supposed to preview the automaker’s future design and technology innovation as it transitions toward electric vehicles, potentially previewing the upcoming sport utility vehicle to be added to the […] The post Hyundai Teases the Ioniq SEVEN Concept appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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A Reason To Invest In The Arts In The South?

A recent study found that a person living in the South received only $4.21 in arts and culture funding from philanthropy, compared to the national average of $8.60 per person. If you’re reading this in New York or Boston, know that Northeasterners receive about $16. – Artnet
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Paul Valéry Reminds Us ‘A Poem Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned’

I’ve been writing “deformed sonnets” since 2015 or so. They’ve been published in chapbooks by Cold Turkey Press in France and by Moloko Print and Peter Engstler Verlag in Germany; by Fabrikzeitung in Switzerland and by IT: International Times, the Magazine of Resistance in the United Kingdom; on this blog and elsewhere. “A poem is never finished, only abandoned,” Paul Valéry once said. Mine have never been finished either. And so . . . an updated, revised, and expanded paperback collection is d...
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How Shondaland Became An Empire

In Shonda Rhimes’ renewed pact, the bullet points specify that Shondaland will now be, as Rhimes puts it, a “one-stop shopping” source for Netflix for movies as well as a wide variety of other types of content. – Variety
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What’s The Secret Of Poetry’s Power? It’s The Rhythm, Baby

“Poems meet the raw needs of our most vulnerable inner selves in a disarmingly primal way, using a simple tool no other sort of language mobilises in quite the same manner: predictable, physical, rhythmical repetition. Poetry chants and incants; it excites and lulls.” – Psyche
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How Did 21st-Century TV Comedy Get So Dark?

“BoJack Horseman, Fleabag, Veep, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are among the comedies that have left the traditional sitcom form in the dust. … The laughs come with much higher emotional stakes, often juxtaposed with grief, shame, addiction, … and questions about the very meaning of life.” – BBC
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A First: Big Museum Opens Its Entire Collection To Visitors

Normally, only some six to ten percent of collections at major museums around the world, the rest kept in closed storage depots. That will now change for the Rotterdam institution — and visitors will even able to watch works being restored. – NDTV
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A LinkedIn-Style Platform Built Specially For Casting Dancers

“Choreographer Amy Gardner used to consistently run into the same problem: When jobs popped up in different cities, whether for Nick Jonas or Neiman Marcus, finding dancers wasn’t easy, and casting was slowing down her momentum.” So she started Dance Hypha. – Dance Magazine
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Listen to Allan Kaprow on "How to Make a Happening"

In 1966, Allan Kaprow released his lecture on How to Make a Happening as a vinyl LP. Kazprow was a pioneer of performance art, and in the late 1950's and 1960's he helped introduce the concept of a "Happening." He created over 200 "Happenings," which were staged events that existed within the space between art and life. — Read the rest
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Now AI Is Formulating Hypotheses Scientists Haven’t Thought Of

Creating hypotheses has long been a purely human domain. Now, though, scientists are beginning to ask machine learning to produce original insights. They are designing neural networks that suggest new hypotheses based on patterns the networks find in data. – Scientific American
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Say the Name: Nunzio

My grandfather had a baby brother named Nunzio. I could post a photo of him in his 90s, dazed expression, full head of cropped white hair, but I don’t have permission to use it. “Nunzio” sounds sexy, no? nOON-zee-oh, not mechanical, like TAHJH-e-oh, although Rufus — his Canadian name has a “woof” — made his “Grey Gardens” sung Tadzio warm and confectionary, a wistful vanilla-cream. I can see my mouth opening to say “Nunzio” for the first time. Did I do it right? Nunzio Ciraldo was born in the...
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Museums, Libraries, and Community Impact – It’s Not (Just) the Economy

In an era when questions of economic impact threaten to monopolize public discourse about the value of arts and culture, it is refreshing to see a new report from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in which the authors state, without apology: “The vast majority of libraries and museums are not large employers and will never provide the muscle to significantly drive local economies….” Happily, there’s more. The sentence resumes: “…but [my emphasis] they are indispensable connec...
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Attendance At US History Museums Was Down By More Than Two-Thirds Last Year

“This (finding) contrasted (with) surveys in prior years, which indicated strong visitation growth for history museums — especially small, local ones.” – Hyperallergic
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Jazz Trumpeter Irvin Mayfield Sentenced To Prison For Stealing From Post-Katrina Charity

Mayfield, who became a symbol of the survival of New Orleans, and his business partner, pianist Ronald Markham, were given 18-month sentences for diverting $1.3 million to themselves from the New Orleans Public Library Foundation. – NPR
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Why Are AI Data Sets Disappearing From The Internet?

All together, about a dozen AI datasets vanished—hastily scrubbed by their creators after researchers, activists, and journalists exposed an array of problems with the data and the ways it was used, from privacy, to race and gender bias, to issues with human rights. – Slate
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Vandalism of LGBT artwork is hate crime, say Merseyside police

Posters in Liverpool were destroyed after going on display in Homotopia festival’s Queer the City exhibitionDetectives are investigating after two artworks, commissioned in response to a series of homophobic and transphobic attacks in Liverpool, were destroyed. Merseyside police said they are treating the incidents as hate crime.The artworks were vandalised within days of going on display as part of Homotopia festival’s Queer the City outdoor exhibition. Continue reading...
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