Organizing Your Books Can Feel Like Controlling Your Life

Of course, that might mean you need a new house. – The Guardian (UK)
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The Opera World Pays Tribute To RBG

And not just her love for opera, but her love for operatic style. “She did so much for our art form by speaking about it publicly and encouraging people to attend — we should all be incredibly grateful.” – The New York Times
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How Drug Trafficking Culture Came To Rule Style, Social Media, And Music

“The lives of buchonas, their flamboyant styles and their taste for plastic surgery are regularly chronicled in Spanish-language media outlets. Vloggers do roundups devoted to top buchonas. And internationally, people have adopted the style.” Then there’s the music. – Los Angeles Times
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A Naked Man Got Trapped In A Theatre’s Bathroom Walls

Sounds like a horror novel, but this was real. “The man got into a crawl space in the building. … He was in the hiding spot for two days before he fell into a space in the wall of the men’s bathroom and became trapped.” – Syracuse Post-Standard
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The Shortlisters For Canada’s Richest Literary Prize Talk About Their Writing Habits

The authors nominated for the Giller who have kids say they write whenever they can. Another: “COVID has helped me let go of a pernicious late capitalist drive which cast reading as unproductive leisure time, as opposed to an integral part of the writing process.” – CBC
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Storytelling Goes Academic, Or Maybe Academia Gets Cool, With Podcasts

Daniel Heath Justice’s “podcast, which will be peer-reviewed before its release—a first in North America—is part of a bold new take on research that treats new media as scholarship, defying the traditionally rigid informational hierarchies in academia.” – MacLean’s (Canada)
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Writers Need Editors, But Are Popular Grammar Checkers Worth It?

For $30 a month, maybe. But it lacks nuance, and can be “downright self-serving,” making suggestions, for instance, to call itself an “excellent” service instead of a “nice” one. Clever, but no. – FastCompany
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Knocking Down Statues Is A Worldwide Tradition

King George III in New York, the Buddhas in Afghanistan, a traitorous general in Virginia – “scrutinizing monumental statuary is an integral part of what open societies do as they reassess past values and seek new ones to guide their futures.” – Washington Post
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Julie Green, Artist Who Memorialized Death Row Inmates’ Final Meals, 60

Green “planned to paint the meals until capital punishment was abolished, or until she had made 1,000 plates, whichever came first. In September, she painted her 1,000th plate.” – The New York Times
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The Armorer For ‘Rust’ Was Set To Earn A Whopping 7,913 Dollars

That’s a normal budget for an indie, but it does bring home grim realities of the industry. “The producers of the movie Rust earmarked $650,000 to pay themselves, $7,913 to pay their armorer and $350,000 as a contingency in case anything went wrong.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Authors’ Guild Doubles Down On Support Of DOJ In Suit Against Merger

Boo from the Guild to the proposed Penguin Random House takeover of Simon & Schuster: “Consolidation doesn’t just stifle competition, it also makes acquisition editors less willing to take risks,” the Guild says. And that’s bad for consumers, er, readers. – Los Angeles Times
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Why So Many People Die In Concert Crowd Surges

The teens and adults who were killed in a crowd surge Friday night weren’t the first, and probably won’t be the last. “The music industry hasn’t learned anything. … These disasters highlight the problems that people face in places of public assembly.” – Washington Post
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After An Anti-Racism Review, Scottish Ballet Revamps Nutcracker

“Changes to characters, costumes and choreography will be made to ‘remove elements of caricature,'” especially from the Land of the Sweets. In addition, Drosselmeyer the magician will be played by both male and female dancers. – The Scotsman
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Princess Di Is Back In The Public Spotlight, But Why Now?

Not entirely clear, but “Diana’s posthumous framing as a rebel against the establishment with an undercurrent of feminine fragility resonates — even among those who weren’t old enough to witness her dancing to Uptown Girl … the first time around.” – Hyperallergic
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The incredible, freaky art of Anne van der Linden

Anne Van der Linden (1959-present)  is a French artist who makes some pretty amazing [NSFW] drawings. Her artwork is influenced by German expressionism, middle-age engravings, and underground cartoonists like Robert Crumb. I love her drawing style, and the way that her artwork has a similar quality to engravings. — Read the rest
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Smithsonian Moves To Return Benin Bronzes

The museum has become “the latest Western cultural institution — and one of the most prominent to date — to agree to explore returning items that were stolen in 1897 from Benin City, in what is now Nigeria.” – The New York Times
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England’s South West Region Gets A Big Boost From Bridgerton

The Netflix series revives the always-popular with Austenites tourism industry in Bath, but then there’s David Attenborough’s Our Planet and other productions that, said one mayor, “help put our area on the map.” – BBC
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The Work It Takes To Create A Compelling Memoir

Just ask Laura Davis: “After many failed attempts at story architecture, with the help of several editors, my brilliant coach … and 127 early readers, I ended up with a braided structure, moving the reader through time, keeping them guessing.” – Los Angeles Review of Books
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Brazilian Star Singer Marilia Mendonca, 26, Dies In A Plane Crash

Mendonça, Grammy winner and social media sensation, was killed in a small plane crash in Minas Gerais. “Her legions of fans found power in her song lyrics, which implored women to reject bad and abusive relationships.” – The New York Times
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A Parent Wants To Criminally Prosecute Librarians

During a tsunami of deeply virulent homophobic, racist protests against books, a parent in Kitsap County, Washington, has asked to prosecute librarians for having the graphic novel Gender Queer: A Memoir on high school shelves. – LitHub
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How ABBA Became Such Beloved Gay Icons

The group’s songs weren’t actually popular in gay clubs at the time – but then came the 1980s, when disco was supposedly “dead,” and a DJ with tape, a razor, and an accidental remix (not to mention an exclusive, gay-owned subscription remix service). – Los Angeles Times
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Ian McDiarmid: ‘As a kid, I always wanted to be the baddie’

The theatre and film actor on staging a pair of Julian Barnes stories, playing Emperor Palpatine, and finding peace in isolationIan McDiarmid, 77, has distinguished himself as a theatrical all-rounder. He made his name on stage as an actor of incisive authority and is internationally known as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars films. Between 1990 and 2002, he ran – with Jonathan Kent – the Almeida theatre in London with tremendous flair. He is touring a one-man show, The Lemon Table – his adapta...
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