The Washington Ballet seeks General Manager, The Washington Ballet School

The Washington Ballet welcomes applications and nominations for the position of General Manager of The Washington School of Ballet, available in early 2022. The Company The 2021-22 Season marks the 45th Anniversary of The Washington Ballet (TWB) and the fifth season led by the Company’s internationally acclaimed Artistic Director, Julie Kent. Deeply committed to the development of the dancer and the art form, Kent provides leadership, vision,...
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Diagnosis: What Would It Take To Make Victoria BC A Music Center?

Research was completed by an organization that specializes in analyzing local music scenes — Sound Diplomacy — which has come up with strategies for major music cities such as London, England and New Orleans. – CBC
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Broadway Box Office Rebounds

In all, the 30 productions had a combined paid attendance of 193,309, about 82% of total capacity. The previous week’s attendance was 78% of capacity. – Deadline
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How A Poem Can Change The World

By using things like imagery, metaphor, narrative and even white space, poetry has the power to make abstract or diffuse issues, like climate change, more real to readers. – The Conversation
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Why “Dark Ages” Is a Flawed Historical Narrative

“Powers and Thrones” reminds us why modern scholars cringe at any reference to the term “Dark Ages.” The idea that the early Middle Ages were an era of barbarism and ignorance is refuted by Dan Jones’s vast array of evidence to the contrary. – The New York Times
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Scottish Nightclub Tries To Harness Dancers’ Energy To Power Club

Glasgow nightclub SWG3 is set to trial technology that captures body heat from dancers to create renewable energy to heat up or to cool down the venue. – BBC
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Depression Isn’t Just A Low Mood. It’s an Altered State Of Consciosness

While depressed people are not literally in a different world, they are in a different state of consciousness – one they can become awake to and, hopefully, awake from. – Psyche
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Creating Personalized Audio News Streams By Algorithm Is Not (Yet) A Success

“Audio is hard, from both a publisher and a consumer perspective. … And if Google couldn’t figure out a way to assemble the sort of audio news packages that users want, that’s a decent sign that we have a lot more hard thinking left to do.” – Nieman Lab
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Reading Hannah Arendt Puts Me in Awe

In an essay about Isak Dinesen, whose fiction was closely drawn from her life, Arendt writes: Life may contain the “essence” (what else could?); recollection, the repetition in imagination, may decipher the essence and deliver to you the “elixir”; and eventually you may even be privileged to “make” something out of it “to compound the story.” But life itself is neither essence nor elixir, and if you treat it as such it will only play its tricks on you.” 
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Vatican Library Opens Its First Contemporary Art Space

The library’s first public exhibition space is meant to “support the culture of encounter,” according to librarian Cardinal José Tolentino de Mendonça. – Artnet
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Golden Age Hollywood Director John Farrow Had An Extraordinary Life. Why Have We Forgotten Him?

He was more than Mia’s father and Ronan’s grandfather. He ran away to become a sailor, he wrote a Tahitian-English-French dictionary; he pretended to be an Annapolis grad and a physician; he really did fight in Latin American rebellions. And he made 50 movies. – The Guardian
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Once Again Remembering the President of Soul

Someone on my staff of thousands took a look at this blogpost and demanded that I repost it. Obedient to her call, here ‘tiz: Ray Charles, who died [June 10, 2004], was never president of the U.S. of A. No state funeral for him. He was a different kind of president — “The Genius,” as many called him. For me, he was the unforgettable President of Soul. I still remember a show he did one snowy winter night in 1963 in a dingy old movie palace in downtown Syracuse, N.Y. The audience was sparse. B...
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How Dance Aspen Arose From The Ashes Of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

“Starting from scratch with no funding and with a global pandemic raging on, the group set a goal to raise $50,000 over the course of the summer. Instead, their first fundraiser exceeded this goal in one day.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Netflix Is Being Sued And Sued And Sued. The Nature Of Streaming May Change As A Result

Why is Netflix facing so many defamation lawsuits? It’s at least partially because of the nonfiction fare that is booming on the streamer. Following the huge success of 2015’s Making a Murderer, Netflix has been riding the true-crime bandwagon. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Yuval Noah Harari: How Stories Drive Humanity

Previously philosophy was a kind of luxury: You can indulge in it or not. Now you really need to answer crucial philosophical questions about what humanity is or the nature of the good in order to decide what to do with, for example, new biotechnologies. – The New York Times
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Most US Theatres Lost Money And Audience On Their Digital Projects During Lockdown (But That May Be OK)

A survey of top execs at 64 companies in 25 states found that, following an initial flurry of interest in the spring of 2020, the vast majority of theaters had disappointing viewership and revenue from their online presentations. Many think it was worthwhile nevertheless. – American Theatre
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After A Difficult Few Years, DC’s Mosaic Theater Gets A New Director And A New Start

One year ago, founding director Ari Roth was forced to resign after angry protests from staffers about his, er, management style. (It was the second job Roth lost within a decade over behavioral issues.) Roth’s successor is Reginald L. Douglas of the District’s Studio Theatre. – MSN (The Washington Post)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Roth, Ari Roth, Reginald L Douglas

Now We See Just How Hard An Act Alex Trebek Was To Follow

“Jeopardy‘s longtime host, Alex Trebek, passed away a year ago today. And in the 12 months since, it’s become increasingly clear just how challenging the balancing act he pulled off was.” – Variety
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Sculptor Leilah Babirye: ‘In Uganda you can be jailed for talking about gay issues’

Outed in Uganda’s virulently homophobic press, the artist and activist claimed asylum in New York. Now, her sculptures and paintings stand as monuments to the nation’s persecuted LGBTQ+ communityLeilah Babirye is describing what it’s like to go on a pride march in her native Uganda. “It never ends peacefully,” she says, laughing grimly. “It’s always police raids, everybody scattering.” The artist and LGBTQ+ activist made costumes for one event in 2012, including masks for friends too frightened ...
Tags: Art, New York, Africa, Society, Uganda, Culture, Brooklyn, Art and design, Sexuality, Sculpture, LGBT rights, Whitney, Leilah Babirye, Babirye

The Vinyl Crisis Is Getting Worse

There’s massive stress on the resurgent medium, and for Adele’s new album, producers ordered half a million LP discs. (Who could have predicted this in, say, 1990?) – FADER
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Why NPR Shouldn’t Take Facebook Money

Legitimate news organizations need to take a stand that goes beyond disclosure. Don’t just tell me that unethical companies are or were sponsors adjacent to news stories about them. Don’t take the tainted money in the first place. It’s wrong, and you get some of the bad vibes on you, too. – Current
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Is This Chinese Government Trying To Buy Hong Kong’s Major English-Language Newspaper?

Founded under British rule in 1903, the South China Morning Post has managed to stay more or less independent of Beijing. Now a state-owned company is reportedly considering acquiring the paper, though current owner Alibaba (China’s equivalent of Amazon) says it’s not for sale. – Al Jazeera (Bloomberg)
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Major Museum In DR Congo Partly Destroyed In Fire

The blaze at the National Museum of Gungu, about 400 miles southeast of Kinshasa, began late at night on November 4; an estimated one-third of the collection was destroyed. The museum’s director suspects arson. – ARTnews
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Boris Johnson’s Government Is Using Britain’s Cultural Institutions As Culture War Battlefields

Charlotte Higgins, The Guardian‘s chief arts writer, comments on how the current Tory administration is applying loyalty tests and generally interfering with every single decision and appointment it can make — and is doing so with remarkable shamelessness. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Britain, Boris Johnson, Issues, Charlotte Higgins

Newark Museum Of Art Is Becoming A Real Estate Developer

Plans are for the $85 million complex, to be called Museum Parc, to include two buildings containing 250 apartments (50 of them “affordable”), 2,400 square feet of retail space, a new restaurant and gift shop inside the existing museum, and a revamped sculpture garden. –
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‘We’re taking the man out of the myth’: the musical reclaiming Rumi from Instagram

A new stage production aims to tell the Sufi poet’s story beyond his aphorisms – and challenge assumptions about Islam and the Middle East in the processHe is everywhere and nowhere. The words of Jalal al-Din Rumi are found on sunset images pasted on Instagram and coffee mugs sold on Etsy; his poems have been featured in recordings from Madonna and Coldplay and he is reputed to be the bestselling poet in the US. Rumi’s observations and aphorisms on life may be endlessly cited – “You are not a dr...
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Grayson Perry on art, cats – and the meaning of life: ‘If you don’t have self doubt, you’re not trying hard enough’

The Turner winning artist takes a break from his live tour to answer readers’ questions on everything from class and gender identity to whether he can still make controversial artGrayson Perry hasn’t, he reports apologetically, dressed up specifically for our Zoom call, but for an event he will be attending afterwards. “I wanted to look like a lady who lunched,” says Perry, who is wearing mauve silk, bright red lipstick, giant specs and Thatcherite hair. Since winning the Turner prize in 2003, P...
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