Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG)is the recipient of a $100 million transitional gift to support the creation of a new building in downtown Vancouver. The Audain Foundation's gift is the largest single cash gift to a Canadian art gallery and comes at a time when the VAG is celebrating its 90th anniversary.  The new Vancouver Art Gallery at the Chan Centre for the Visual Arts will be located between Cambie and Beatty streets, with a front entrance on Georgia Street. It will include more than 80,000 ...
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Pucker Up: Skittish About the British at Metropolitan Museum’s Prints Stint

I paid a belated visit to the Metropolitan Museum’s Modern Times: British Prints, 1913–1939 on Monday, having already published
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  US citizens may not be able to visit Canada during COVID-19 due to the US-Canada border closure, but families on both sides of the border can tap into the Vancouver Art Gallery's Spring Into Art,  offered online from March 15-19, 2021. The daily online art making sessions are free, and workshops are led by Family Programs Coordinator Christina Jones and/or a local artist, who will share their artworks and demonstrate activities. Open to all ages and abilities.  MARCH 15 - 1PM | Amabie Postc...
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EMILY CARR: FRESH SEEING - French Modernism and the West Coast opens at Victoria's Royal BC Museum

Emily Carr, T’anuu ‘Llnagaay, Haida Gwaii. Carr painted T'anuu on her first trip to Haida Gwaii after her return from France. The Post-Impressionist influce may be seen in the cloud details.  Here is yet another reason why I'm missing my adventures in British Columbia and beyond during the global pandemic. Emily Carr: Fresh Seeing ~ French Modernism and the West Coast has opened at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. It's the last stop on the exhibition's cross-Canada tour, with the ad...
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Le Germain Hotel Montreal recently unveiled a major project collaboration with the MURAL Festival of Montreal, North America's largest urban art festival. The boutique hotel now displays a permanent mural on its front facade, designed by Canadian artist Michelle Hoogvelt.  Following its reopening after extensive renovations, Le Germain Hotel Montreal pursued its innovative relaunch by bringing an elegant touch to downtown Montreal. The initiative is part of the 2021 Mural Arts Program by the...
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As Broadway Reopens, Who Is Broadway For?

Representation absolutely matters. But ever since Broadway announced that so many Black plays would reopen its season, there has been a feeling of dread that if these plays don’t do well, there may not be opportunities for future artists. That pressure is unfair. – American Theatre
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Niall Ferguson: Why I’m Starting A New University

Those of us who were fortunate to be undergraduates in the 1980s remember the exhilarating combination of intellectual freedom and ambition to which all this gave rise. Yet, in the past decade, exhilaration has been replaced by suffocation. – Washington Post
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Ludovic Morlot Appointed To Lead Barcelona Orchestra

Morlot, born in Lyon in 1974, will replace Kazushi Ono. The contract with the OBC is for four years, with a minimum of eleven weeks of work with the orchestra each season, of which eight would be for seasonal concerts, two for recordings and one for festivals. – Ara Balears
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New Tarot deck celebrates history of UFOlogy

Here's a fun and exciting new Tarot deck: The UFOlogy Tarot, inspired by the history of UFOs. This artistic project is the brainchild of a group of occultured fine folks—graphic designer Miguel Romero, together with Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, David Metcalfe—who are at home within liminal worlds, fringe studies, and arcane knowledge. — Read the rest
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Cities Are Spreading Like Organisms

In a widely cited paper from 2007, on a number of common measures of innovation and wealth creation, cities deliver benefits that exceed what we would expect by a simple scaling up of the numbers of people involved, and at lower cost in terms of the infrastructure required. – Aeon
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London’s Barbican Center Commits To “Radical Transformation” After Investigation

The external review, which interviewed 35 people, identified “a lack of diversity in the organisation, an absence of confidence in HR systems and in the handling of complaints and in managers to deal with or take seriously concerns of racism”. – The Guardian
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Chinese Composers Are Making Western Classical Music Their Own

In fact, there have been composers in China writing for European instruments for over a century. Since the end of the Cultural Revolution, though, the country has produced several generations of accomplished composers — and developed an audience eager to hear new scores. – Prospect
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John Cleese Cancels Cambridge Union Appearance Over Speaker Blacklist

“I was looking forward to talking to students at the Cambridge Union this Friday, but I hear that someone there has been blacklisted for doing an impersonation of Hitler I regret that I did the same on a Monty Python show, so I am blacklisting myself before someone else does.” – The Telegraph (UK)
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How Can Today’s Piano Students Learn To Improvise? The Same Way They Did In The 18th Century

John Mortensen has made a thorough study of how music students in Baroque-era Naples were taught to improvise harmony and counterpoint, then a basic skill. And he’s seeing interest from present-day students who don’t want to play the same hundred pieces everyone else does. – Early Music America
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Musicians: Suffocating In The Gig Economy

Many musicians have watched, cringing, as the term “gig economy” has become a defining term of the national economic Zeitgeist. Not just because the word “gig” is our word—it originated with jazz musicians in the 1910s—but because, in a larger sense, we are the original gig workers. – Brooklyn Rail
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The Building Industry Helped Create The Climate Crisis. The National Building Museum Wants To Help Solve It.

“The construction industry is responsible for nearly 40 percent of global carbon emissions, and it must be part of the solution, says museum president and executive director Aileen Fuchs, … (who believes) the museum is the perfect space for hashing out solutions.” – MSN (The Washington Post)
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Portland’s Iconic Super Bookstore Faces Uncertainty

The latest plot twist has foreshadowed a potentially unhappy ending. Like the rest of Portland’s urban core — and like downtowns across the United States —Powell’s is contending with staggering uncertainty. – The New York Times
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Here’s The First State To Requires All High Schoolers To Take A Media Literacy Course

The Illinois legislature approved the rule this summer — almost entirely along party lines. Republicans seem to assume out-of-hand that the class will be anti-conservative; supporters say there’s no political agenda other than “giving students tools to develop their own BS detectors.” – Axios
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Study: Listening To Familiar Music Boosts Brain Function

“We have new brain-based evidence that autobiographically salient music -; that is, music that holds special meaning for a person, like the song they danced to at their wedding -; stimulates neural connectivity in ways that help maintain higher levels of functioning.” – News Medical
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Theatre Workers Aren’t Just Leaving Jobs, They’re Leaving Theatre

Theater salaries, even for full-time jobs, are so low so often that the weekly nationwide theater newsletter Nothing for the Group recently debuted a section called That’s Not a Living Wage. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Think There Aren’t Any Serous Female Magicians Or Jugglers? Let’s Make That Idea Disappear

Los Angeles magician Krystyn Lambert and puppeteer Pam Severn have launched a new variety show called “No Man’s Land” featuring circus artists, jugglers, ventriloquists, comics, and, of course, prestidigitators — the goal being “normalize female-dominated shows.” – MSN (Los Angeles Times)
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This Theatre Is Avoiding Founder’s Syndrome By Shutting Down When Its Founder Retires

First Folio Theatre, a small Equity company in the Chicago suburbs, will close when David Rice retires in 2024. He and his wife founded First Folio in 1996; they had other sources of income, and the theatre can’t afford to properly pay a successor. – MSN (Chicago Tribune)
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Snapshot: Tony Bennett sings “If I Ruled the World”

Tony Bennett and the Woody Herman Herd perform “If I Ruled the World,” by Leslie Bricusse and Cyril Ornadel, on The Ed Sullivan Show. This episode was originally telecast live by CBS on March 21, 1965: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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What Will Change The Way Hollywood Portrays Muslims? Maybe Just This Directory

When a co-founder of the Pillars Fund advocacy organization discussed this issue within the industry, he heard repeatedly that decision-makers didn’t know where to find Muslim actors, writers and directors to hire. So the group created the Pillars Muslim Artist Database. – The New York Times
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Canada’s $100K Giller Prize Goes To Omar El Akkad For “What Strange Paradise”

An Egyptian-Canadian journalist and author who lives in Portland, Oregon, El Akkad describes his novel as “a repurposed fable. It’s the story of Peter Pan inverted and recast as the story of a contemporary child refugee.” – CBC
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Actor Dean Stockwell Dead At 85

After a successful but unhappy career as a child star, he left and returned to acting several times: in the late ’50s and 60s, winning two prizes at Cannes; in ’70s B-pictures; under ’80s and ’90s auteurs Demme, Altman, Lynch, etc.; and finally in science fiction TV. – The Guardian
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Attendance At The World’s Most Visited Museums Plunged By 78% In 2020

The two most-attended are the same as most years, the Louvre and the National Museum of China; below them, pandemic closures changed the rankings considerably, with the Met falling to eighth and the most popular Smithsonian museums gone from the top 15. – World Economic Forum
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Sadler’s Wells Reveals Plans For New Dance Center In London’s Olympic Park

Sadler’s Wells East, one of the anchors of the coming East Bank arts district, will include a 550-seat theatre presenting numerous dance genres, a choreographic school, rehearsal spaces, and a new Hip Hop Theatre Academy where the UK’s Olympic breaking team will train. – Time Out (London)
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What Makes Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ a Timeless, Great Painting?

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio had many followers. He was, after all, the most revered painter in Rome before he was exiled for murder. After his own death, his work fell into a period of obscurity and might have disappeared were it not for his many imitators. Called Caravaggisti or tenebrosi (“shadowists”), those who adopted Caravaggio’s high-contrast hyperrealism, including Dutch masters like Rembrandt, produced the finest work of the Baroque period. Some of Caravaggio’s disciples w...
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Marketing and Engagement

Image for ACE Program from AFAC website It has been some time since I have had the courage to discuss marketing here. When I first did so many years ago I quickly learned that my view was hopelessly colored by the unfortunate marketing habits of many arts organizations–self focus, ignorance (sometimes willful) of the interests of the people they were trying to reach, and an elitist use of “inside baseball” language in promotional materials. I think I’ve learned a lot since then about the...
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