Banksy artwork deliberately destroyed by Christopher Walken in BBC comedy show finale

Hollywood actor paints over original work, which was created for Stephen Merchant’s TV series The OutlawsA piece of art created by Banksy was painted over by Hollywood actor Christopher Walken in the final episode of BBC series The Outlaws.The six-part comedy-drama, which Stephen Merchant co-created with US writer and producer Elgin James, and also directed, follows a group of misfits renovating a derelict community centre in Bristol, as part of community service for crimes they have committed. ...
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Quebec Court Upholds Fines On Theatres That Portray Smoking Onstage (Even With Prop Cigarettes)

The theatres challenged the fines, claiming it violated their freedom of expression. They argued Quebec’s ban on indoor smoking goes too far, because it forbids actors from smoking even prop cigarettes onstage. – Toronto Star
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Disney+ Loses Momentum

Disney+ growth slowed for the fiscal fourth quarter, adding 2.1 million subscribers to hit 118.1 million. That’s 10M less than it added in the prior quarter. – Deadline
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Local Journalism Is Disappearing. Might We Revitalize It With Existing Institutions?

One starting point is to re-imagine and use already-existing public infrastructures that produce and disseminate vital information, such as libraries, public broadcasting stations, and post offices. – NiemanLab
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How Beeple Is Changing The Relationship Between Artist And Collector

The dynamic nature of Beeple’s art speaks to an emerging paradigm in both art and crypto, where the artist and the buyer are in prolonged conversation—and the transaction is just the start of the deal. – Quartz
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NFT’s Explained

NFTs have fundamentally changed the market for digital assets. Historically there was no way to separate the “owner” of a digital artwork from someone who just saved a copy to their desktop. – Harvard Business Review
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Ocean Vuong Bombarded By Complaints From Australian 12th Graders Who Got His Writing On Their Comp Exams

Student: “ur text was good but so confusing”. Vuong: “mission accomplished”. Student: “So u da one that got us all fucked up”. Vuong: “Don’t let ’em tell you literature can’t change lives”. – The Guardian
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At The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers’ Annual New York Powwow

“Dance Magazine joined Saturday night’s sunset bonfire to capture some of the competitions, and asked Thunderbird director Louis Mofsie and company dancer Michael Taylor to share their insights on the place of dance within the powwow.” – Dance Magazine
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Music Is What It Is – You Have To Meet It There

David Finckel: “People have a hard time sitting still. Attention spans are getting shorter. The only thing this doesn’t change is the length of a Schubert trio. You can’t make it shorter, and you can’t play it faster. You can’t cut sections out of it.” – The New York Times
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Man And Daughter Killed Over Four Stradivarius Violins

“Our principal hypothesis is that the motive for the double crime was to find the international certification of authenticity of the violins so they could be sold.” – Daily Beast
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Xi Jinping Is Rewriting China’s History – A New Cultural Revolution

Xi’s use of history projects the message that the struggles of the first century of Communist Party rule have been buried by the need to cohere around Xi’s pursuit of strength, dignity, and obedience—what he calls “the great rejuvenation” of China. – The New Yorker
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The Original True-Crime Dramas Were In Elizabethan Theatres

“More than four centuries ago a series of plays closely based on real murder cases appeared on the London stage. Their literary quality is variable – they tend to melodrama and moralising, indeed to misogyny – but some are written with real skill and bite.” – London Review of Books
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Oxford’s Bodleian Library Was A Wreck Before The Eponymous Bodley Fixed It Up

“In 1598, … Sir Thomas Bodley, a retired diplomat and Oxford alumnus, offered to restore the dilapidated university library, entirely at his own cost. … (It) had stood vacant for several decades, its books removed during the upheavals of the Reformation, its furniture sold off.” – Literary Hub
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David Graeber Was A Startlingly Smart Anthropologist. He Died Just After Completing His Magnum Opus

“Since one cannot know a radically better world is not possible, are we not betraying everyone by insisting on continuing to justify and reproduce the mess we have today?” – New York Magazine
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How We Became Post-Modernist (And Why It’s A Problem)

Perhaps the ultimate postmodern irony is to be both – to sell out to the system while sending it up. It becomes impossible to distinguish the boss from the bohemian. – The Guardian
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How A Nice Jewish Boy From Oakland Became A Busy Bollywood Actor

Richard Klein seemed well set as a math and science teacher and amateur performer in the Bay Area. Then, at 45, he up and moved to Mumbai, determined to make it in Indian showbiz. Now he’s one of Bollywood’s go-to white-guy character actors. – The New York Times
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How Julia Child Changed Americans’ Minds, And, Later, Her Own

Those under 55 may not appreciate just how differently people in the US thought about home cooking before Child’s TV shows caught on. For all her pioneering achievements, she was awfully traditional about things like sexuality — until the late 1980s. – The Guardian
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Forest Whitaker’s Production Company Has Never Lost Investors A Dime. It Still Has Trouble Getting Financing For Black Films

Significant Productions, founded by Whitaker and run by producer Nina Yang Bongiovi, has made admired films like Fruitvale Station and Sorry to Bother You (that earn over ten times what they cost) and discovered directors like Ryan Coogler (Black Panther). Yet even their latest project, Passing, was a struggle. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Media, Ryan Coogler, Whitaker, Fruitvale Station, Nina Yang Bongiovi

Art Critic Reviews Work Without Noticing That It Depicts Rupert Murdoch

Robert Nelson of Melbourne’s The Age wrote several hundred words about Jeremy Deller’s Father and Son — life-sized grey wax candles, lit and gradually melting, in the shape of a seated old man and his standing adult offspring — while completely overlooking the piece’s key characteristic. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Melbourne, Rupert Murdoch, Jeremy Deller, Visual, Robert Nelson

A Universal Basic Income For Arts Workers? One Country Is Trying It

Ireland will launch a basic income guarantee program for artists and arts workers in 2022. The three-year initial plan will have a budget of €25 million. – The Irish Times
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‘A remarkable history’: inside the exhibition bringing Peru’s past to life

A British Museum show on ancient Andean civilisations is revealing new insights into their views of time, society and warThe British Museum’s landmark show Peru: A Journey in Time has been a decade in the making and enables the museum to foreground objects from its own collections and present them alongside treasures from Peru seen for the first time in the UK. Its opening coincides with the 200th anniversary of Peru declaring its independence from Spain, with the UK being one of the first count...
Tags: Art, UK, Time, Americas, Spain, Culture, Art and design, Peru, British Museum, Jago Cooper

How Peter Gelb Is Handling The Most Difficult Job In Opera, Now Even More Difficult

A longread on how the Metropolitan Opera’s general manager is handling the company’s reopening and its long-term problems, what people inside and outside of the Met think of him, and what he thinks of what they think of him. (He’s fairer than you might expect.) – New York Magazine
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Hong Kong’s M+ Museum Opens In A Climate No One Expected When It Was First Proposed

When plans for Asia’s biggest contemporary art museum were announced back in 2007, Xi Jinping wasn’t yet president of China, few people anticipated political crackdowns in Hong Kong, and the biggest concerns were over the money being spent. Now people just hope M+ can survive. – Artnet
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In memory of…

Lt. Col. Jason K. Fettig and the United States Marine Band perform “When Jesus Wept,” a movement from William Schuman’s New England Triptych, based on the music of William Billings:
Tags: Art, Jesus, New England, Ajblogs, William Schuman, William Billings, United States Marine Band, Jason K Fettig

Hong Kong opens modern art museum as security law casts pall

Multibillion-dollar M+ struggles to find a balance between artistic expression and political censorshipA senior Hong Kong cultural official said freedom of expression was not above a China-imposed national security law, on the eve of the opening of a contemporary art museum intended to put the city on the global cultural map.The multibillion-dollar M+, featuring contemporary artwork from leading Chinese, Asian and western artists, is Hong Kong’s attempt to match museums such as Tate Modern in Lo...
Tags: Art, Hong Kong, China, Censorship, World news, Culture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Museums, Paris, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, London New York 's Museum of Modern Art MoMA

Sea Sculptures of the Underwater Museum

Around the world are a few unusual sculpture museums. In order to gain entry to the museums, you must first put on your swimming gear and grab a snorkel or dive tank. This is because the museums are under the sea. Art Works or Artificial Reefs? The creator of the underwater museums, Jason de Caires Taylor, designs his sculptures with the intention of forming artificial reefs for sea life. The statues are made with PH neutral casting cement, which means that they will not poison the water or...
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Fantastically Funny Photoshop Image Manipulations

Digital art programs like Photoshop can be used as a tool to create art in dozens of different styles. One of the art styles that Photoshop is most famous for is image manipulation. This is when a Photoshop artist takes one or more photographs and edits them in Photoshop to create a new image. A Photoshop Perspective Creating funny Photoshop images isn't as easy as it looks. Photoshop artists need to be familiar with the program, have artistic talent and skill and have a keen eye for detail...
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Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Butterflies are delicate flying insects with colorful wings. The insect undergoes a process called metamorphosis, in which the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This process of change has popularized the butterfly as a symbol in art, signifying transformation, rebirth and a lifting of the heart. The Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos Butterflies are often used as a visual symbol to mark a major change in a person's life. Because of the metamorphosis process, butterflies symbolize the strug...
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The Symbolism and Styles of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are mythological creatures that appear in legends, fairy tales and modern fantasy stories. They are often depicted as having a lizard's torso, head and limbs, with bat wings to allow them to fly. Some types of dragon have been described as being snake-like, wingless or having multiple heads. Dragons are a popular tattoo design because this versatile creature can be worn anywhere on the body and can be inked into the skin in a variety of sizes and styles. The Symbolism of Dragon Tatt...
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Funny Pictures of Dogs Shaking off Water

Dogs make hilarious subjects for photographs. Unlike humans, they are unhindered by shyness, modesty or fear of embarrassment. Dogs enjoy life from moment to moment, turning every activity into a fun pastime. One thing that dogs love to do is have a good shake, to rid their coat of water or simply to loosen up their fur and skin. The pictures below show what happens when a photographer captures a single moment of a dog's shake. Davidson's Dogs Do the Shake Carli Davidson is an award-winning...
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