Organized randomness

This is a tricky thing to do: create a layout of seemingly random elements that look good together. I need to deal with this now for the new venture I am setting up It is a process of constant iteration. Put one type of elements, put anoth...
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Europe’s Best Cathedrals

While some on this list are obvious, others may inspire an artistic pilgrimage – though Milan “is a chaotic hotchpotch of buttresses, pinnacles and a reputed 2,245 statues, part gothic, part classical. Like an overdressed model on a Milan catwalk.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Happy Birthday, Fanny (Mendelssohn) Hensel

From Google Doodle. Hensel “composed more than 450 pieces of music, most of which show a deep reverence for Johann Sebastian Bach. But she struggled with the societal constraints on the roles of women at the time and was overshadowed by her more famous brother.” – CNET
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Oliva Colman Says It’s Easier To Portray A Murderer Than The Queen

That two-year stint on The Crown wasn’t the easiest for the multiple award-winning Colman, but “it wasn’t the actual Queen she found the hardest act to follow – it was Claire Foy, who had played the same character at a younger age in the earlier series.”- The Guardian (UK)
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Republicans Have Escalated From Banning To Wanting To Burn Books

The targeted books are often by Black authors or other authors of color, and/or have queer content. Of course, the wannabe burners are calling the books “pornographic.” – NPR
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How Slipcovering A Minimalist Cube Changed Art History

“Slipcovers are what you put over a tired sofa or tatty armchair to refresh and resuscitate the worn-out object’s useful life. After the quarter-ton steel Die, Isermann’s light textile cube performs a resurrection … avowedly secular and unequivocally domestic in form.” – Los Angeles Times
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Bettina Grossman, Artist And Artistic ‘Feature’ At The Chelsea Hotel, 94

Grossman “was unusual even by the standards of the Chelsea, the storied haven for quirky artists.” Her apartment “had become so crowded with her accumulated artwork — largely abstract, highly conceptual drawings, sculptures and photographs — that … she slept in her hallway on a lawn chair.” – The New York Times
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A Changing Climate Changes The Oxford English Dictionary

For instance, global heating “conveys ‘more emphatically the seriousness of climate change caused by human activity and the urgent need to address it.’ After all, global warming connotes a kind of coziness when there is nothing cozy about a heating planet.” – CBC
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The Prime Minister Of Greece Tries To Broker A Return Of The Parthenon’s Marbles From Britain

Ahead of talks with Boris Johnson, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “Our position is very clear. The marbles were stolen in the 19th century; they belong in the Acropolis Museum and we need to discuss this issue in earnest.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Apparently, It’s Time For Australian Film To Have A Mumblecore Revival

Pandemics and lockdowns lead to little money and depressed humans in reality – and on screen. – The Guardian (UK)
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Ghosts of colonial looting haunt Europe’s museums

Here is a recap of disputes over artefacts looted from Europe’s former African colonies. The post Ghosts of colonial looting haunt Europe’s museums appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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In Paris, Black Theatre Directors Forge Their Own Paths

French theatre is massively lacking in diversity, so “Le Mois Kréyol, which was created in 2017 by the Caribbean-born choreographer Chantal Loïal, also celebrates French Blackness — and is a reminder of what the country’s mainstream theater is missing.” – The New York Times
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Black Women’s Major Contributions To Jazz Come Back Into Focus

Musician Melanie Charles wants to revitalize knowledge of, for instance, Betty Carter – whose “improvisational approach to singing that influenced generations.” She was one of the first jazz artists with her own label, founded a jazz program at BAM, and brought up countless musicians. – Washington Post
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Finally, We Understand What The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is All About

And that is … an indictment of toxic masculinity? Sure, yes, absolutely. “Messing up, it must be said, is very much part of the Marvel hero’s DNA.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Dostoevsky Totally Did NaNoWriMo

Just not on a computer, in November, with thousands of other people. – LitHub
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Music Festivals With No Assigned Seating Aren’t Very Safe At All

Deaths are rare, but they’re hardly unknown; however, music promoters like Live Nation, for instance, say that the rarity “proves that most shows are perfectly safe.” – The New York Times
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“Contemplation”, le banc en bambou de Tobie Chevallier

Présenté à l’occasion de la Paris Design Week 2021, le banc “ Contemplation ” a été pensé et créé à la main pendant le confinement par Tobie Chevallier.   Le monde naval a inspiré ce mobilier “fait maison” au jeune designer qui souhaitait créer une assise avec les matériaux dont il disposait.   Le bambou, cette plante envahissante qui peut dépasser le mètre de croissance par jour est connue pour sa grande souplesse et sa rigidité. En Asie, on l’utilise même dans la construction d’écha...
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The Delicate Task Of Restoring A Castle’s Medieval Knight Mural

Sometimes, fame is not great, and no, you shouldn’t hot-wax a mural from the 1400s: “Since their discovery in 1844, the murals have been damaged by damp and incorrect preservative treatments.” – BBC
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New York’s New Motto Is Be Nice To Tourists

Especially in the performing and visual arts, NY isn’t going to survive long without those Euros (and many other forms of currency) pouring in. Says one marketer: “Arts and culture are going to lead our recovery. That is the backbone.” – The New York Times
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Foley Artists Have To Recreate The Sounds Of Everything

Foley is what makes things sound real onscreen – “incidental sounds such as the squeak of a chair, the chink of bottles in a fridge door, the swish of clothes or a swinging handbag. And footsteps, lots of footsteps, both human and non-human.” – The Guardian (UK)
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A Judge Rules Britney Spears Can Be Free Of Conservatorship

Fans celebrate – and some wonder about the many non-famous, non-white, disabled folks who are also in conservatorships: “Spears’ case is expected to be used as fuel for conservatorship reform.” – Los Angeles Times
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Petra Mayer, NPR’s Beloved, Passionate Books Editor Has Died Suddenly

“Mayer was a proud nerd … [who] shared those passions with readers and listeners through her reviews of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, thrillers and comics, her trusty on-the-scene reporting at Comic-Con, and her contributions to the Book Concierge.” – NPR
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The Director Of ‘Passing’ Says There Are No Easy Answers Here

The movie, based on Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel also called Passing, isn’t just about Black women supposedly passing as white. Director Rebecca Hall: “The big trick and turn of the whole story is that it’s not actually about the woman who’s passing. It’s about the other one.” – Washington Post
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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Split by Bradley Hayward

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. Split by Bradley Hayward is an emotional, theatrical, ensemble-driven play that your student performers are sure to love. Children of divorce are united through humor in this honest and theatrical look at the day to day reality of growing up in a family that’s been torn apart. As these […]
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