Work You’re Ashamed Of? (The Cultural Implications)

Whether or not a certain line of work is shameful or honorable is culturally relative, varying greatly. Farmers, soldiers, actors, dentists, prostitutes, pirates and priests have all been respected or despised in some society or other. – 3 Quarks Daily
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45,000-Year-Old Painting Of A Warty Pig Upends History Of Art

The famous animal paintings in the Chauvet cave, of France, are dated at around thirty-five thousand years old; the Sulawesi warty pig outdoes them by roughly ten thousand years. – The New Yorker
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Dance Is Huge On Insta And TikTok. Is It Also Harmful?

Users who look at videos and pictures of bodies deemed attractive by broader society will be shown more of those images, potentially feeling worse about their own looks by comparison.  – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Five Books That Will Change The Way You Think About Climate Change

In contrast to the simplistic idea that all we need to do is implement a set of technological and lifestyle changes, they offer a new way of understanding and relating to nature. – The Conversation
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We Each Process Color Differently. Here’s How

Colour has a life beyond any individual perception. It exists as both the quality of a thing as well as an approach to that thing, or “a dance between subjects and objects, mind and matter.” – Prospect
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The Trope Of “Hot” Women In Literature

A cursory review of Western literature and fiction suggests that the instinct to render fictional heroines “hot” has both a long history and one which continues to this day. – LitHub
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Greek PM to make Parthenon marbles key issue in meeting with Boris Johnson

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is to argue reunification of ‘stolen’ sculptures is matter outside remit of British MuseumThe Greek prime minister will make the Parthenon marbles the key issue in upcoming talks with Boris Johnson in London, arguing the reunification of the “stolen” sculptures is an intergovernmental matter that lies outside the remit of the British Museum.Determined to raise the issue in his first Downing Street visit, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is also expected to emphasise the leaky roof in the ...
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Outsider Fashionista Passes Torch To 20-Year-Old, Takes Life, And A New Museum Is Born

Professionally, Steven Klein created logos and slogans for hotels and restaurants. But he belonged to no agency. Instead, as an independent consultant, he was a walking encyclopedia — and booster — of pop culture from the 1970s. The New York Times
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‘so like the realm of / love and ardor’

© Marcel DuChamp So like the realm of love and ardor the singularity of death has come to this — in a world of trouble we shrink, abandoned, into history. This multiplicity of dying is hard on the living — our past is clarified and subtracted from the finite, hurled into the infinite, unknowable as it has ever been. © JH
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Woman Interrupts Guthrie Performance With Half Hour Racist Rant

Patrons attending A Christmas Carol were seated and ready for the 7:30 p.m. showtime when a woman began screaming in the crowd. According to social media posts from witnesses, the woman ranted for upwards of 30 minutes. – Bring Me The News
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Your Social Status Versus Your Moral Status

Within the state and between the state and those it governs, personal relationships are much less significant than they used to be after a centuries long effort to redescribe them as ‘corruption’. But they are merely down; not out. – 3 Quarks Daily
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What To Learn From Being The Target Of (Deeply) Hateful Attacks For What You Write

Nikole Hannah-Jones on what she’s learned: “Power doesn’t flash what it’s going to do. … It doesn’t signal what it’s going to do. It moves silently behind the scenes and makes impact and then once everything is figured out announces itself.” – Los Angeles Times
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Putting The Fun Back Into Franz (Schubert)

And the puppets; don’t forget the puppets. Instead of a quiet recital hall, “Schubert’s songs grew from entertaining evenings of spontaneous, alcohol-fuelled interaction, with dressing up, games and stories.” – The Guardian (UK)
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‘Ultimately uninhabitable’: western Sydney’s legacy of planning failure

Houses built to the fence line with dark roofs and tiny backyards leave their owners at the mercy of the climate crisis, experts sayDownload the free Guardian app; get our morning email briefingOn 4 January 2020, the western Sydney suburb of Penrith was one of the hottest places on Earth at 48.9C.The heat that day, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, gave a brief window into what the future will be like in the city’s outer rings, soon to be home to more than 1.5 million people. Continue reading.....
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Tommasini To Step Down As NYT Classical Music Critic

At year’s end, Tony will step down as The Times’s chief classical music critic. It is a position he has held since 2000, giving him the longest tenure in the role since Olin Downes. – The New York Times
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When The Uffizi Almost Sued Pornhub

To be fair to Pornhub, the Birth of Venus is definitely a “classic nude.” But the larger issue is about how museums make money – and during COVID, “as in-person activity slumped, sales of licensed goods rocketed.” Is it too much exposure? – The Guardian (UK)
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Novelists Could Take A Cue Or Two From Poets

Or so says a novelist who took a poetry class that helped her move forward after a stale period of writer’s block. – LitHub
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Why People Still Collect, And Enjoy, DVDs

One librarian explains, “There’s an interesting sort of equity piece to DVDs. … They’re popular with people who can’t necessarily afford the paid subscription services or don’t necessarily have the equipment at home or the internet connection to be able to stream.” – CBC
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Younger Media Viewers Love Subtitles

There’s the popularity of K-dramas, for one, but also, “originally intended to help those with hearing problems, subtitles have become an essential aid for following a show for many people – especially if other distractions and devices are competing for their attention.” – BBC
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So Sorry That We Missed National Cliche Day

Oh: “Cliché comes from the printing process when a metal plate was used to physically transfer ink to paper. The term echoes the imitative sound of the plate coming off the page and was a way to represent an image again and again in nearly identical form.” – Salon
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How To Stay Focused When The World Turns A Spotlight On You

National Book Award finalist and MacArthur “genius” grant winner Hanif Abdurraqib keeps to himself most of the time, far from the madding crowds. “I’m not trying to be aloof,” he says. “My superpower is that I mind my own business.” – The New York Times
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England’s Artistic Culture Stretches Beyond London

You might think that’s obvious, but it’s not necessarily so to those in the capital city. Even during COVID, “London draws all the oxygen, not to mention the cash; once again, it’s as if nothing could possibly be happening anywhere else.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Reviving A Dying Record Label In The Era Of Streaming

Claddagh Records, founded in the ’50s to preserve Irish musical heritage, fell on hard times in the 2000s. But now a deal with Universal Music Ireland has changed its trajectory. – Irish Times
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Lee Maracle Propelled Herself And Other First Nations Writers Into Canadian Consciousness

Maracle died at 71, after having “chronicled the effect of Canadian settlement on the land’s Indigenous people and the persistence of discrimination, only to find herself in recent years championed by the very cultural and political establishment she had spent her career attacking.” – The New York Times
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Thousands Of Venezuelan Musicians Gather In Attempt To Win Guinness Book Of World Records’ Biggest Orchestra

“The musicians, all connected to the country’s network of youth orchestras, performed a roughly 10-minute Tchaikovsky piece outdoors under the watchful eyes of independent supervisors with the job of verifying that more than 8,097 instruments were playing simultaneously.” – Washington Post (AP)
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The Wild Side Of Poussin

It’s likely you find the French artist a bit, well, staid. Boring, even. But: “Quite a bit of wildness hides beneath the cloak of scholarship and respectability.” – Hyperallergic
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Donors Withhold Gifts To Protest Changes At Hamptons Sculpture Garden

A longtime director fired, a bequest altered, plans for the sculpture garden to become a museum – there’s a lot going on at LongHouse Reserve. (Some board members say there’s not, and it’s a “what do they call it, the ‘noisy minority.'”) – The New York Times
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The (Re)Rise Of The Movie Musical

Charles McNulty: “A musical must establish its own aesthetic logic without apology to rational etiquette. We may think we’re living in a purely realistic drama but our inner lives are belting à la Ethel Merman.” – Los Angeles Times
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Museums v business: the growing market for cultural digitisation

As sales of licensed goods soars, battles loom over the use of works by long-dead artistsThis summer, the Uffizi gallery threatened to sue Pornhub for using its masterpieces in a “classic nudes” video. “Some people think of museums as boring, stuffy or dull,” posed the adult streaming site. “But what if we told you they housed a collection of priceless porn?” The video re-enacted erotic scenes from art history using artworks including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, housed in the Uffizi in Florence...
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Dvorak’s Prophecy — Online Wednesday

It’s my pleasure to be Kirill Gerstein’s guest this Wednesday for his “Kronberg Academy” online seminar – that’s
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