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It snowed last night!: Glass Candle Holder, Hand Engraved With 'Floating Flakes' by Daydreem Designs Snowfall. . . Set of 4 Magnets by Paper Pumpkin Necklace Fresh Snow Starry Night Winter White Magical Tree of Life Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant by Designs with Attitude Making Friends (Original Painting) by The Dreamy Giraffe Collection Snow Flurry Sterling Silver Earrings by J Lynn Creations [Author: Ricki]
Tags: Art, Crafts, Magnets, Earrings, Necklace, Ricki, Daydreem Designs, Candle Holder, Designs with Attitude, J Lynn Creations, Paper Pumpkin, The Dreamy Giraffe

Books: Guerrilla Flowers, Edibles

New York City: Yes! You walked by that ugly construction site at 9th Ave and West 14th St. every day ... but the next morning, it was bedecked with sunflowers, cattails, and lavender. It was all the overnight work of florist Lewis Miller, who's been bringing life to trash cans,... [Author: Jane Berger]
Tags: Books, Gardening, Design, New York City, West, Food And Drink, Flowers, Florists, Lewis Miller, Edible Flowers, Garden Design, Jane Berger

Books: Gems of the Pacific Northwest

If gardening is your life, you'd have to consider moving to the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing like it for gardens and gardeners (although you have to wonder how this summer's unrelenting heat and the fires and smoke have affected the plants). Still, there's a new book from Brian Coleman,... [Author: Jane Berger]
Tags: Books, Gardening, Design, Pacific Northwest, Brian Coleman, Garden Design, Jane Berger

The US Constitution: Is It Holding Back a Fairer Culture Or Holding Us Back?

Two new books reveal the widening gulf between those who see the Constitution’s age as a sign of its wisdom and those who see it as the dead hand of the past. At stake is also a longer conflict about whether U.S. history is a matter of great changes or a changing sameness. – Boston Review
Tags: Art, Ideas

Big Thinkers Get Together To Debate “Information Disorder”

Mis- and disinformation are not the root causes of society’s ills but, rather, expose society’s failures to overcome systemic problems, such as income inequality, racism, and corruption, which can be exploited to promote false information online. – NiemanLab
Tags: Art, Ideas

Oxford University’s Library Was A Mess. Then Sir Thomas Bodley Made An Extraordinary Offer

Over the course of fifteen years, until his death in 1613, Bodley would oversee the transformation of Oxford’s library from this empty shell to the finest institutional library in Europe. – LitHub
Tags: Art, Oxford, Words, Oxford University, Thomas Bodley, Bodley

How Marcella Hazan Became An Italian Food Guru

At the height of her career, she became so popular that Bloomingdale’s created a boutique in its storefront on Fifty-ninth Street called Marcella Hazan’s Italian Kitchen, stocking it with her homemade pasta Bolognese and extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, People, Tuscany, Marcella Hazan, Bloomingdale

How The Week Shapes Our Perception Of Time

When you think it’s a Tuesday and it turns out to be Wednesday, you feel disoriented in a way that you don’t typically if you think it’s the 26th and it turns out to be the 27th. That’s the change: the real grip on our time consciousness that the week exerts. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Featured, Ideas

Davóne Tines Is Transforming The Song Recital — And Maybe Even Classical Singing Itself

The bass-baritone has made programming an art in itself, building evenings around a sermon or a Langston Hughes poem, slipping from Bach to jazz to Julius Eastman to plantation chant to R&B to Caroline Shaw. And, writes Alex Ross, he makes all of it matter. – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Music, Featured, Alex Ross, Bach, Julius Eastman, Langston Hughes, Caroline Shaw

Pushing And Shoving — Why Music Riles The Young

Why are generation after generation of young people drawn to these places where they’re pushed, jostled, pummeled or worse? Why do they run into a seething crowd? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music

Harry Potter Cast To Reunite For 20th Anniversary TV Special

The release made no mention of Rowling when listing those participating in the retrospective. While Harry Potter remains a beloved franchise, Rowling sparked backlash from the trans community after saying that transgender individuals should be defined by their biological sex. – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Media, Harry Potter, Rowling

Being Bilingual Really Does Help Your Brain. It Took America A Long Time To Figure That Out

From the start of World War I, for about 50 years, scientists and the government were convinced that using another language alongside English decreased brain function as well as making one less than fully American. Finally we’re getting to understand why and how that’s not true. – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words

Machine Learning Is Teaching Us How To See The World Differently

The opacity of machine learning systems raises serious concerns about their trustworthiness and their tendency towards bias. But the brute fact that they work could be bringing us to a new understanding and experience of what the world is and our role in it. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas

A Political Consultant Turns The Story Of His Downfall Into An Autofiction Musical

Hank Morris was a serious player until then-New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo prosecuted him. His new show, A Turtle on a Fence Post, “is not journalism. It’s … easier to swallow, because the audience is given clear permission to leave believing whatever they want.” – Columbia Journalism Review
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Andrew Cuomo, Hank Morris

Christie’s Ploughs Ahead With Controversial Pre-Columbian Sale, But a Third Fails To Sell

The house’s “Pre-Columbian Art & Taíno Masterworks” sale was preceded by an in-person protest, a slew of media articles, and a petition that circulated on, signed by 44,767 supporters trying to halt the sale. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Visual, Christie

The Little Engine Trying To Chug Its Way Up The Hill: Literary Review Of Canada Turns 30

Thirty years on, the LRC still feels like a very Canadian experiment, addressing the country’s challenges even as it faces them itself. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Canada, Words, LRC

As Audience For Foreign-Language Streaming TV Soars, There’s A Shortage Of Translators For Subtitles

Talk to some of the skilled professionals who do the translating, however, and it seems this is yet another case where there’s not a labor shortage, there’s a pay shortage. And yes, quality is suffering. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media

Why Dancing Is Good For Your Physical And Mental Health (According To Neuroscience!)

“Wouldn’t it be great if science could confirm … that dancing is one of the best things we can do for our heath, joyful well-being and even our brain power? That’s what brain scientists Julia F. Christensen and Dong-Seon Chang set out to prove.” – MSN (The Washington Post)
Tags: Art, Dance, Julia F Christensen, Dong Seon Chang

As People Continue To Work From Home, Will Weeknight Performances Remain Feasible?

Fewer people than back in The Time Before will be able to swing by the theater or concert hall after leaving the office. Will they come in from home? In no American city does the question loom larger than in San Francisco. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Featured, Theatre, San Francisco, Audience, Time Before

Some Encouraging Data On Whether And When Audiences Will Return

“In this blog, we first examine the historic impact of COVID on performing arts ticket sales and then we use the data to simulate three plausible ‘what-if’ scenarios – realistic worst-case, realistic best-case, and idealized best-case – to predict the impact of each scenario on ticket sales.” – SMU DataArts
Tags: Art, Featured, Issues, Audience, SMU

Thermal mix: a modest Canberra renovation holds and traps the sun

Using 80% less energy than average, an unassuming suburban home is winning architecture prizes for its imaginative revampA house many would consider a knockdown, rebuild has been given a new life as a snug, energy-efficient home by an ACT firm that say their science-based architecture model can be applied to existing housing stock across Australia.Prior to the renovation, owners Kathryn and Rachel – who have requested their surnames be kept private – say the house was “always cold in winter and ...
Tags: Energy, Design, Australia, Housing, Australia news, Energy Efficiency, Urban Planning, Recycling, Melbourne, Canberra, Rachel, Kathryn, Australian Capital Territory (ACT

‘She has invaded all our lives’ – Tong Yang-tze, the artist making calligraphy cool

From railway signs to perfume bottles to Taiwan’s official passport stamp, the artist is giving ancient lettering a modern twist. How will her work go down at Honk Kong’s controversial new M+ gallery?The most striking thing about Tong Yang-tze, sitting inside her modest Taipei studio residence, is her confidence, and the sense that she’s had it all along. Now in her late 70s and considered one of Taiwan’s foremost calligraphers and artists, Tong grins and jokes over cups of green tea and local s...
Tags: Art, Asia, Hong Kong, Painting, World news, Taiwan, Culture, Art and design, Taipei, Honk Kong, Tong, Arup, Herzog de Meuron, Tong Yang, TFP Farrells

A Climate Change Imperative For Artists

We have to find a new art and a new psychology to penetrate the apathy and the denial that are preventing us making the changes that are inevitable if our world is to survive. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Featured, Issues

Changing the color of the French flag

President Macron of France changed the blue color of the French flag. He made the blue darker again, after it was set to be the same blue as that of the European Union flag back in the 1970s. (Then president Giscard d’Estaing thought the different shades of blue clashed during photo ops). ...
Tags: Design, France, European Union, Colour, Speaking, Macron, Giscard

Strike Averted As IATSE Accepts Deal With Hollywood Studios

“The membership of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has voted to ratify a new three-year agreement, ending the threat of the first national strike in the union’s history. The vote was unusually close.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Iatse, Hollywood Studios

One-Day Strike Called At Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston

“More than 96% of the union, which represents public-facing staff, library workers, educators, curators, conservators, and administrative and professional workers, voted to picket outside the museum (on November 17). … Workers are concerned about pay, safety, workplace diversity, requiring union membership and job growth.” – AP
Tags: Art, Visual, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

La Mama Theatre Rises From The (Literal) Ashes

No, La MaMa in New York didn’t burn down. But La Mama in Melbourne did. Founded in 1969 and an important venue for developing new Australian plays, La Mama was destroyed by fire in 2018, just short of its 50th anniversary. Here’s how it got rebuilt. – ArtsHub (Australia)
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Melbourne

Return of Parthenon marbles is up to British Museum, says No 10

Spokesperson’s comments before Boris Johnson meets Greek PM appear to signal softening of positionReturning the Parthenon marbles to Greece is a matter for the British Museum, Downing Street has said, apparently reversing longstanding UK government opposition to the idea, reiterated by Boris Johnson as recently as March.Johnson was scheduled to meet the Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at No 10 later on Tuesday, and Mitsotakis was expected to argue that the reunification of the “stolen...
Tags: Art, Europe, Politics, UK, Greece, UK News, World news, Culture, Foreign Policy, Art and design, Heritage, Sculpture, Parthenon, Boris Johnson, Johnson, Parthenon marbles

Spotify Moves Into Audiobooks The Silicon Valley Way — By Buying A Company

The acquisition of audiobook platform Findaway lets Spotify “quickly bring a large catalog of audiobooks to its massive user base … in the way the company jump-started its push into podcasts with the acquisitions of Gimlet, Anchor, Parcast and The Ringer.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Words, Silicon Valley Way, Gimlet Anchor Parcast, Spotify Moves Into Audiobooks

Pace University – Program Head of Musical Theater

Organization For more than 100 years, Pace University (Pace) has been preparing students to become leaders in their fields by providing an education that combines exceptional academics with professional experience and the New York advantage. Pace has campuses in New York City and Westchester County. A private metropolitan university, Pace enrolls nearly 13,000 students in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in the College of Health Professions, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Lub...
Tags: Art, New York, Jobs, New York City, United States, Manhattan, Bfa, Westchester, PPA, Westchester County, School of Arts and Sciences, Pace University Pace, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Charles H Dyson, Edward J Mortola, Pace School of Performing Arts PPA

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