Development Manager, Stamford Symphony, CT

Stamford Symphony Location: Stamford, CTType: Full TimeReports to: President and CEOSalary: In the range $80,000-$100,000 depending on experience DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Context of the PositionThe Development Manager’s primary responsibilities are to manage fundraising operations, research potential donors for the Orchestra’s five-year, $5m Crescendo Campaign for the Future of the Stamford Symphony and manage a portfolio of annual fund donors. This new management position will be in...
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Dramatical Cats

Earlier this month, I published yet another book! I've been more than usually prolific as a writer since the Great Pandemic started. I mean, what else have I had to do? So my output may slow down, now that I'm actually making theatre again!Although, full disclosure, I do have six or seven ideas for books I'd like to write, and four ideas for shows I'd like to write. I wish I could write faster.The awesome Ted Chapin at the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization recently said to me in an email, "You...
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Talk To The Hand – How Our Hands Help Us Communicate

I hadn’t perceived how hard it is to read the responses of one’s audience when the most expressive part of the face is hidden. – Hedgehog Review
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Why Did We Organize Time Into Seven-Day Weeks?

The development that really established the seven-day week as insurmountable, David Henkin contends, came in the middle of the twentieth century: the television schedule. – The New Yorker
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“Mundi” Fun Day: The Prado Joins “Salvator’s” Detractors; Modestini, Its Restorer, Again Argues It’s a Leonardo

Prado museum downgrades Leonardo’s $450m Salvator Mundi in exhibition catalogue I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the above
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A Sharp Rise In Demands To Ban Books In Libraries

“We’re seeing an unprecedented volume of challenges. I’ve worked for ALA for 20 years, and I can’t recall a time when we had multiple challenges coming in on a daily basis.” – Time
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Will The Supreme Court Finally Declare Copyright Piracy Theft? (Wait… What?)

For quite some time, there’s been an esoteric debate running in intellectual property circles as to whether copyright infringement is best characterized as thievery. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Q&A with Lucy Glendinning Extraordinary British Sculptor Works from Inside Out

Some of her pieces are to be exhibited at Art Miami (Nov. 30 – Dec. 5, 2021) From left: Feather Child 3 / The Unknown Boy 2 / Folding Girl These sculptures have a striking “innerness,” an interiority of gaze and stance. They also express a human connection to animal origins. Is that what you intended? GLENDINNING: I like the idea of the works being internalised as if contemplating themselves. Sometimes this is deliberate and sometimes this is how they turn out — so to speak.  ...
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Why Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla Is Stepping Down In Birmingham

If this period of enforced home life made her reassess her priorities – she lives in Salzburg with her husband and their two children – she was not alone. – iNews
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Climate Change Is Damaging Australia’s Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art

Veteran archaeologists have noted visible changes just over the past half-century or less. Much of the rock art is painted on sandstone, which absorbs water from rains that are getting heavier; some of that stone is collapsing as salt expands and contracts in more variable weather. – The Guardian
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Education As A Class Indicator (But Maybe Not How You Think)

Historically, in America, the true strength of the Classics and of a Classical education has not been among the elite but among the rising middle class. – Los Angeles Review of Books
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The Scheme That Saved Classical Music In Melbourne Is Expanding To The Rest Of Australia

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall streamed 430 performances, with over $1.6 million going to musicians during one of the longest, strictest lockdowns in the world. In 2022, as the Australian Digital Concert Hall, it will transmit 200 programs by performers from Perth to Brisbane to Hobart. – The Age (Melbourne)
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Why Does Sad Music Make Us Feel Better?

It can act as a social surrogate. Sad music can be experienced as an imaginary friend who provides support and empathy after loss. – The Conversation
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Zadie Smith Never Meant To Write A Play. A Press Release Made Her Do It.

First of all, when her neighborhood submitted a bid to be London’s Borough of Culture, she agreed to participate, thinking it wouldn’t win. Then it did. So she had to come up with an idea. And she did — whereupon something entirely different (a play) was announced. – BBC
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Technology Is Promising Boosts To Your Enlightenment

Technoboosts include brain stimulation, which uses electric currents or other means to directly target certain brain areas and change their behavior, and synthetic psychedelics, which are lab-created versions of drugs such as ayahuasca. – Vox
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Jimmie Durham, Native American Artist And Activist (Or Was He?), Dead At 81

“(He was) celebrated for incorporating traditional Native American imagery and materials into lively, unconventional sculptures before his claim of Cherokee ancestry was widely challenged, setting off an intense art-world debate over his authenticity.” – The New York Times
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Why We Sleep

Sleep’s benefits extend far beyond the brain, and that muscles, the immune system, and the gut can all have a say in when and how sleep occurs. That work “might change our focus from studying sleep’s role in complex cognitive processes to how it impacts basic cellular function.” – Science
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One Of New York’s Biggest Collections Of Antiquities Is In The Manhattan DA’s Office

“The Antiquities Trafficking Unit is very much a victim of its own success. Set up in 2017 … to curb the smuggling of cultural heritage, it has seized 3,604 illicit items.” 2,281 of those are still there; here’s a look at eight of them. – The New York Times
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Finally, A Creative is Suing Over A Hollywood Studio’s Creative Accounting Of Profits

Studios have long had a reputation for promising actors or writers a percentage of a movie’s profits, then using accounting tricks to show that the film made no profit, no matter how large the grosses. Bohemian Rhapsody screenwriter Anthony McCarten has had enough. – The Hollywood Reporter
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How Children’s Radio Grew Popular And Then Faded Away

“Back in April, the only real player in the kid-centric terrestrial radio space, Radio Disney, which started life on the airwaves 25 years ago this week, quietly wound down. … Today’s Tedium looks back at the many attempts to sell kids on radio.” – Tedium
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Students And Teachers Of The Afghanistan National Institute of Music Flee

The school became known for supporting the education of girls, who make up about a third of the student body. The school’s all-female orchestra, Zohra, toured the world and was hailed as a symbol of a modern, more progressive Afghanistan. – The New York Times
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More Than Half Of Arts And Heritage Jobs In UK Were Lost Due To COVID

“(A study) revealed the industry suffered a 60% decline in output because of restrictions. It said about 55% of jobs — 450,000 people — were furloughed in the sector, second only to hospitality, and well above the national average of 16%.” – BBC
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Alumni Of University Of Utah’s Ballet Program Describe Body-Shaming, Intimidation, And Prejudice

A dozen graduates wrote letters describing abusive and sometimes racist language as well as body-shaming and authoritarian attitudes. The school’s current director says progress has been and will continue to be made. (He even threw out the scales.) – The Salt Lake Tribune
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Quick Study: Tracking the Viral Spread of Musical Genres

In this episode, we look at how statistical models for tracking infectious diseases can help researchers monitor the spread of popular music genres. The source article is here. A transcript of this podcast is available at the NEA website. Click here for the most recent episode of Quick Study.
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Even Ancient Egyptian Relief Carvers Had Interns, And They Messed Up Sometimes, Too

“Scholars have long believed that apprentices learned their craft before they were allowed to carve reliefs for rooms like this one,” the Chapel of Hatshepsut in Thebes. But one archaeologist says that apprentices did work on the wall reliefs: you can see the corrections the masters made. – ARTnews
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Sign of the times: row over street art shines light on Spain’s divisions

Madrid council orders removal of street art featuring left and rightwing heroes as Socialist-led government proposes prosecution of Franco-era crimesFor the past 11 months, the two walls that make up a street corner in east Madrid have engaged in a mute but bitter debate that mirrors the faultlines, fights and ferocities of Spanish politics.On the left wall are 24 street signs commemorating poets and writers including Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernández, Victoria Kent and Carmen Laforet. Con...
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