The Cultures Of Science And Art Aren’t So Different After All

Did cultural movements in art fertilize scientific breakthroughs? It’s an intriguing correlation, perhaps not much more. But it underscores the point that one culture, not two, inspires scientists and artists in their times. – Nautilus
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The Software That Changed How Music Is Produced

“It created a completely new type of producer. It gave access to a versatile tool that would do what people want without spending thousands and thousands of dollars and training.” – Billboard
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What Are You Buying When You Buy An NFT?

Critics of NFTs assert that it’s ridiculous to try to claim ownership of something that can be infinitely reproduced on the internet, and pranksters will try to annoy collectors by simply copying and pasting the NFT image. – Slate
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Book Business Is Booming. Except It’s Difficult To Get Books To Sell

In 2020, both the United States and the United Kingdom saw their largest annual increases in over a decade — a worldwide paper shortage and a global shipping crisis mean they’re having a difficult time keeping up with that demand. – CBC
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Spain Says UK Musicians Will No Longer Need Visas To Perform There

Spain’s announcement means UK musicians and their crew will no longer need visas for engagements of less than 90 days, a change in policy that came after months of lobbying from trade groups on both sides. – The Guardian
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5 real estate marketing do’s and don’ts for 2022

In today's increasingly online world, how do you capture your audience's attention, improve your traffic and share your authentic message? The rules of marketing are always changing; here's what you need to know going into 2022.
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A Worldwide Vinyl Shortage

Around the world, vinyl pressing facilities are stretched to the limit with 24-hour, nearly seven-days-a-week production still not meeting demand. – CBC
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Will This Movie Be The Last Of Its Kind, The Big-Budget World War II Epic?

“Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, a $100 million historical drama about … the creation of the atomic bomb, could be considered one of an endangered species. These days, it’s rare for traditional studios to pump nine figures into a film that isn’t inspired by popular toys, novels or comic books.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Christopher Nolan, Media, Oppenheimer

Cary Grant, Aldous Huxley, And Clare Boothe Luce Dropping Acid Together: The Musical (We’re Not Making This Up)

Yes, the actor, the writer, and the playwright/politician/doyenne all experimented with LSD in the 1950s, when it was legal. They never did it together, though — that was the idea of writer-director James Lapine, who’s rather familiar with hallucinogens himself. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, James Lapine, Clare Boothe Luce, Cary Grant Aldous Huxley

They’re Restoring The 1920s-Era Hollywood Sign

Crews uncovered in the foundation the names and handprints of some of the workers on the 1978 rebuild’s crew. The remnants of a “lean-to system” that was used to hold up the original 1923 Hollywoodland sign was also uncovered. – Deadline
Tags: Art, Visual

Patrick Reyntiens, Who Worked Miracles With Stained Glass In Britain’s Bombed-Out Cathedrals, Dead At 95

While he did a great deal of high-quality work, his most admired projects were in two modern monuments which replaced medieval landmarks destroyed in World War II: Coventry Cathedral (the baptistry) and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (the lantern tower.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Patrick Reyntiens

Abu Dhabi Says It Will Build Two More Major Museums

“In Abu Dhabi there has been a very clear and conscious decision to invest in culture, and investing in culture does not just mean buildings. We’re investing in infrastructure, both soft and hard—whether it’s institutions, music programs, or school curricula.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Abu Dhabi, Visual

What Does An Investment In Mental Health For Dancers Look Like?

Encouraging dancers to pay attention to their mental health is one thing, but actually providing access to services sends an entirely different message. – Pointe
Tags: Art, Dance

New York Times Declares, “Yannick Nézet-Séguin Is Now New York’s Conductor”

Zachary Woolfe, classical music editor: “Omnipresent and energetic, he has been one of the central figures in New York’s cultural re-emergence, and certainly the city’s most significant and visible classical musician at a transformative moment.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, New York, New York Times, Yannick Nézet Séguin, ZACHARY WOOLFE

‘I Am That I Am’ ‘I Am That, Am I?’ Brion Gysin and the Divine Tautology

The Brooklyn-based publisher DABA is bringing out the most complete edition of Brion Gysin’s permutated poems published and recorded to date. The book is gorgeous to look at, sets the poems in their rightful context, and does justice to Ian Sommerville’s computer collaboration. “The whole idea of the permutations came to me visually on seeing the so-called Divine Tautology in print. It looked wrong, to me, non-symmetrical. The biggest word, That, belonged in the middle but all I had to do wa...
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Ajblogs, Daba, Brion Gysin, Ian Sommerville, Alec Mapes Frances

Are All-Female- Or All-BIPOC-Composer Programs The Best Way To Diversify Classical Music?

For example, the group Resonance Works Pittsburgh, which has committed to make half of all works it plays by women and at least one-third by composers of color, just did an all-female-composer program. But might that limit audience interest the same way all-Beethoven concerts can? – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tags: Art, Music, Beethoven, Resonance Works Pittsburgh

French Dictionary Adds Gender-Neutral Pronoun; Education Minister Is Horrified

Because younger people are starting to use it, the lexicographers at Le Petit Robert added the pronoun iel (a portmanteau of il and elle). The education minister huffed on Twitter, “Inclusive writing is not the future of the French language,” and one MP complained to the Académie Française. – AP
Tags: Art, Words, Le Petit Robert

New Buyers Are Painting San Francisco’s Colorful Old Houses “Gentrification Gray”

“To their proponents, they’re understated and contemporary, with paint jobs that will take a beating without ever looking dirty. To their detractors, they’re unimaginative, historically inaccurate aberrations, the kind of thing an affluent biotech CEO who wears a gray Patagonia fleece vest every day might appreciate.” – The Guardian
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Song-writer Dave Frishberg, 88

His songwriting wit was for grown-ups, yet he reached his widest audience with sharpshooting ditties for kids as a regular musical contributor to ABC-TV’s long-running Saturday morning animated show “Schoolhouse Rock!” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Dave Frishberg, ABC TV

Australia’s Conservative Government Refuses To Insure Arts Against COVID Closures

“(Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Coalition) government has rejected a call by the Greens and Labor to provide Australia’s live performance sector with an insurance guarantee to guard against future cancellations and border closures due to COVID.” – The Guardian
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Qatar Says It Will Make Itself A “Vast Outdoor Art Museum” For World Cup 2022

The public art project will ultimately involve 100 installations (70 are now in place), by both local artists and Western big names such as Richard Serra and Louise Bourgeois, at stadiums, rail stations, schools and shopping areas in Doha and other cities. – Artnet
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“I Knew That My Actions Were Wrong And Illegal”: Art Dealer Inigo Philbrick Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud

He had previously pled not guilty to several charges of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft; in an apparent plea deal, he confessed to one count of wire fraud, for which he faces up to 20 years in prison and must pay $86 million in restitution. –
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A First Printing Of The US Constitution Is Now The Most Expensive Document Or Book Ever Sold At Auction

The price was $43.2 million, and the anonymous winner outbid an impromptu group of cryptocurrency players who raised money via blockchain over a few days and said they planned to put the document on public display. – Artnet
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Legendary photographer Mick Rock, "the man who shot the '70s," RIP

Legendary music photographer Mick Rock, known as "the man who shot the 70s," has died at age 72. Rock captured iconic images of Lou Reed, Queen, Debbie Harry, the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, and, of course, David Bowie, including directing Bowie's videos for "Space Odyssey," "Life on Mars," "Jean Genie," and "John, I'm Only Dancing." — Read the rest
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