The Institute of Illegal Images is a wonderland full of LSD blotter art

The walls of Mark Mccloud's San Francisco home are covered in LSD blotter art. He calls his collection the "Institute of Illegal images", and you can visit for free. Here is a 2016 interview with Mccloud inside of his home. He's a fascinating character. — Read the rest
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Dvorak’s Prophecy, the CIA, and More

My two-hour conversation with Kirill Gerstein, who hosts an indispensable weekly “webinar” dealing with musical issues, mainly focused
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An Archconservative Flips Out About The Met

The museum has an Afrofuturist room; therefore, civilization as “we” know it is ending. “Conservatives want to conserve. … But if you value history, shouldn’t you value all histories?” – Hyperallergic
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Adele Changed Spotify This Weekend

She told Spotify to quit with the shuffle on albums – and “on Saturday, the streaming giant confirmed that it had agreed to the British superstar’s request to automatically play the music in the order an artist has curated.” – Washington Post
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Professional Armorers Say Guns Belong On Film Sets

One armorer: “You can’t keep hiring people who aren’t qualified just to get your movie made because you have a time constriction. … Getting rid of the guns is not going to get rid of the problem.” – Los Angeles Times
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It’s Well Past Time To Democratize The Arts In New York

In New York, the arts’ elitism “stands in stark contrast to the middle decades of the 20th century, when the city was a haven for cash-strapped artists and New Yorkers across the income spectrum could make and enjoy a wide range of art.” – New York Daily News
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Decades Of Success As An Arts Administrator Requires Flexibility And Nimble Responses

Of course the past two years have meant near-constant revisions of goals, budgets, and the definition of success – but in Portland, the Friends of Chamber Music’s Pat Zagelow had decades of flexible crisis response to call on. – Oregon ArtsWatch
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The Best Set For A Teen Comedy Is A High School You Bought For Yourself

At American High, “the school has not had actual students in the halls for years, but it is once again home to high school drama of the sort generally captured in R-rated teenage comedies.” – The New York Times
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Bonnie Sherk Had A Performance-Based Take On Landscape Art

The artist, dead at 76, did this near an on-ramp: “A young woman was sitting on a bale of hay, surrounded by potted palm trees and 4,000 square feet of green turf, patting a Guernsey calf that was tied to a railing.” – The New York Times
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The Joys Of Playing In The Long-Locked Beatles Vault

“It is striking just how much joy is contained within the vivid and eerily detailed footage. Contrary to almost all accounts over the past 52 years, John, Paul, George and Ringo are seemingly happy.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Facebook, Via Instagram, Experiments On Teen Girls

And it harms their mental health – a lot. But “families are trapped. … Many parents say that they don’t want their children on Instagram, but they allow them to lie about their age and open accounts because, well, that’s what everyone else has done.” – The Atlantic
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A Planned Virginia Woolf Statue Is Getting Pushback Because It’s By The Thames

The inventive author, who ended her life by walking into the River Ouse, absolutely deserves a statue. But, the local council asks, does it need to be beside a river? – The Guardian (UK)
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Why Elementary Schoolkids Need This Adaptation Of The 1619 Project

“Stories about slavery for children must do more than transmit information about the past. These stories have a reparative function—they must also humanize and liberate. These stories must uplift, hope, and heal while presenting the truth of slavery’s echoes in the present.” – Slate
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Check out the photogenetic art of Ida Applebroog

This video dives into the work of Ida Applebroog, a multimedia artist who makes sculptures, drawings, and paintings. Her work explores topics such as politics, violence and power, and sexuality. One thing that strongly attracts me to her work is how imaginative and unique her characters are. — Read the rest
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US Publishing Discovers That It Skews Rather White

Following up on pledges made during protests in 2020, Penguin Random House did a self-audit for diversity. What it found: “The demographics of its authors, illustrators, translators, and other creators ‘do not reflect U.S. reader demographics when it comes to race and ethnicity.'” – Publishers Weekly
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The Synergy Between Cinematographer And Camera Operator Can Be The Lifeblood Of A Film

When it works, anyway. One cinematographer: “What I look for in an operator is basically a clone of myself. An idealized clone. Somebody who will be able to do exactly what I want, but better.” – Variety
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Come On, Britain: Give The Marbles Back

This is important to Greece: “The missing Parthenon frieze in its original state is a reminder of the country’s humiliation by the Turks, and by a British aristocrat.” And guess what? Britain can just scan the marbles and 3D print some replacements. – The Guardian (UK)
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Is The Australia Ballet Letting Go Of Tutus – And Classic Ballets?

Not forever, but the 2022 season is tutu-less thanks, new AD David Hallberg says, to the realities of pandemic programming – and “Kunstkamer, a large-scale contemporary work for 40 or more dancers (no tutus, no pointe shoes).” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, David Hallberg, Kunstkamer

The Influential Librarian Who Was Not A Goodnight Moon Fan

The book’s “widespread fame is relatively recent. Though Goodnight Moon was published in 1947, sales dropped low enough in 1951 that the book nearly went out of print—all because the children’s librarian of New York Public Library hated it.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, New York Public Library

The Woman Who Was Half Of The Mystery-Writing Duo ‘Charles Todd’ Has Died

Caroline Todd (a pen name for Caroline Watjen) and her son Charles (er, David) wrote more than 40 mysteries set in rural England after WWI. “They were one of the better mystery writers,” says historical mystery writer Rhys Bowen. – The New York Times
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Lubaina Himid Won The Turner When She Was 63

She wants her audience to understand difficulty – and the value of the grind. She says, “It’s not easy to make a painting, it’s actually very difficult. But it is possible to change something about yourself or about your surroundings or about the world.- The Guardian (UK)
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TR (And The Horse He’s Riding On) Heading To North Dakota

The Teddy Roosevelt statue that’s been in front of the American Museum of Natural History for decades will soon be bound for Minot, ND, “where it will eventually be displayed at the new Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library — located near Roosevelt’s former Badlands cattle ranches.” – The New York Times
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Do We Really Need Netflix Viewing Numbers?

Netflix has released its Top 10 lists. But “the obsession with the numbers generated by films in the first few days of their release has had … a negative effect on the quality of the films themselves, squeezing out the offbeat in favour of franchises and sequels.” –
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Masquespacio signe le Bun Burger de Milan

Le studio d’architecture intérieure espagnol, basé à Valencia, Masquespacio et créé par Ana Milena Hernández et Christophe Penasse, présente le premier projet de restaurant de la firme Bun Burgers à Turin enItalie. A travers les différents projets Bun Burgers, l’objectif était de s’éloigner des ambiances vintages ou industrielles pour opter pour un concept sophistiqué, innovant et authentique. Après la première collaboration fructueuse de Bun Burgers et Masquespacio pour le restaurant à Blign...
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Artist Kehinde Wiley: ‘The new work is about what it feels like to be young, Black and alive in the 21st century’

The US painter is famous for reimagining the western portrait tradition with Black protagonists – and for his painting of Barack Obama. Now he aims to refresh the Romantic landscape canon for his new show at the National Gallery in LondonKehinde Wiley has a love-hate relationship with western art history. “There’s something glorious about the portraits that you see of aristocrats and royal families. Something beautiful in those expansive imperialist landscapes.” But there’s a dead end. Such pain...
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