Lin-Manuel Miranda Turned Jonathan Larson’s Solo Show Into A Filmed Rock Opera

It’s not a direct adaptation: “Miranda and his co-writer Steven Levenson (Dear Evan Hansen) have added music from Larson’s other shows, tweaked some of the character arcs and even removed an entire subplot about Twinkies.” – BBC
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Apply by Jan 15 for IU’s M.A. in Arts Administration

Built to deliver practical, in-demand skills and real-world experience working with arts organizations, the O’Neill School’s M.A. in Arts Administration at Indiana University creates opportunities to learn from practitioners in the field and master innovative ways to support artists. The MAAA program is designed to develop critical skills in leadership, policy, and management so that you can help organizations evolve and move into the future. What sets the O’Neill MAAA apart? ...
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Brit Awards Scrap Male/Female Categories

Artists like Sam Smith and Will Young had previously called for the change, saying the current system excludes non-binary artists. – BBC
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NYC To Give Brooklyn Museum $50 Million

“I’ve been dreaming of this since I joined the museum a little over five years ago,” Pasternak said. “Our exhibitions and public programs have been embracing ideas for 21st-century museums, but our building is absolutely mired in the 19th century. So it’s time to catch up.” – The New York Times
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New Facility Signals San Francisco Conservatory Community Attitude

Bowes Center signals a major expansion of the Conservatory of Music, which has most of its academic and performance spaces a few blocks away on Oak Street. – MSN (San Francisco Chronicle)
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Eddie Redmayne: Playing “Danish Girl” Trans Character Was A Mistake

“No, I wouldn’t take it on now. I made that film with the best intentions, but I think it was a mistake,” Redmayne told The Sunday Times. – Variety
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Opera As Mountains To Be Summited

Matthew Aucoin finds impossibility to be a constant in the history of opera. “The art form’s first practitioners, in seventeenth-century Italy strove to re-create the effect of ancient Greek drama, which of course they had never heard.” – The New Yorker
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Writer Robert Bly, 94

He “galvanized protests against the Vietnam War and started a controversial men’s movement with a best seller that called for a restoration of primal male audacity.” – The New York Times
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We’ve Made Progress. But The Thing About Progress Is It Has To Progress…

Those without the vision to produce art as means toward an end, rather than the end itself, have placated the wealthy donors who are also the users of the product. – Alan Harrison
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Theatre Norms: Always Changing

The 19th century brought about the popularization of the proscenium arch: an architectural feature that effectively separates the audience from the actors on stage. Alongside this structural shift, a change in lighting also reinforced the separation between audience and performers. – The Conversation
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What If We Stripped Humanities Education Back To First Principles?

The Catherine Project’s commitment, borne out beautifully by our seminars thus far, is that great books are supremely egalitarian: They move and challenge us all alike. Indeed, what proves great books great is that they’ve stood the test of time. – Hedgehog Review
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‘Roger Moore collapsed one night. I thought he’d died’: how we made The Play What I Wrote

‘Ralph Fiennes strode into the dressing room and said he loved the show – we booked him there and then. The whole thing was very kick-bollocks-scramble’Sean Foley, co-writer and performerIt was all [producer] David Pugh’s fault. In 1988 I’d set up a small two-person theatre company, The Right Size, with Hamish McColl, creating work that was somewhere between European physical theatre and British variety. We’d had some success; one of our shows had transferred to the West End. One day in 2001, Da...
Tags: Theatre, David, Culture, Stage, Ralph Fiennes, Morecambe and Wise, Roger Moore, Morecambe, Foley, Toby Jones, Hamish McColl, David Pugh

The Deep Emotional Appeal Of Nature Photos

Photos of animals bypass logic and get directly to the heart. One photographer makes sure her subjects are looking directly at the camera: “We don’t have a common language, and like eye contact between humans, it creates such a connection.” – Hyperallergic
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Pianist Stephen Hough: Music Isn’t Icing On The Cake Of Life, It Is Life

Hough played the first live, streamed concert after shutdown to an empty hall in London. “It was a reminder of how important a cog music is in life. Don’t take it for granted. Tell our political leaders it’s not just entertainment.” – The Observer (UK)
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Two Books Explore What It’s Really Like To Be A Ballerina

There are dancers, and there are ballerinas. Just like there are cooks, and then there are chefs. – Alastair Macaulay
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Marvel at the brilliant space alien drawings of Barry Paul

I'm a huge fan of this incredible collection of artwork by Barry Paul. Paul makes wonderful, intricate art about aliens, UFO's, and Machines. He has such a brilliant and unique vision which is apparent throughout all of his drawings. I could look at his work all day long. — Read the rest
Tags: Art, Video, News, Barry Paul, Barry Paul Paul

Why Are Online Art Shows Phoning It In?

After all, we’ve had nearly two years to experiment and make them at least decent, if not great. – Hyperallergic
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A Man Who Helped Loot Cambodia Wants To Atone, And Recover The Artifacts

Toek Tik was “an unschooled man from a thatch-roofed hut who recently began disclosing to authorities how he oversaw hundreds of confederates as they swept through temple ruins, pillaging sculptures and other treasures.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Toek Tik

Gary Shteyngart On The Keys To Writing Novels Quickly

The novelist, who says it doesn’t get any easier no matter how many you’ve written, has a few tips like, well, write what you know; stop drinking so much; and use his “patented technique called WNW.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, Gary Shteyngart

An Appreciation Of Dave Hickey, Prolific Art Critic

Christopher Knight: “Lots of smart people write smart things about art but nobody was a better writer than Dave. … Hickey, a brilliant and cantankerous wit, wrote for the ear. His work needed reading, not scanning, and rewarded effort with pleasure.” – Los Angeles Times
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An Ancient Book’s Journey From Irish Bog To Museum

It was a scary path. “Archaeologists placed the ‘conglomeration’ of squashed pages, leather and turf in a walk-in cold store in the museum at 4C. But there was no manual in the world to guide Gillis on how to go about the task.” – The Guardian (UK)
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San Antonio Symphony Musicians Strike To Prevent Personnel And Pay Cuts

Mary Ellen Goree, principal second violin: “I cannot sit on stage in my chair knowing that 26 of my colleagues lost their jobs just so I could hold onto two-thirds of mine. … It’s a moral issue.” – Spectrum News (San Antonio)
Tags: Art, Music, San Antonio, Spectrum News, Mary Ellen Goree

Songs Forevermore: Marnie Weber's incredible new exhbit at ODD ARK•LA

The Day of Forevermore (Trailer) If you're in LA, be sure to check out artist Marnie Weber's incredible new exhibit at ODD ARK•LA. The exhibit will be open until December 4th, and features 250 unique hand painted/collaged album covers for the soundtrack to her feature film, The Day Of Forevermore. — Read the rest
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How Saturday Night Live Turned Itself Into The Internet

“Given the anxious state of the world today, watching the show has started to feel uncannily like doomscrolling through a social-media feed.” That’s mixed with daffy bits, of course – just like Twitter. – The Atlantic
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The Documentary Effect

In recent weeks, documentaries about R. Kelly, Britney Spears, Malcolm X’s killers, and Julius Jones appear to have had real-world effects. Why now? Theory: Unscripted content is cheaper; there’s more of it; and social media exists. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, Julius Jones, Kelly Britney Spears Malcolm X

Lockdown Band The Verinos Tells Middle-Aged Women It’s Time To Make More Music

“‘Often there’s that idea that you’re just going to dig your garden and go to Zumba or visit a National Trust property,’ songwriter and guitarist Ruth Miller said. ‘We want to be in a punk band. We don’t want to just watch daytime TV.'” – BBC
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How Pianist Bruce Liu Won The Chopin Competition

According to the Canadian pianist Liu, the answer after an extra COVID year was spontaneity. “That was the challenge, actually: to not get bored of yourself after playing these pieces and practising them for thousands of hours.” – CBC
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This Year, Says The Palme D’Or Winner, Women Kicked ‘Serious Ass’ In Film

The winner at Cannes, Julia Ducournau is excited “about the current boom in female horror; she particularly rates British films by Rose Glass (Saint Maud) and Alice Lowe (Prevenge).” Women, she says, have a special relationship with horror. – The Observer (UK)
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PING PANG, quand le mobilier change les règles du jeu

Conçue par le studio de design EXERCICE, la collection PING PANG a été imaginée pour apporter un nouveau regard sur le tennis de table et proposer aux utilisateurs une nouvelle pratique de ce sport centenaire.   ORIGINE DU PROJET Ce projet ludique a été présenté pour la première fois en 2019 à Pantin, à l’occasion de la nuit blanche. Un ensemble de raquettes aux formes fantastiques accompagnait alors les tables, qui ont un peu évolué depuis. Au vue de l’intérêt suscité par leur travail, les deu...
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We Need To Puncture Our Knowledge Bubbles

“What we don’t know — about the lives of our neighbors and fellow citizens and why they think the way they do — is almost as important as what we do know.” – The New York Times
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