Duolingo’s Weird Sentences Show Us How Our Brains Work

It’s all about “reward prediction errors” and “the sweet spot between rote and nonsensical.” Once you’ve learned the Swedish for “a clean reindeer” or the Yiddish for “a zebra in a pyramid,” you’re less likely to forget them. – Slate
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Executive Administrator of the Southeastern Piano Festival

The University of South Carolina School of Music is accepting applications for an Executive Administrator for the Southeastern Piano Festival (SEPF). This part-time position will begin July 1, 2022. Position Summary: Reporting to the Dean of the University of South Carolina School of Music, the Executive Administrator is a newly created position tasked with coordinating SEPF organizational activities. Areas of responsibility will include budget and day-to-day operations. The Executive Ad...
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Art Basel Miami Returns – But Will Collectors?

As Art Basel returns to the Miami Beach Convention Center from Thursday through Saturday with 253 galleries from 36 countries and territories, it meets a pent-up demand — you could say that the supply chain for a certain kind of prestige fair has been unclogged. – The New York Times
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Crowdfunders Raised $50 Million In Crypto To Buy A Copy Of The Constitution. Now, A Problem…

Returning that much money has been a tricky process, though. Backers have to manually request refunds, so even a week later, tens of millions of dollars are still sitting in ConstitutionDAO’s pockets. – The Verge
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Toronto’s 127-Year-Old Massey Hall Gets A Massive Update

The goal of restoring a building, preserving its character while also updating it to suit today’s needs, was a monumental task done under the scrutiny of heritage departments and building inspectors, and many of Canada’s top musicians and music historians. – CBC
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If Harold Fox's art isn't on your radar, you're missing out

Harold Fox is an outstanding painter who's shown his work at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles five times, which is how I recently found out about him. I wish I would have known about his work earlier in my life. — Read the rest
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Ode To The Intimate Pleasures Of The Harpsichord

The piano is the instrument of expressive individualism; the harpsichord is the instrument of a vibrant, discursive life of the mind. It is the glorious vestige of an era when music was free from the impossible burdens that Romantics placed upon it. – First Things
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France Inducts Josephine Baker Into Its Pantheon

On Tuesday, a coffin carrying soils from the U.S., France and Monaco — places where Baker made her mark — will be deposited inside the domed Pantheon monument overlooking the Left Bank of Paris. Her body will stay in Monaco, at the request of her family. – Baltimore Sun
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When Each Of Us Is Turning Into An Investment Opportunity

Parallel shifts in culture and technology are forging a new paradigm. The rules around how we create and capture economic value are being rewritten, opening up new roads to the kind of wealth creation previously limited to a select few. – The Atlantic
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Team Finds Ancient Illiad Mosaic 100 Miles North Of London

A decade on from uncovering the remains of King Richard III under a car park, the university’s archaeological team have unearthed a Roman mosaic featuring the great Greek hero of Achilles in battle with brave Hector during the Trojan War. – AP
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Team Finds Ancient Iliad Mosaic 100 Miles North Of London

A decade on from uncovering the remains of King Richard III under a car park, the university’s archaeological team have unearthed a Roman mosaic featuring the great Greek hero of Achilles in battle with brave Hector during the Trojan War. – AP
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Grappling With The Enormity Of Losing Sondheim

Sondheim deserves a spot on playwriting’s Mt. Rushmore, for his contribution to the theater is as significant from a literary as it is from a musical standpoint. – Los Angeles Times
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Sondheim Placed The Musical Firmly At The Heart Of American Culture

Before the pandemic, his songs permeated U.S. media. “His primacy within wider culture came from the widest possible acknowledgement that not only had Sondheim created a succession of groundbreaking hits, but that in the mostly reactionary world of the American musical, he was a revolutionary.” – The Guardian (UK)
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‘He was a god for us’: actors on being side by side with Stephen Sondheim

Musical theatre stars Jenna Russell, Daniel Evans and Janie Dee remember working with their hero, and the unique demands and rewards of his songsSam Mendes: ‘He was passionate, utterly open, sharp as a knife’So much of his work is about love. People talk about it being cold but as a teenage girl all I could feel from it was warmth. The songs are ridiculously rich. I’d play the original cast recording of Company again and again, in the front room. I remember my mum came in with her rubber gloves ...
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Hollywood Celebs Are Starting Their Own Creative High Schools

With so many projects in production, “there’s an enormous amount of jobs in editing, in visual effects, in makeup and hair, that we can, that we should, be able to access. Why not access it with all of this young talent that we have in our own backyard? – The Hollywood Reporter
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Twelve Functions of Arts Management

Ask any arts professional or arts-management academic about the “functions” of arts management and they will likely have a ready list in mind. Production, marketing, management, finance, accounting, fundraising, and such, are common to division of labor in the arts. They show up in department names, job titles, conference workshops, and curriculum requirements in arts management degrees. But I haven’t seen many efforts to capture and sort these functions in more durable and consistent ways – or ...
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When Non-Horror Movies Feel A Lot Like Horror

“How do you know if you’re watching a horror movie when there’s no killer or monster, exorcism or blood? It’s a decades-old question that’s being asked about new films that blur the line between a movie with horror and a horror movie.” – The New York Times
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Netflix May Dominate The First Awards Of The Season

The Gotham Awards sees Netflix’s Passing and The Lost Daughter square off on the movie side, and let’s not even get into what may happen with Squid Game for TV. – Variety
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Good Thing Library Fines Are Out Of Style

A sequel to Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm was checked out in 1910 and returned, anonymously, to the Garden City library near Boise, Idaho. – NBC
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Repatriation Of Benin’s Bronzes Should Be Only The Beginning

Museums in Europe and the U.S. have more to do to help Nigeria showcase the bronzes safely and well, argues an advisor to a new museum in Nigeria. “It will take time, patience, and deep discussions about establishing practices that will guide these decisions going forward.” – Hyperallergic
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NPR’s Books Rec App Changes Its Name, Keeps Its Attitude

NPR’s beloved books editor Petra Mayer died a few weeks ago, and so “Books We Love” is named and created “in the spirit of Petra that we don’t do best [books]. We do the greatest books for you, whatever you want to read.” – NPR
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An Ancient University Gets An Addition And A Makeover

Rowan Moore is mostly a fan of two Oxford colleges’ innovations, but he adds, “All of [this] leaves me wishing there was more work like this outside the privileged enclaves of Oxford.” – The Observer (UK)
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Recovering From A Rough Gig At SNL, Natasha Rothwell Hit It Big On Insecure

The showrunner for Insecure, where Rothwell, post-writing gig at Saturday Night Live, has written and played Kelli: “The idea that anybody would try to f— squash her talent or try to keep her brilliance under a lampshade — like, can you imagine?” – Los Angeles Times
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Virgil Abloh, A Barrier-Breaking Designer Who Was Compared To Warhol And Koons, Has Died At 41

Abloh was a theorist with sometimes controversial opinions on fashion. “For him clothes were not garments but fungible totems of identity that sat at the nexus of art, music, politics and philosophy.” – The New York Times
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Developers In Britain Are Challenged To Stop Destroying And Start Retrofitting

That’s in order to save the world – no, really. “Our throwaway building culture is one of the key reasons that UK construction has such an appalling carbon footprint. The planning system could make re-use of existing buildings the default.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Broadway Gathers To Mourn Sondheim

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban, members of every Broadway show up right now, and many, many other people gathered “on the red stairs above TKTS in Times Square” to sing the composer’s “Sunday.” – Variety
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Land Acknowledgements Are Exhibitionist Pabulum

“A land acknowledgment is what you give when you have no intention of giving land. It is like a receipt provided by a highway robber, noting all the jewels and gold coins he has stolen. … It is difficult to exaggerate the superficiality of these statements.” – The Atlantic
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Return engagement

Once again, I have been absent without leave from this space, mainly because I was overwhelmed with work (the theater season is now going at full speed) but also for personal reasons (my girlfriend’s mother has been ill). It will take a bit more time for me to ramp all the way up to a full schedule of postings, including links to the Wall Street Journal theater reviews and other pieces that came out during my unplanned absence. Nevertheless, I’m going to make a determined effort to resum...
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Are We Truly Ready For The First Pandemic Novels?

It’s not over yet, so perhaps not. “In the hospitals, there has been something like a wartime atmosphere of disaster, but for so many of us, lockdown was a period of waiting. The challenge for writers is to create narrative out of people staying at home.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Huge star atop Sagrada Família rekindles residents’ complaints

Locals in Barcelona accuse religious foundation in charge of Gaudí‘s masterpiece of highhandednessA gigantic 12-pointed star was installed on Monday on one of the main towers of the basilica of the Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece that has been a work in progress since 1882.But the star is unlikely to brighten the mood of local residents whose lives have been blighted for years by the city’s biggest tourist attraction, which before the pandemic brought 60,000 visitors a day to the are...
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