Jane Campion’s Bones

“I’m an old dog in the game,” Campion says, smiling. “I’m careful about the bones I care to chew on. I want something with a deep enough scope, something that will hold up.” – Los Angeles Times
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Florida School Called TikTok High, After Dance Videos

The videos featuring students – many of them uniformed athletes at Venice High School – dancing at the school with the staircase as their backdrop, as well as parody and reaction videos, have racked up millions of views in recent weeks. – Patch
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Chicago Art Institute Fired Its Docents – A Struggle To Redefine American Museums

The ramifications of what happened at the Art Institute will play out for years. Depending who’s talking, it’s about diversity, gratitude or merely the future of museums. – MSN (Chicago Tribune)
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A Dancer Who Doesn’t Look Like The Others

The 23-year-old has returned to dance from injury and uses his wheelchair and crutches to perform. He said it should be easier for others like him to enter the profession in future. – BBC
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How Amazon Made Book Selling The Way We Read

The populist turn has put into question whether a comparatively very small group of authors—no matter how diverse—should really hog the scholarly limelight, especially when their productions constitute such an unrepresentative sample of all the imaginative or fictional texts. – BookForum
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Mezzo Jamie Barton Intends To Dismantle The Patriarchy, Or At Least Its Standard Opera Repertory

“I’ve spent a lot of years doing roles where I’m the third person in a love triangle, … and the lead soprano almost always has to kill herself, and those stories are 1,000% created by the patriarchy, and I’m not interested in them anymore.” – The Guardian
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Oscar Tang Dynasty: Met Renames Wing for $125-Million Donor & Ups Its “Emergency Relief Fund” to $100 Million

At some cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum, naming rights can have expiration dates. That famously happened with the
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Bookstore Lost 400,000 Books In A Fire. Then The Community Stepped Up

Thousands of books, filling two shipping containers, have been donated – and more are coming in all the time. – The Leader
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Why It’s So Difficult To Design Communities Resilient To Climate Change

The recent passage of a $1.2 trillion federal infrastructure bill is a big step toward tackling some of those problems, but as East River Park shows, even when money is at hand, our convoluted systems often make it difficult or impossible to find consensus and work at the speed and scale required. – The New York Times
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Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor in Choreography

University of California Los Angeles Requisition Number: JPF07063 The Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance (WACD) in the School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA invites applications for a tenure-track (Assistant or Associate Professor) position specializing in choreography/dance. The ideal candidate has an active choreographic profile, is committed to time-based performance as a form, and is preferably working from a perspective and practice not currently represented by the exi...
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The Diagram Prize For The Oddest Book Title Of 2021 Goes To —

Is Superman Circumcised?, which is, in fact, a serious study of the origins of the DC Comics character (subtitle: “The Complete Jewish History of the World’s Greatest Hero”). It won the public vote against five other finalists by 28 percentage points. – The Bookseller (UK)
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Feed your head with "OM II" by video artist Myron Ort

Warning: flashing lights. Artist Myron Ort makes some pretty interesting psychedelic videos.  Psychedelic series 1968-1972: "OM II" utilizes experimental film techniques such as multiple exposure and optical printing. Ort also painted on his film, adding to the surreal nature of his artwork. — Read the rest
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Spain’s “Scrap Cathedral”

Using bricks and wood scavenged from building sites, shards of stained glass, and stacked oil drums for pillars, former monk Justo Gallego spent six decades constructing a church of his own design in outer Madrid. He died last weekend, but a nonprofit will finish the building. – Yahoo! (AFP)
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NBC’s Live “Annie” Was “Pleasant”

You probably tuned in to NBC’s “Annie Live!” for one reason: to see if it would be a train wreck. – Washington Post
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The Pivot That Got One Of L.A.’s Biggest Dance Centers Through The Pandemic

“In August, the Los Angeles-area stalwart the Lab closed its dance space, a 12,000-square-foot location. … Instead, it has transformed from a dance studio into a ‘creative agency and lifestyle brand,’ as its website says — a feat of survival, and a strategic one.” – The New York Times
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Paul McCarthy's 1995 performance piece "Painter" is on another level

Artist Paul McCarthy made "Painter" in 1995. This was the first video I ever saw of his performance work. McCarthy works in many other mediums including drawing, painting, and sculpture, which are all equally interesting to me. The grotesque humor, nightmarish costumes, and surreal characters in this performance are remarkable. — Read the rest
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It’s Not You: Why It’s Getting More Difficult To Understand Movie Dialogue

“It’s really a gumbo, an accumulation of problems that have been exacerbated over the last 10 years … that’s kind of this time span where all of us in the filmmaking community are noticing that dialogue is harder and harder to understand.” – Slash Film
Tags: Art, Media

The Choreographer Who Designs Movement For People To Use Computers With

Lins Derry “is one of the world’s foremost experts on the design of choreographic interfaces: the practice of using carefully designed bodily motions (think: using ‘pinch-to-zoom’ or swiping right or left on your mobile device) to bring humans and computers into productive dialogue.” – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Dance, Lins Derry

After 25 Years, “Citizen Ruth” Is Relevant Again, And Star Laura Dern Is Very Pleased

In this Q&A, she says that in 1996, Harvey Weinstein and Miramax deliberately buried the movie, but that young people today (including her daughter’s friends) have discovered it and love it, especially now that Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy. – Vulture
Tags: Art, Featured, Media, Harvey Weinstein, Laura Dern, Roe V Wade, Miramax

Antony Sher, One Of Britain’s Great Stage Actors, Dead At 72

He was an accomplished writer and screen actor, but he was most famed for theatre classics from Shakespeare to Pinter. In 1985, for Richard III and Torch Song Trilogy, he became, he said, “the first actor to win an [Olivier] for playing both a king and a queen.” – BBC
Tags: Art, People, Britain, Shakespeare, Richard III, Antony Sher, Olivier, Pinter

Sondheim And The Art Of Mentoring

As a mentor, as a letter writer, as an audience member who showed up far beyond Broadway to witness new work, he quietly, faithfully nurtured generations of theater makers. – The New York Times
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NPR Morning Edition Host Noel King Is Leaving For A Sort-Of Competitor

She is moving to Vox Media as editorial director and co-host (with current host Sean Rameswaram) of Today, Explained, Vox’s morning news podcast. What’s more, WNYC has agreed to distribute Today, Explained to public radio stations nationwide. – Axios
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Four Constraints of Arts Enterprise

Why is it that some arts initiatives or disciplines tend toward commercial markets, others non-commercial? Some tend toward complex and durable nonprofit organizational forms and some toward episodic projects? Some are independent of major media companies and others deeply dependent? And how and why do some initiatives evolve from one dynamic to another over time — from a scrappy and episodic theater collective, for example, to full-on corporate, venue-owning not-for-profit (like Steppenwolf)? ...
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Antony Sher: a consummate Shakespearean and a man of staggering versatility

One of the most gifted actors of his era, Sher – who has died aged 72 – combined psychology and a keen sense of the visual in soul-baring performancesAntony Sher, who has died at the age of 72, was a man of staggering versatility. As well as being a brilliant actor, he was an accomplished artist and writer. But, far from being separate, his three careers all fed into each other: you only to have to look at his sketches of Richard III in his book Year of the King to see how his draughtsman’s eye ...
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Medieval Rock-Hewn Churches Of Lalibela Retaken By Ethiopian Government Forces

The UNESCO World Heritage Site and pilgrimage center has been one of the battlegrounds in the civil war between Ethiopia’s central government and rebels from Tigray province, whose forces captured the town in August. – Al Jazeera
Tags: Art, Ethiopia, Unesco World Heritage Site, Visual, Tigray province, Lalibela Retaken By Ethiopian Government Forces

Biggest-Ever Vermeer Show Is Coming, And It Could Be The Last

At least two dozen of the 35 surviving paintings of Johannes Vermeer will be on display in the spring of 2023 at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, whose director says he expects to borrow every Vermeer that isn’t too fragile to travel. – The Guardian
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Why Sexual Grooming And Abuse Seem To Happen So Often In Ballet

“Unfortunately, ballet’s rigid hierarchy, job scarcity and conditioning of dancers to be compliant makes it a comfortable environment for perpetrators to thrive in.” Kathleen McGuire examines how it happens and what might be done to prevent it. – Pointe Magazine
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Antony Sher, celebrated actor on stage and screen, dies aged 72

His vivid and moving performances, including an Olivier award-winning Richard III, made Sher one of the world’s most respected theatre actorsSir Antony Sher, one of British theatre’s most acclaimed and respected stage actors, has died of cancer at the age of 72. His terminal illness was revealed in September, when the Royal Shakespeare company announced that its artistic director, Sher’s husband, Gregory Doran, would be taking compassionate leave to care for him.Sher’s death was announced on Fri...
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He went down to the crossroads

In today’s Wall Street Journal I review the Lantern Theater Company’s hybrid-theater streaming production of Me and the Devil. Here’s an excerpt. *  *  * Robert Johnson’s celebrity was wholly posthumous, the result of the 29 records that he cut in 1936 and 1937. An itinerant regional blues singer and guitarist born in Mississippi in 1911, he performed mainly in small towns in the Mississippi Delta, and his death at age 27 prevented him from attaining wider renown. Very little is known of...
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Replay: Cream plays “Crossroads”

Cream plays Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads” live at Fillmore West in 1968: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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