The Radical Restriction of Perspective?

Christopher Lasch The Minimal Self (1984) Philip Roth once observed, before this kind of observation became a cliché, that the writer's imagination falters in the face of contemporary "actuality," which "is continually outdoing our talents." ... Our culture "tosses up figures almost daily that are the envy of any novelist.". ... In their bafflement and disgust, many writers turn away from the "grander social and political phenomena of our times"...and "take the self as their subject": the "s...
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Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser shares the importance of collaboration!

Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, Barrett Principal Education Conductor & Community Ambassador, shares the impact of collaboration and the importance of understanding time in the arts.
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‘There’s always been an affinity between Christmas and ghosts’: Mark Gatiss on the joy of festive frights

The writer and actor puts the ghoul into yule with screen and stage roles reprising haunting classics from Charles Dickens and MR JamesClose the curtains. Light the fire. Then prepare to be terrified; it’s Christmas. For although the word “cosy” may be closely tied to festivities at this time of year, so it seems is the word “ghost”.In northern Europe people understandably cope with the shorter days and darker evenings by drawing in around a roaring hearth, metaphorical or otherwise. Light and w...
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Why did we all draw that "S"

Now that I'm on the outside, I try not to think about my time in school too often. Sometimes I can't shake it. Whether it's sneaking a couple of candy cigarettes behind an authority figure's back or flashing back to the community shower time in middle school when I go to Planet Fitness, I'm forever institutionalized. — Read the rest
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Q&A Sessions: ‘I am a product of opportunities’ — Theo Baloyi

Theo Baloyi, motivated by his love for sneakers and his goal of reducing unemployment, founded Bathu in 2015. He shares his transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur The post Q&A Sessions: ‘I am a product of opportunities’ — Theo Baloyi appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why Is Reflection Important?

Reflecting is an important tool in the drama classroom, and an essential part of personal growth. If your students ask you why reflections are important, here are five reasons you can give them: 1. Students can contemplate what was taught and work towards applying it. Sometimes students need some time to process the lessons learned […]
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