Weren’t The Golden Globes Supposed To Just Go Away?

Why are they still here? “Hollywood as a whole called on the HFPA to exit stage left, take a beat and come back stronger (and more diverse, more legitimate) in 2023. But, alas, Monday is happening.” – Washington Post
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In The Early Days Of Lockdown, We Were All Going To Read Proust Or Something

That’s not exactly what happened (perhaps not a surprise, what with global trauma and death?). – The Guardian (UK)
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West Side Story, Reviewed Rapturously, Isn’t Performing Well In Theatres

And no, that’s not because “Gen Z doesn’t like musicals” or something like that. Instead, it’s a Spielberg problem. “Over the last 20 years, he has worked, numerous times now, in a self-styled obsessive genre that I would call the Metaphorical Topical Statement.” – Variety
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Expelled Member Of Golden Globes Sues Organization

The lawsuit claims that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association expelled Magnus Sundholm to get back at his partner, who had been a whistleblower against the group. – Los Angeles Times
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The Engineer Who Became A Dance-Battle Musician

Jlin: “Math is my first love, not music, though they’re both one and the same.” – NPR
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The Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Said He Wasn’t The Made-For-TV Group’s Only Real Musician

Nesmith was called “the quiet Monkee” by the marketers behind the TV show, but “he was musician enough to have a modest solo career after Monkee mania faded at the end of the 1960s, and that led him into a role in music-television history.” – The New York Times
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Remember When Warner Bros Decided To Put 2021’s New Movies On Streaming?

Turns out that much complained about and, to Hollywood, highly disruptive move was a winner for its streamer, HBO Max. Through day-and-date movie releases including Dune, “HBO Max may have found a way to hack the streaming wars.” – Wired
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We’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Method Acting

Or at least some of us have, according to the reaction to a New Yorker profile of actor Jeremy Strong. There’s “a sense that the emperor’s method nudity has finally been exposed for what it is: pretentious, performative, narcissistic nonsense.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Best Literary Descriptions Of Snow

Sometimes it’s better to read than to experience. “I think I like winter weather best when it’s on the page and not the thing standing between me and the closest bar or the corner bodega when I’m out of popcorn.” – LitHub
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Casting a Net for Dance

What is Indra’s Net?  To begin with, it’s the name of Meredith Monk’s newest work. Yes, but what is it?  In Buddhism, it alludes to the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Author Anne Rice Has Died At 80

Rice, whose Interview with the Vampire was a huge hit, died from complications of a stroke, her son reported. Rice’s Gothic novels and massive popularity meant her book signings were “shows attracting dancers and fans in costume.” – The New York Times
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Two Seattle Artists Have Been Charged With Faking Native American Ancestry And Art

“By flooding the market with counterfeit Native American art and craftwork, these crimes cheat the consumer, undermine the economic livelihood of Native American artists, and impair Indian culture,” said a law enforcement official. – NPR (AP)
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The Secret History Of Sesame Street

Photos shot as part of Cold War propaganda in 1970 show the utopian ideals – including Jim Henson’s love of creativity and everyone’s experimentation to reach kids with the least money and hope, and show them a world of possibility. – The Guardian (UK)
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What Is West Side Story – A Musical? A Film? Why Not An Opera?

Even as the new movie is playing in theatres, “everything about how West Side Story has unfolded suggests opera might be an ideal form to move the needle.” – Los Angeles Times
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Barry Harris Was A Jazz Pianist Who Embodied The Spirit Of Bebop

The 91-year-old musician and teacher may have contracted COVID-19 at one final performance where he received the Jazz Master award from the NEA. – Washington Post
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Rare Footage Of The Early Years Of An Independent Ireland

The stories a grandfather on the Dingle Peninsula told his grandson of a visiting American, a scholar who took video with a hand-crank camera, led to the discovery in Chicago of hours of silent film reels from 1925 and 1926. – The New York Times
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A Frosty Vision

Toby Pond MIRAGE Walking solo in frigid weather through familiar woods past rolling hills and fields now turned to chill of winter, I saw on Toby Pond a raft of mallards floating there like peace on water — a kind of mirage. Then darkness came in the waning light, and I walked on. — JH
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Is Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Ready To Go The Way of Garbo?

The actor, in the middle of yet another Marvel publicity tour, says he’s about ready to quit acting and return to his first love, dancing. – The Guardian (UK)
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Late Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld's estate sale sold 3 Rolls-Royces for $1.33 million — take a closer look

Lagerfeld's three Rolls-Royces.VALERY HACHE/Getty Images The late Karl Lagerfeld's first estate sale brought in an impressive $13.5 million, quadrupling estimates. The legend's Rolls-Royce cars sold for $1.33 million combined, collecting nearly $75,000 above expectations. The cars' worth can be attributed to the spike in luxury car demand and Lagerfeld's legacy. Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019, was a creative director, fashion designer, and artist known for his work wit...
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Broadway’s Return Is Earning A D-Minus In Gender And Sexual Orientation

Honestly, Broadway, Mrs. Doubtfire? (But that musical, filled with outright transphobic tropes, isn’t alone in its missteps.) – American Theatre
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The Poems Of Locked Down Paris Poets

One poet sped home from a teaching gig in Lebanon; another was diagnosed with breast cancer as the pandemic burst forth. “In many ways, their poems also convey just how different their lives were, even though they were living just 5 miles from each other.” – NPR
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The Depths Of Art, And Lies

“Nonfiction writers make mistakes, too, of course. But not on the first page. As soon as I discovered my falsehood, I vowed to turn my back on nonfiction forever and write nothing but poetry, a genre in which you’re encouraged to lie.” – LitHub
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Catholic Protesters Shut Down This Singer’s Concerts In Paris, So She Held A Secret Gig

Why? “Protesters accused Anna von Hausswolff of playing the ‘devil’s music.’ But the priest who cancelled her planned Paris show said that was wrong.” What year is this again? – BBC
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Can Peleton Sue Over That Appearance In Sex And The City?

Maybe! No spoilers (in this summary; the article contains a lot of spoilers), but “Peloton could reasonably consider litigation, especially if HBO did not disclose the story line involving the product.” – The New York Times
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Two Washington men charged for falsely claiming to be Native American artists in order to sell counterfeit art and craftwork

A person browses offerings in the Raven's Nest Treasure shop in Pike Place Market, Friday, Dec. 10, 2021, in Seattle.AP Photo/Ted S. Warren Two Washington artists falsely claimed Nez Percé and San Carlos Apache tribal membership. The pair sold pendants, totem poles, and masks under the guise of tribal affiliation. Misrepresenting goods as being produced by Indigenous peoples violates federal law. Washington residents Lewis Anthony Rath, 52, and Jerry Chris Van Dyke, 67, were investigated ...
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