The Making Of Tom Stoppard

The creation of Tom Stoppard, the man as well as the artist, began with a kind of extraordinary disappearing act. – The Nation
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Artpark – Director of Development

Organization Artpark is both a park and a cultural institution located on the Niagara Gorge in Western New York. A collaboration between the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation and the cultural nonprofit institution Artpark & Company, Artpark serves as a cultural ecosystem that presents a diverse multidisciplinary program in the performing and visual arts. Artpark’s mix of indoor and outdoor venues provides a unique opportunity to experience the direct conne...
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Marketing Manager

The Opportunity Kupferberg Center for the Arts (KCA) seeks a resourceful, self-motivated, and versatile Marketing Manager who will be responsible for developing and implementing diverse marketing initiatives in support of KCA’s programs and in alignment with its mission of providing high-quality accessible and affordable cultural attractions to the Queens College community and the borough’s 2.4 million residents. The largest multi-disciplinary arts entity in the borough of Queens, KCA pre...
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Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor of Theatre Arts (Playwriting)

Columbia University School of the Arts invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor of Theatre Arts (playwriting: tenure-track/tenured) in the Faculty of the Arts. The successful candidate will oversee the MFA Playwriting Concentration. Duties include: leading in the identification and selection of MFA playwriting candidates; teaching and mentoring students; and recommending part-time adjunct faculty for appointment for classes in theatre, f...
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Cricut Everything Materials Bundle $99.99 (reg. $247.83) + Free Shipping!

Today is the last day to order for Christmas delivery! If you have a Cricut or are getting one for Christmas, don’t miss this deal! There is huge value in this bundle! Get this Cricut Everything Materials Bundle for only $99.99 (reg. $247.83)! Get free shipping on $99+ orders with Promo Code DECSHIP Included: Foil... Read More
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New Yorker Writers Choose Their Favorite Books Of 2021

Nuff said. – The New Yorker
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Dvorak Predicted Black And Indigenous Music Was the Future Of Classical Music. Why Didn’t It Happen?

In a depressingly familiar trope, Joseph Horowitz exposes a deliberateness in denying Black and Indigenous composers and musicians their role in America’s classical-music development. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, America, Dvorak, Joseph Horowitz

Is The Metaverse Inevitable?

It’s said to be a “quasi-successor to the Internet,” with comparable impact and importance, that will give users an individual “presence.” – The Walrus
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The Tangled Up Politics Of Post-Modernism

Regardless of whether we call our time “postmodern” or “neoliberal,” the present feels ripe for a more widespread understanding of the dialectical relationship between culture and politics—our lifestyles, beliefs, preferences, and tastes, on the one hand, and the material circumstances of our lives, on the other. – The Nation
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Peloton Wins The Internet With Viral Ad Featuring Mr. Big

Peloton bounced back in a big way: It resurrected Mr. Big for a commercial featuring none other than Peter Noth and Peloton instructor Jessica King. The dramatic advertisement quickly blew up online, amassing more than 45,000 likes on Twitter and spurring a slew of headlines. – Los Angeles Times
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The Politics Of Big Bird (And Sesame Street)

It is political not in a partisan sense but because the way we teach and protect children — and choose which children to teach and protect — is inevitably bound up in politicized ideas. – The New York Times
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Why Would Vladimir Putin Be A Sponsor Of An Art Show About European Unity?

The message is clear: We are all made up of the same fundamental parts. Biologically, that might be true. Yet, Russia has never quite fit into Europe’s politics and culture. – The New York Times
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Groundbreaking Critic Robert Farris Thompson, 88

He spoke and wrote of African civilizations as infinitely varied ethical, philosophical and aesthetic systems. To grasp their complexity and sophistication, he said, required a “guerrilla scholarship” that combined art history, anthropology, dance history, religious studies, sociology and ethnomusicology. – The New York Times
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Could You Live A Meaningful Life In A Virtual World?

“I think what happens in virtual worlds can, in principle, be very significant. You can build a meaningful life in a virtual world. We can get into deep social and political discussions and decisions about the shape of society in a virtual world.” – The New York Times
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Mark Rothko’s Seagram Murals: What Makes Them Great Art

It is precisely the possibility of exercising choice wherein our lot differs from that of the artists of the past. For choice implies responsibility to one’s conscience, and, in the conscience of the artist, the Truth of Art is foremost. — Mark Rothko Born Marcus Rothkowitz in 1903, the painter Mark Rothko immigrated with his family from Russia at age 10, fleeing the persecution of Jews in his home country. He grew up poor in Portland, Oregon, won a scholarship to Yale in 1921, but “foun...
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Banksy Is Selling T-Shirts To Help Four Protesters Accused Of Harming A Statue

The statue, in Bristol, was of a man who made the area rich through the triangle trade – “which kidnapped Africans and transported them to the Americas as slaves, then shipped the cotton and sugar they produced there to Britain to fuel the industrial revolution.’ – The Guardian (UK)
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What To See When Geffen Hall Reopens Two Years Early In 2022

Rather than face the unenviable task of enticing post-pandemic audiences to a substandard hall, Lincoln Center and the Philharmonic will unveil an eagerly awaited, transformed venue almost two years early. – Architectural Record
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What Actually Makes People Smarter Isn’t Doing A Bunch Of Brain Booster Puzzles

Sorry to the Sudoku fans (not that it hurts to do Sudoku, or crosswords, for that matter) – but what makes people smarter is working on problems together. – Slate
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A Dance Collective Formed In The Pandemic Decides To Go Big

The pandemic hit dancers hard. The president of a new dance network: “We all feel the rhythm in our hearts and we move, and so that’s what we stand to do and that belief, that need existed long before the pandemic … and it will exist long afterwards.” – KLCC (Oregon)
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Maps of Renaissance Tuscany on show for first time in 20 years

First large-scale representations of region are back on display at Uffizi Galleries in FlorenceMaps depicting Renaissance Tuscany are back on display at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence after being hidden from public view for more than 20 years.The wall paintings were commissioned in the late 1500s by Ferdinando I de’ Medici after the republic of Florence’s conquering of its rival Siena led to the creation the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and depict the newly unified territory. Continue reading...
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Pour One Out For The Smallest Target In The World

It was performance art, a performance piece that stood for years, crumbling in the Texas desert and sun. – Glasstire
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Chente Has Left The Rancho

Vincente Fernández was a “debonair Mexican crooner with the buttery baritone whose romantic rancheras and timeless folk anthems defined the grit and romance of his turbulent homeland and elevated him to a cultural icon for generations of fans throughout Latin America and beyond.” – Los Angeles Times
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Weren’t The Golden Globes Supposed To Just Go Away?

Why are they still here? “Hollywood as a whole called on the HFPA to exit stage left, take a beat and come back stronger (and more diverse, more legitimate) in 2023. But, alas, Monday is happening.” – Washington Post
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The Issues With West Side Story Can’t Be Solved By Untranslated Spanish

Indeed, the Spanish “obscures the fact that the entire film and its depiction of Puerto Rican communities are still inherently mediated through the story’s original white male creators, and now, through the film’s white director, white screenwriter, white cinematographer, and mostly white producers.” – Slate
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Live Music Is Collapsing Again In The UK

At least, live pop music is seeing its attendance take another dive; some artists estimate that as many as 40 percent of those who have tickets aren’t showing up at venues. – The Observer (UK)
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A Virus Outbreak Has Delayed The La Scala Ballet Opening

The venue “has postponed its ballet season premiere after a coronavirus outbreak in its ranks, just days after the famed Milan theater staged its high-profile opera season opener with a full-capacity audience.” – Voice of America News (AP)
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Yay, Winning A Pulitzer Price For Drama, But Yikes, Winning It In April 2020

The absolute worst time to win, perhaps, but Michael R. Jackson’s Strange Loop somehow persisted through every theatre in the world being dark and every potential audience member on lockdown. – NPR
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What’s Going To Happen To Democracy?

No one really knows. “I have many ideas for how we might improve democracy in the United States, but it is genuinely difficult for me to envision the path from A to B, from the status quo … to something more equal and inclusive.” – The New York Times
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Disney Tried To Contain The Allegations Of Assault Against Its Tony

As the studio pushed West Side Story back last year, allegations of assault against one of the movie’s main characters burst into public consciousness. How has public perception been altered, or controlled, since? – Variety
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Mary, Queen Of Scots, Had Serious Paper-Folding Game, As Did Elizabeth I

Mary’s final letter was to her cousin Henry III of France. “An international team of researchers have found that Mary used a delicate folding process to seal the letter, ensuring that any tampering would be immediately obvious to its recipient.” – The Guardian (UK)
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