Why Podcasting Might Be A Passing Fad For Media Companies

For several years, a mixture of denial and deep optimism have kept up the facade. News outlet leaders believe that, since others are perceived to have success with podcasting, their payoff must be right around the corner. – NiemanLab
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Hong Kong’s M+ Was Ambitious. But Its Time May Already Have Passed

M+ seemed inevitable, so right. But if you looked closely enough, divisions between the city and its various cultural saviours were starting to emerge. – Apollo
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Great Books And The Purpose Of College

In the old college system there were lists of books that every student was supposed to study—a canon. The canon was the curriculum. In the modern university, students elect their courses and choose their majors. That is the system the great books were designed for use in. The great books are outside the regular curriculum. – The New Yorker
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The Problem: A Tech Solution To “Solving” Democracy Is Problematic

Optimization cannot reconcile people’s conflicting world views. Though conflict has always been the meat of politics, political differences today mean that people not only disagree over solutions and precise settings of valuation parameters; they also clash over the fundamental terms. – Boston Review
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Bramwell Tovey Makes It Official: Artistic Director Of Rhode Island Philharmonic

The longtime music director of the Vancouver Symphony (2000-2018) has been the RI Phil’s artistic advisor since 2018, and he is also music director of the Sarasota Orchestra and chief conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra. – Newport Buzz
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How Paul Winter Redefined Ambient Music

No one in the music world has been more ambitious or creative in exploring the ways musicians can create soundscapes in dialogue with the surrounding world. And he has been doing it for decades, all over the globe, from Siberia to the Grand Canyon. – Ted Gioia
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Singers Who Have Found New Creative Life During COVID

As devastating as the pandemic has been to lives and livelihoods, a number of opera singers have found themselves emerging back into live performance with careers in better, more interesting places than they were when the shutdown began. – NPR
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Studies: More Education = Higher IQ For Longer Time

We consistently see that longer education does raise our cognitive abilities: a person’s IQ gains one to five points for each additional year of education. The evidence also suggests these effects aren’t just flashes in the pan: they last throughout our lives. – The Guardian
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Why Didn’t Lyric Opera Of Chicago Tell Anyone It Renewed Its CEO’s Contract?

Anthony Freud’s term was to have expired this year; in October, LOC’s board extended it for five years with no public announcement. When asked, the company has given no reason for the silence. Freud’s management has come under increasing criticism in recent years. – Chicago Classical Review
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Device After Device Promises To Save Writers From Their Own Distraction And Procrastination. Could The Latest Batch Succeed?

“Could the new wave of Zen editors and e-ink tablets, tempering tech solutionism with analog nostalgia, reverse this trajectory — and give writers a dedicated device of our own?” Julian Lucas gives some of them a try. – The New Yorker
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Australian Artist’s Instagram Account Was @Metaverse. Then Facebook Booted Her Off

Early that morning, when she tried to log in to Instagram, she found that the account had been disabled. A message on the screen read: “Your account has been blocked for pretending to be someone else.” – The New York Times
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Propaganda? Let’s Be Clear About What It Is

Although the term is less than 400 years old, the phenomenon of propaganda is far older. The pyramids of Egypt, to take one example, are propagandistic, attesting to the power of the Pharaohs who could enslave thousands of people to erect them. – 3 Quarks Daily
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Five Years After Her Death, Composer Pauline Oliveros Is Finally Getting Her Due

Her music has been more widely performed, some of her sonic meditations — for example, “Take a walk at night. Walk so slowly that the bottoms of your feet become ears.” — have gone viral, and her concept of deep listening has spread. – Texas Observer
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18 Male Leonard Cohen Fans Over the Age of 65 Star in an Oddly Moving A Cappella Version of “I’m Your Man”

It’s going to be a tearjerker, I think — artist Candice Breitz Watch 18 diehard Leonard Cohen fans over the age of 65 ardently fumbling their way through the title track of his 1988 album, I’m Your Man, for a deep reminder of how we are transported by the artists we love best. These men, selected from a pool of over 400 applicants, don’t appear overly bothered by the quality of their singing voices, though clearly they’re giving it their all. Instead, their chief concern seems to be comm...
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Choreographer Nai-Ni Chen, 62, Dead In Swimming Accident

For 30 years her dance company performed both traditional Chinese styles and contemporary works. She had been on vacation in Hawaii last week; her body was spotted by a passerby at an Oahu beach. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Hawaii, Oahu, Nai Ni Chen

How Could Circus Oz Shut Down So Suddenly? Perhaps It Wasn’t All That Sudden

The Company Members (current and former artists who are the legal owners of the troupe) say they never intended Circus Oz to close. The Board says the Members knew that, if they rejected proposed governance changes (which they did), government funding would be cut entirely. – The Guardian
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AI-Powered Robot Could Help Rebuild Pompeii’s Ancient Frescos

“The project … melds robotics, AI and archaeology in an attempt to reconstruct architectural features of Pompeii that would otherwise remain incomplete, because they’re either too complex or would require impossible amounts of human labor and time.” – Scientific American
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Theatre Numbers: 2020 Was Tough, And Yet…

Not-for-profit theatres contributed nearly $2.1 billion to the U.S. economy and attracted 23 million attendees, according to Theatre Facts 2020. SMU Data Arts
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Piet Mondrian’s Heirs Sue Philadelphia Museum Of Art Over Painting They Say Was Looted By Nazis

The suit by the descendants of Harry Holtzman, the artist’s heir and executor, argues that Composition With Blue (1926), having been seized from a German museum as “degenerate art” in 1937, should be returned to them. (No mention of returning it to the museum in Germany.) – Artnet
Tags: Art, Visual, Piet Mondrian, Harry Holtzman, Heirs Sue Philadelphia Museum Of Art

“Belfast”, “The Power Of The Dog”, “Succession”, “Ted Lasso”, “The Morning Show” Lead Golden Globe Nominations

In the film categories, Belfast and The Power of the Dog got seven nominations each; on the television side, Succession received five nods, with four each for Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. – CNN
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Louvre Agrees To Undo Renovation Of Room With Cy Twombly Ceiling Mural

When the museum changed the color of the walls and floor of its Salle des Bronzes, the Cy Twombly Foundation sued, arguing that the remodeling altered the character of the mural (designed specifically to be seen against the original colors). The Louvre caved. – ARTnews
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Main Theatre At Jacob’s Pillow Will Be Reopened For Festival’s 90th Season

The renovated Ted Shawn Theatre will have a new ventilation system and stage housing. The festival’s other indoor venue, the Doris Duke Theatre, burned down in November of 2020; this past summer’s performances were outdoors and/or online. – The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Mass.)
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The curtain goes up again

My annual Wall Street Journal column about the best theater of the year is out. Here’s an excerpt: In July, I resumed reviewing live theater after a protracted pandemic-related hiatus. First came a string of outdoor performances in New England. Then Broadway reopened in August, and the 2021-22 season got under way in earnest two months later. Now shows are opening on and off Broadway with gratifying regularity, all in front of masked audiences, though there’s no telling whether the spre...
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A look at the Irish: photography in Ireland from 1839 to now – in pictures

In Our Own Image: Photography in Ireland, 1839 to the Present is the first in a series of exhibitions forming the first comprehensive historical and critical survey of photography from across the island of Ireland. Coinciding with the centenary of the establishment of modern Ireland, In Our Own Image draws on material from from archives, private collections and contemporary commissions, charting how the medium has both reflected and shaped Irish cultural identity.In Our Own Image: photography in...
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