COVID And The Art Of Party Tents

Last year, as the pandemic isolated us into our respective domestic cocoons, designers took to their AutoCAD to imagine a brave new world of design “solutions” for the pandemic. – Los Angeles Times
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An Expertise In Books Gets You…

Literature professors have often had significant difficulty acknowledging their expertise and corresponding difficulty in justifying their status to skeptics, for broadly two reasons. – Public Books
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Blind To Ideas Of Reality?

If biology can innately limit the mind of a cat, could we humans, also creatures of nature, be subject to a similar destiny? Could nature predispose us to innately hold certain notions and ignore others? Worse yet, could biology conceal from us who we are? – Psyche
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Ho-Hum: Golden Globe Nominations Are Out, But Few Seem To Care

There were no press releases sent en masse with statements thanking the HFPA and saluting co-stars and filmmakers. Also absent were the emotional reaction calls between journalists and nominees, still recovering from their shock at the big news. – Variety
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Trailblazing Black Feminist bell hooks, 69

Her writings anticipated and helped shape ongoing debates about race, gender and class in the United States. – Washington Post
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A New York Times Entertainment Reporter Remembers His Childhood As A Real-Life Carny

As Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley hits screens, Brooks Barnes takes the occasion to write about the corn dogs he dipped and unlimited snow cones he ate at age nine and the Snake Lady, merry-go-round man, and World’s Smallest Woman who had his back. – The New York Times
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Canon Fodder: Classical Music’s Difficult Reckoning with Race

“More than anything, the artistic questions facing classical music today go well beyond the simple dualism of keeping or tossing the canon; they revolve most of all around access and the hurdles facing marginalized musicians.” – Boston Review
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The 16 Defining Art Events of 2021

In-person gatherings return, NFTs (or the people involved) go nuts, $20 billion-with-a-b worth of art donated in South Korea, major new museums in Paris and Hong Kong, a big departure in L.A. and a big mistake in Indianapolis, and, occasionally, justice is starting to be served. – ARTnews
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A Major Black Theater Company In An Unlikely Place Bounces Back From The Pandemic

COVID arrived at a bad time for Sarasota’s Westcoast Black Theater Troupe: it had just opened a new venue in February 2020. Luckily, “one of the only major Black companies in a smaller American city … seems to be in a good place these days.” – The New York Times
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How Elizabeth Alexander Is Transforming The Mellon Foundation

Alexander came to the organization with a specific mandate, she said, of “sharpening the focus—doing all the work, every penny, through a social justice lens.” – ARTnews
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Sotheby’s sells record $7.3bn of art so far in 2021

Auction house credits younger, tech-savvy collectors for highest annual sales in its 277-year historySotheby’s has sold a record $7.3bn (£5.5bn) worth of art and other collectibles so far this year – the most in its 277-year history.The auction house said on Wednesday that an “influx of younger, tech-savvy collectors” buying luxury items such as handbags, jewellery, wine and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during the pandemic had helped lift sales to the record high. Continue reading...
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News as Muse David Erdos: ‘A Penis for Christmas’

In the grand tradition of Heathcote Williams’s verse polemics, the poet David Erdos rounds on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the latest scandal of his corrupt administration: PLUS: ‘Boris Johnson’s Christmas from Hell’ in The New Yorker "The predicted Ice Age did not come — although it was on the Daily Mirror website for God's sake — and while reactions to news can't be sacred, as there is no gospel truth to these times, the chill still persists when considering the scourge of...
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Taking On, And Having At, The Ballerina Mystique

Rachel Kapelke-Dale: “In the end, [my novel] Ballerinas turned out to be about the violence that emerges from the rage of being trapped in someone else’s dream; the fury that emerges once you realize what produced that dream in the first place.” – Literary Hub
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Where The Main Thread Of American Opera Ought To Have Gone: “Porgy”

Joseph Horowitz teaches us to stop hearing “Porgy and Bess” narrowly, as a Black opera, or as some sideline oddity called a folk opera. It is what opera should be in this country, with our history, period. – The New York Times
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Doesn’t Seem Like It After 20 Years, But Peter Jackson’s “Lord Of The Rings” Films Were A Massive Gamble

He’d made some comedy-horror mashups and one arthouse hit when he set to work on the Tolkien adaptations, so he wasn’t someone you’d think of giving nine-figure budgets to. The bet paid off, of course: the films took in $3 billion. Here’s how they came together. – Variety
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Los Angeles Review Of Books Turns Ten

A self-described “cockeyed optimist,” Tom Lutz admitted he underestimated the volume of work required to launch the publication — not to mention the costs of doing so, both financial and psychological. – Los Angeles Times
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Britain’s National Lottery Gave Blighted Towns $330 Million To Spend As They Wished. What Did They Do?

While the specifics differ (as do outcomes, somewhat), the common thread seems to be that these towns built gathering places — community centers or gardens, cafes, public squares with seating and playgrounds. And they’ve made a real difference. – Fast Company
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Spain’s Most Un-Francoist Filmmaker Finally Takes On The Franco Era

Pedro Almodóvar’s Parallel Mothers starts out with a very Almodóvar situation, two single women about to give birth, but the movie’s really about the ongoing fallout from the many extrajudicial murders committed by Franco’s regime, a topic most Spaniards have spent decades avoiding. – The New York Times Magazine
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Theatre Educator Profile: Cynthia

At Theatrefolk, we celebrate the theatre teachers who share their stories and continue to make theatre and the classroom a warm and wonderful place for all students. A veteran teacher of 26+ years, Cynthia is a current high school theatre teacher, Thespian club sponsor, SAGA club sponsor and parent to three LGBTQ+ children. “After putting […]
Tags: General, Theatre, Diversity, Spotlight, Lgbtq, Cynthia, Theatrefolk, Theatre Educator, Theatre Teacher

Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music Will Rebuild Itself In Portugal

On Monday, 273 teachers and students from the school flew from Qatar, where they landed at a US base after fleeing the Taliban, to Lisbon, where they have been granted asylum. – AP
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Future of Cereal Box Art, Quaker Oats edition

Previously: The Future of Cereal Box Art
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Cleaning Staff At Guggenheim Bilbao Stage Performance Art To Protest Appalling Wages

The artist Lorenzo Bussi (alias “Art Builders Group”) and the workers devised the action, titled “Is Everyone’s Work Equally Important?”, at the top of the stairs leading to the Frank Gehry building’s entrance. The pay rate they’re protesting? €5 ($5.65) an hour. – Hyperallergic
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Robert Indiana’s Foundation Sues Publisher For Forgery

The Morgan Art Foundation’s filing in US federal court accuses publisher Michael McKenzie of “allegedly forging Indiana’s artwork, defaming the foundation, and intentionally interfering with its exclusive contractual rights to reproduce the artist’s ‘Love’ works.” – Artnet
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A Fight Against … review – Chilean playwright’s sparky sketches

Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, LondonPablo Manzi’s political scenes, which span several decades and are powerfully performed, could perhaps lead to a future epicThirty years ago, the Royal Court introduced a Chilean playwright, Ariel Dorfman, with Death and the Maiden, a much-revived, twistily structured thriller about South American human rights abuses.While theatre can have a one-hit-and-run attitude to distant politics, the Court has commendably kept an eye on Santiago. Its international progr...
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The Bookstore That’s Helping Mosul Recover From Three Years Under ISIS

The Mosul Book Forum, which offers concerts and events along with books, opened three months after the city was liberated. Said cofounder Fahad Sabah, “If we have to rebuild our city, we need to rebuild our minds as well as our buildings and streets.” – Literary Hub
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Snapshot: Thomas Quasthoff sings Schubert

Thomas Quasthoff and Daniel Barenboim perform “Gute Nacht,” from Schubert’s Winterreise: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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Drive yourself up the wall with the Busy Simulator

The Busy Simulator, by Brian Moore, will start dinging at irregular but frequent intervals with whichever common notification noises you tell it to: Google, Microsoft, Slack, Apple Mail, and so on. You can even set a slider for each to tune it in for maximum fight-or-flight masochism. — Read the rest
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What lies in between? Musings on the Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation

‘Liminality’ is a buzz word in art speak, but does the current Johannesburg Contemporary Art Foundation exhibition go far enough in meaningfully unpacking it? The post What lies in between? Musings on the Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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