John McWhorter on “Dvorak’s Prophecy”

In his New York Times column two days ago, John McWhorter wrote of Dvorak’s Prophecy and the Vexed Fate
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Bolz Center for Arts Administration Center Director Search

The Bolz Center for Arts Administration in the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) seeks a Center Director who can provide intellectual and administrative leadership of the MA in Arts & Creative Enterprise Leadership program, build institutional bridges across campus and in the greater community, and teach core arts management, entrepreneurship, and leadership courses. The Director provides instruction associated with more than one lecture or laboratory course, assists with the design and executi...
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San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – Director

Organization The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles (Museum) is the first museum in the United States to focus exclusively on quilts and textiles as an art form and stands proudly in the worlds of both art and craft. The Museum’s mission is to share and celebrate the art and culture of textiles, with a vision to become a world-class museum valuing excellence, accessibility, and a welcoming experience. Now at a critical juncture for strategic growth, the Museum’s board of directors has expa...
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Do Computers Need To Be As Smart As Humans? Probably Not

Will deep learning eventually become “artificial general intelligence” (AGI), matching human intelligence in every way? I don’t believe it will happen in the next 20 years. – Wired
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New Record: Bruce Springsteen Sells His Catalog For $500 Million

In March, Bob Dylan sold his catalog to Universal Music for a reported $300 million. Earlier this week, Primary Wave purchased James Brown’s music assets for $90 million. – Los Angeles Times
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Painting Is Stolen, Then Replaced With Smaller Painting, Which Is Also Stolen…

A controversial painting was stolen from the Catholic University of America campus last month. When it was replaced by a smaller copy of the same image, that painting was also stolen. – InsideHigherEd
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Do We Need To Save Journalism Or Reinvent It?

Platforms like Google and Facebook have transformed the way we consume and share news, but the digital revolution hasn’t yet revealed an equivalent breakthrough in the way the media makes money. This is a paradoxical reality at a time of unprecedented innovation. – The Walrus
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The YouTuber Working To Reinvent Philanthropy

Kevin Scally, chief relationship officer at Charity Navigator, the world’s largest nonprofit evaluator, says MrBeast is part of an encouraging trend of social media influencers using their power to fight homelessness or raising COVID-19 relief funds. – Toronto Star
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Met Opera Will Require All Audience Members And Staffers To Get COVID Booster Shots

“The Met is the first major performing arts organization in the city to announce a booster-shot mandate that will apply to audiences as well as staff members; the new rule will take effect Jan. 17.” – The New York Times
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The 1920s Russian Novel That Anticipated Totalitarianism

People don’t have proper names; they are marked by a combination of letters and numbers, like the inmates of Nazi camps. They wear identical clothes, their hair is uniformly shorn, their food is synthetic and purely utilitarian, and their homes are identical and transparent. – The New Yorker
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Why Did The New “West Side Story” Movie Make The Tomboy Character Trans? Because Maybe Ze Was The Whole Time

“In this milieu, a Cold War culture dedicated to conformity and shot through with Freudian panic about emasculation, audiences could glimpse Anybodys, a character who refuses to conform, refuses the ironclad terms of gender, in bold ways.” So Tony Kushner and Stephen Sondheim went for it. – Slate
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Lessons From Hollywood’s Digital Transition

While digital transformation was creating abundance in the scarce resources that had previously defined market power, it was also creating a new scarce resource, and therefore a new source of competitive advantage: customer attention. – Harvard Business Review
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Album Of Actual Bird Calls Makes Top Five On Australia’s Charts

“Songs of Disappearance is surpassing the likes of Abba and The Weeknd – not to mention Christmas favourites Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey. Created by BirdLife Australia, the album features the birdsongs of 53 of Australia’s most threatened species.” – BBC
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The Problem With Media Consolidation

Today, the media industry has consolidated under fewer owners than ever before; its labour conditions have grown dire. The undeniable expertise of many journalists isn’t enough to restore public credibility in the press. The political problem will require a political, not merely a technical, fix. – Psyche
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Redefining Mainstream American Music

 “We can perform this music in the concert hall, we can talk [academically] about this music. But until people are just hearing it on an everyday, run-of-the-mill, hearing-it-in-your-car basis, nothing really shifts.” – DCMetro Theatre Arts
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China’s Government Has A Flock Of Foreign YouTubers Making Videos About How Great The Place Is

“[The] new social media personalities … paint cheery portraits of life as foreigners in China — and also hit back at criticisms of Beijing’s authoritarian governance, its policies toward ethnic minorities and its handling of the coronavirus.” – The New York Times
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Mutant bacteria spontaneously swarm into patterns resembling van Gogh painting

For years, scientists have studied the how the bacteria Myxococcus xanthus self-organizes into swarms through a fascinating kind of "social cooperation." Now, researchers from Rice University and the University of Washington have observed mutant forms of the bacteria banding together in an array of tiny circles that resembles Vincent van Gogh's 1889 painting "Starry Night," seen below. — Read the rest
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The Rocket Scientist Who’s Also A Principal Ballerina

Kelley Hashemi’s day job is as an aeronautical engineer at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, where she leads a research team working to integrate automation into the national airspace. She’s also a principal dancer with the Peninsula Ballet Theatre. – San Francisco Chronicle
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An Incomplete List Of The Writers, Editors, And Great Literary Minds We Lost This Year

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Larry McMurtry, Janet Malcolm, Greg Tate, bell hooks, and so many more. – Literary Hub
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After Carl

I awoke from a bad dream with these lines drumming in my head long after he died. I am talking about Carl Weissner, cherished friend and writer-translator without equal. A staffer here recently found them written down among drafts of unfinished poems. When I showed the lines to another friend of his, Gerard Bellaart, he kindly made a card for a limited edition. The photo shows Carl’s eyeglasses, Mole notebook, and papers on his kitchen table the night he died. His death was co...
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Orlando Ballet Names New Artistic Director

Jorden Morris had been hired as this season’s interim artistic director in August, just after Robert Hill resigned with immediate effect after 13 years. Morris now has the position full-time, with a contract running through the 2024-25 season. – Orlando Sentinel
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Comic book legend Alex Ross to write and illustrate a new Fantastic Four graphic novel

Despite laying the groundwork for the Marvel universe, the Fantastic Four were lost in the shuffle at the house of ideas. Taking a back seat to the X-Men was the standard operating procedure for FF fans since the early 90s, but seeing Marvel's first family usurped in terms of popularity by the Guardians of the Galaxy has been jarring. — Read the rest
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The Guardian Now Has More Than A Million Online — Well, Subscribers Isn’t The Right Word

The site has no paywall; the model is like that of public radio in the US: convince visitors to contribute. Now more than 1 million people worldwide make recurring donations, nearly double the number three years ago. (The Guardian also has 100,000 print subscribers.) – Axios
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UNESCO Adds Arabic Calligraphy To Its “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” List

Congratulations, but isn’t this a bit like putting, say, European portraiture on the list? Calligraphy is one of the most basic, fundamental genres of Arabic visual art. – ARTnews
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Arts Venues In Britain See “Catastrophic” Attendance Declines Because Of Omicron

“Nathan Pearce from theatre ticket agency Seatplan said: ‘As soon as Omicron was reported as a serious threat we saw a 30% drop in sales almost overnight. And when Boris made his [latest] announcement we saw another 40% drop.'” – BBC
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On Broadway They’re Canceling Performances Like Never Before (Damn Omicron!)

“The coronavirus pandemic has upended the theater industry’s longstanding ‘show must go on’ philosophy, supplanting it with a safety-first strategy. The result: a raft of cancellations unlike any in history.” – The New York Times
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TEFAF Maastricht, One Of The World’s Biggest Art Fairs, Postponed Yet Again

The last TEFAF that actually happened was (bad timing!) in March 2020, and it closed halfway through. The 2021 event was put off for six months and then called off. Now the 2022 fair, scheduled for March has been postponed with no target date. – Artnet
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Quick Study: Music and Mood Regulation in the First Wave of COVID

In this month’s episode, we consult an international study to learn how music-listening and music-making were affected in the first few months of the pandemic, and how these activities helped people better cope with their emotions. The source article can be found here. Go here for a transcript of this podcast on the NEA website. Click here for the most recent episode of Quick Study.
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Time was

Between the pandemic and my late wife’s final illness, my life has been changed utterly, in many ways almost beyond recognition. I can’t remember the last time I: • Went to a classical concert or an operatic production • Rode in a boat • Bought a book in a brick-and-mortar bookstore • Saw a movie in a theater • Attended a rehearsal of anything • Watched the sun set • Felt at ease walking after dark in New York’s theater district • Sat in a hot tub • Visited an art gallery • Heard jazz in...
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Afong Moy on the 21st century stage

“I wish I could have!” As an historian, I have often wished I could slip into the person I was researching and rewrite their story, especially one whose record is obscure and whose fate is unknown. It would have satisfied my sense of justice to put a fulfilling end to a challenging life rather than to record all the complicated details of their difficulties through the pursuit of pesky and elusive facts.The story of Afong Moy, the first known Chinese woman on American soil, and the first Chinese...
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