You Think Jesus Christ, Superstar Was The First Concept Album To Become A Musical?

Nope. That honor goes to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. “The 1966 concept recording is a fascinating document for fans of the musical, because it reveals how fully formed much of the score was before a stage incarnation was actually in the works.” – Howard Sherman
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Can Northern Ireland’s Christmas Pantos Possibly Be Safe This Year?

Maybe not, but the performers are eager not to replicate last year’s cancellations and lack of revenue. And yet … a thousand screaming children in the audience? Well, technology helps. – BBC
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A Book At Christmas Can Change The Entire Course Of A Life

Choose wisely. – The Guardian (UK)
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America Out Of Ideas? No – But Our Market For Ideas Is Broken

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the U.S. needed a revitalized culture of experimentation. Now I think that what we really need is more experimentation in markets, because our markets are failing to promote new ideas that drive progress and growth. – The Atlantic
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Texas Christian University – Teresa Ann Carter King Dean of the College of Fine Arts

TERESA ANN CARTER KING DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS Texas Christian University Texas Christian University (TCU) invites nominations and applications for the position of Teresa Ann Carter King Dean of the College of Fine Arts. TCU is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is classified as a top 100 National University by US News and World Report and has a Carnegie Classification of R2: Doctoral Universities – High Research Activity. The University has a $2.3 billion...
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How Looney Tunes Got A Foothold In American Culture

Why did several generations watch old Looney Tunes alongside new work and actually prefer the stuff made before they were born? It was partly a historical accident caused by television’s demand for endless material at a relatively high cost. – The Walrus
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Jumbl Deluxe 131-Piece Painting Kit Giveaway

It’s time to unleash the artist in you with this amazing new prize! Enter to win this Jumbl Deluxe 131-Piece Art Kit and have all the supplies you need to get creative!  For new artists, I like this set because it has everything you need to tap into creativity and expression in an artistic form! I love that this set by Jumbl also has two different types of easels to be able to take your art on the go.   I picture using this set in the backyard (in the spring of course for our winter wonderland ...
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The Art Of Museum Store Shopping

You must resist the siren call of logoed knickknacks. These items transmit either “I was there” (which, as the gift giver, you are already telegraphing implicitly) or “I support this place” (which, great, but you want your gifts to signal joy, not virtue). – The New Yorker
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What’s The Point Of Coming In To An Office?

The offices of tomorrow may have more in common with a café or a classroom or a maker space, IDEO’s Sandy Speicher says. It’s all about giving people a “reason to come in rather than regulation to come in.” – Harvard Business Review
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Do Great Books Courses Make Us Better?

John McWhorter: “To simply know that the kinds of questions Rousseau stimulates are, indeed, questions makes you a better person in the sheer sense of understanding the complexity of the real world, something that escapes ideologues of all kinds.” – The New York Times
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Revealed: Boris Johnson Argued Passionately For Return Of Parthenon Marbles In 1986

“The Elgin marbles should leave this northern whisky-drinking guilt-culture, and be displayed where they belong: in a country of bright sunshine and the landscape of Achilles, ‘the shadowy mountains and the echoing sea,’” he wrote in the article. – The Guardian
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Culture Shift: Gen Z Kids Are Abandoning Real-World Sports For E-Games

It’s clear that the rise of e-sports has come at the expense of traditional youth sports, with implications for their future and for the way children grow up. Lack of young players in the pipeline could be a problem for professional sports. – The New York Times
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“Best Theatre of 2021” Makes No Sense – But There’s Plenty To Be Grateful For

No one could pretend that we’re back to normal yet. There likely is no going back — and after a year of overdue cultural reckonings, that may be for the best. – Los Angeles Times
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Seven Theatre Trends For 2022

Journalist Jonathan Mandell looks at the trends from the past year and sees progress and stagnation. – New York Theatre
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Theatre Educator Profile: Jimmy

At Theatrefolk, we celebrate the theatre educators who share their stories and continue to make their classrooms and stages a warm and wonderful place for all students. Dr. Jimmy Chrismon is a theatre educator with 17 years of experience in the public schools of North and South Carolina. He currently teaches full time as an […]
Tags: General, Theatre, Diversity, Spotlight, North, Lgbtq, South Carolina, Jimmy, Theatrefolk, Theatre Educator, Theatre Teacher, Jimmy Chrismon

Why The Music Catalog Market Is Setting New Records

New investors, including private equity firms, have poured billions of dollars into the market, viewing music royalties as a kind of safe commodity — an investment, somewhat like real estate, with predictable rates of return and relatively low risk. – The New York Times
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The Royal Albert Has Seen A Massive Drop In Sales Since News About Omicron Broke

The concert hall in London is feeling the pain – and asking the British government to make masks and proof of vaccination required for venues its size. – BBC
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We’re Never Going Back To Normal

So we have to figure out how to deal with “normal-adjacent,” at least for the foreseeable future. – Los Angeles Times
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Randall Kenan Should Take His Rightful Place Beside Gabriel Garcia Marquez In The Canon Of Postmodernity

“Whether owing to regional or racial bias, or to the author’s deeply ingrained humility and privacy, Kenan has not taken his rightful place in the postmodern canon, though his fictional town of Tims Creek proved as generative as any Macondo or Yoknapatawpha.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Macondo, Gabriel García Márquez, Kenan, Randall Kenan, Tims Creek, Canon Of Postmodernity

Making The Change You Want To See Behind (And In Front Of) The Cameras

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has become a producer as well as a star actor. “Acting is just one department of the entertainment industry. … [I’m] curious to know how every other department that is less visible can still evolve and become as diverse.” – The Guardian (UK)
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How To Write A Novel In A Month

Don’t start writing the sex scenes just before your in-laws arrive, for one. – The Guardian (UK)
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Sega Saturn Devouring His Son

Yours for $500 is this remarkable work of art crafted in the unusual medium of hacked-up game consoles. "Sega Saturn Devouring His Son" is by Josh Oliver and a perfect accompaniment for a story today about how Sega exective Yuji Naka helped kill the Dreamcast by killing one of its most promising exclusive titles. — Read the rest
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A Change That Means Much More Than Hope

The 88-year-old Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin says Canada’s commitment to making First Nations stories has grown tremendously. From where she began to now, she says, “to see our people being treated … like human beings. It’s such a big change.” – CBC
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Pandemic Ghosts?

No. But they might as well be. Not long before the pandemic this was the artwork at the entryway to a pub on Fifth Avenue located directly across the street from the entrance to the main branch of the New York Public Library, famed for its vast holdings and archival collections. Like many enterprises here in the city, the pub is now gone. So is the artwork. It’s reassuring to report, however, that the library and its holdings are still there.
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The Senate Confirms Biden’s Pick For The NEA

Maria Rosario Jackson will be both the first African American and the first Mexican American to lead the NEA. – Washington Post
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Reading In Translation

“Well, friends, another grim and grueling plague year is drawing to a close, and that can mean only one thing.” Reading – but why not the best reviewed books in translation of 2021? Why not, for instance, Jhumpa Lahiri translating herself? – LitHub
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Just because: The King’s Singers perform Praetorius’ “Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen”

The King’s Singers perform Praetorius’ “Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen”: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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New York Wants To Do What To Penn Station Now?

Redevelop it, of course. Not everyone’s a fan: “A plan to redevelop New York’s Pennsylvania Station (or Penn Station) and its surrounding blocks is facing fierce opposition from community members and conservationists.” – Hyperallergic
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What Omicron? Spidey Got Off To A Pandemic-Busting Weekend Start

The third movie in the Tom Holland Spider-Man universe busted records, reaching the third biggest opening ever, not just during the pandemic. What does this mean for movie theatres as the omicron variant threatens Christmas showings? – Baltimore Sun
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If You Need A Warped, Tortured, Or Villainous Movie Character, Call Britain

They have the actors to suit any Hollywood twistedness or despair. And, let’s face it, “There is clearly a very strong appetite for bleak nuance in current American entertainment.” – The Observer (UK)
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