Trinity Repertory Company – Executive Director

Organization Founded in Providence in 1963 as the city’s first professional resident theater company, Trinity Repertory Company (Trinity Rep) has grown to become Rhode Island’s largest nonprofit arts organization and one of the country’s leading and most respected regional theaters. With a reputation for its commitment to the development of new artistic works, Trinity Rep has received numerous awards, including the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater Company. Trinity Rep houses two p...
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Mumford—Art and Technics (xvi)

[Prefatory note: I struggled mightily with this final installment of the series, so much so that what should have been a centerpiece became an afterthought. It remains both incomplete and overlong. It is at least completed somewhat by recent posts, at the cost of adding verbiage rather than paring it. Such is the content-rich, editor-poor world we live in. Enjoy, if you can.] Lewis Mumford Art and Technics (1952) The general effect of this multiplication of graphic symbols has been to les...
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My Life As A Cyborg

My elevator pitch goes something like this: “I know you think cyborgs are always imminent. But not here yet. However, I am a cyborg. And cyborgs are first and foremost disabled people. We’re the ones who have a fundamental interface with tech. – Wired
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How Do You Reconcile Being A Writer With Having A Career?

There is a contradiction here of both scorning a system that’s shallow and rigged, and also feeling bitter about not being able to succeed within such a system in order to get our remuneration. – The Point
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How Can You Recontextualize Confederate Statues? (There Are Challenges)

Hamza Walker conceived a fiendish idea: Why not stage an exhibition in which, removed from their places of pride, these statues could be evaluated not only as propaganda for genocide but also as art objects? And why not invite contemporary artists to create works in response to them? – Artnet
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Confessions Of A Crossword Puzzle Constructor

What makes for a good word, in the eyes of a crossword-puzzle constructor? The language of aesthetic judgment is gustatory—one has good taste or feels something in one’s gut—but crosswords are meant to transcend physical sensations. – The New Yorker
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Christopher Newton, 85, Former Shaw Festival Director

Among Newton’s contributions were the development of distinctive festival seasons, the establishment of a permanent acting ensemble and the creation of an artistic training program now known as the Slaight Family Academy. – Toronto Star
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Just As With People, Orchestras With Co-Morbidities Get Hit Hardest By COVID

In particular, symphony orchestras, such as those in San Antonio and in Springfield, Mass., which have the twin problems of long-term financial distress and intractable disputes with musicians’ unions demanding livable wages are facing serious danger. – The New York Times
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Biden Nominates Net Neutrality Champions To FCC

Biden is blazing a path that will make it harder for large internet service providers to exert their market control. The point of net neutrality is to force ISPs like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast to treat internet traffic equally. – CNBC
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The Most Adapted Of All Modern Ghost Stories (Excepting “A Christmas Carol”)

Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw (1898) has inspired many a movie and television adaptation as well as a major opera. Adam Scovell looks at the novella’s enduring appeal for adapters. – Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, Henry James, Adam Scovell

A Case For The Universality Of Western Music

Jay Nordlinger: “What is the glory of Western civilization? Our political freedom, probably — the rights of individual man. But I would not put music far behind, with Bach leading the way.” – National Review
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The Real-Life Inspiration For “The Exorcist” Identified Publicly

He was known to a small group of Jesuits and reporters, but he spent his life afraid that more people would learn about his ordeal. Ronald Hunkeler, who grew up to have a 40-year career as a NASA engineer, died last year at 85. – New York Post
Tags: Art, Nasa, People, Ronald Hunkeler

New AI Software That Could Make Editing Podcasts As Easy As Editing Text

Shasta can record a conversation, automatically transcribe its contents in the cloud, and then make that audio every bit as easy to edit as a document. That means Shasta is a quietly revolutionary piece of software in the world of editing. – Engadget
Tags: Art, Media, Shasta

A Very Very Weird Year For The Art Market

The story of the Banksy neatly encompasses all three elements of the year: the impact of Asian buying power; the increasing influence of cryptos and those who have made fortunes in the alternative currencies; and a realignment of art scholarship. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual

Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch In 2022

Choreographers and performers from Africa and its diaspora have a notable presence on the coming year’s list, as do dancers blurring gender boundaries and a sibling choreographer team from the Netherlands. – Dance Magazine
Tags: Art, Africa, Dance, Dance Magazine

A New Sequel To “West Side Story” Will Take Maria Back To Puerto Rico

Long Wharf Theater in New Haven has commissioned Mildred Ruiz-Sapp and Steven Sapp of the company Universes to create a musical, titled Maria, that will see the heroine return to the island after her boyfriend Tony’s murder. – Forbes
Tags: Art, Theatre, Maria, Puerto Rico, Tony, New Haven, Long Wharf Theater, Steven Sapp, Mildred Ruiz Sapp

Broadway Will Not Be Shutting Down Completely, Declares President Of Broadway League

“Yes, some shows are closing. [But] we have absolutely no plans to shut down. We are paying serious attention to the protocols. The other 20 to 30 shows continue to perform because we’re following the protocols that we set up, and it shows they’re working.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway League

The Guggenheim Preached Austerity During COVID, Then Gave Its Director A Forty Percent Raise

The Guggenheim’s 990 IRS Filings, a form the US Federal government uses to gather information about tax-exempt organisations, shows Armstrong’s total compensation increased from $1,073,991 in 2019 to $1,504,081 in 2020. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Featured, US, Irs, Visual, Armstrong

Maybe The Problem With Spielberg’s “West Side Story” Is That Movie Audiences Are Tired Of Remakes

Not sequels: people obviously love new installments in a franchise. The difference seems to be that fans want the characters they already know in new situations, not new actors as the characters they know. (Exception: when the previous version didn’t work, as with Dune.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Spielberg, Audience

The Parthenon Marbles Stolen by Elgin? Not Our Problem, Says Boris’s Government

Yes, Prime Minister Johnson argued back in 1986 that they should return to Greece, but as recently as last month, he reiterated to Greece’s leader that the marbles are strictly a matter for the British Museum’s trustees (who are appointed by the prime minister). – The New York Times
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Netherlands Shuts Down The Arts (And Most Other Things) Due To Omicron

Performance spaces and cinemas, bars and restaurants, and other non-essential businesses are closed until mid-January. This and a similar lockdown in Denmark are, so far, the strictest measures in Europe since the Omicron variant of the coronavirus arrived. – Variety
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Lorne Michaels Sets A Timetable For Retiring From “Saturday Night Live”

“You know, I think I’m committed to doing this show until its 50th anniversary, which is in three years,” said Michaels, who’ll be 80 that fall. “I’d like to see that through, and I have a feeling that’d be a really good time to leave.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Arts Groups Really, Really Hope Children Will Turn Out For Holiday Shows This Year

Ballet companies count on the income from parents bringing the kids to Nutcracker; same with the Met Opera’s English-language children’s versions of classics; many museums have shows timed for school vacation. And, at last, the younger set can get vaccinated. Fingers are crossed. – The New York Times
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The life and (possible) death of Tokyo's capsule tower

While some tiny apartments are cute pieces of architecture crafted with the highest efficiency in mind, others are so cramped and depressing it's practically criminal. One of the original influences for the concept, the Nakagin capsule tower, is slowly fading away as tiny apartments become more widespread. — Read the rest
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Lemi Ghariokwu, Fela Kuti’s artist: ‘He always had someone for rolling joints. It was a rockstar lifestyle’

The painter impressed Nigeria’s Afrobeat pioneer, and soon he was creating intricate record covers at Kuti’s right hand. But amid violence and disorder, their friendship souredTeeming with stimuli in highly-populated scenes reminiscent of a Where’s Wally? spread, a Lemi Ghariokwu painting is instantly recognisable. Raised in Lagos, the 66-year-old has painted over 2,000 album covers for artists both major and independent in Nigeria and beyond, but his most famous were for Afrobeat pioneer Fela K...
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The MB&F × L’Epée 1839 Orb — Quite Literally Rounding Off 2021

The Orb, available in either black or white, is MB&F’s 14th clock co-created with L’Epée 1839. Both versions look “the bomb”. Especially the black one. It looks a bit like an old-fashioned bomb you can find in an old cartoon. And the white version looks like an eyeball! But joking aside, these days, table clocks […] Visit The MB&F × L’Epée 1839 Orb — Quite Literally Rounding Off 2021 to read the full article.
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