How The Internet Changed Music This Year

The geeks among you will recognize that the words “decentralization” and “distributed network” invoke a nearly 10-year-old model of equitable Web-based information flow, one that’s currently on fire because of the Wild West-mood surrounding Web 3.0, crypto, and NFTs. – Slate

British Film Classification Board Rethinks Some Of Its Previous Ratings

Recent rereleases of films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Jaws have led the board to reconsider those titles in the light of what they vaguely call “changing attitudes”. – The Guardian
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Seriously? Curators Crack The Top Five “Most Trusted” Professions

Curators enjoyed a 4% increase in trustworthiness across gender and political affiliation in 2021. Notably, however, advanced degree holders were much more likely to trust museum curators to tell the truth, exposing educational gaps in the way the profession is perceived. – Hyperallergic
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Why Cecily Strong Dares To Do “The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe”

“Of course I wanted to do this. The biggest reason to say no is, why would you ever put yourself in a position to be compared to Lily Tomlin? But you hear [director] Leigh [Silverman] talk about it and you start tearing up.” – The New York Times
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Can Machines Measure Common Sense?

Consciousness, thought, creativity, will, imagination, and agency — once considered to be explainable only through philosophical reflection were now reformulated as precisely defined cognitive functions. And these functions could in turn be measured and compared between humans and machines. – The New Atlantis
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Intelligence, Machines, And Why It’s Increasingly Difficult To Tell The Difference

Any of us have interacted with apparently thoughtful machines often enough—for instance, when on the telephone and trying, often fruitlessly, to get to a customer service representative, that we have gradually lowered our standards for intelligence. – Hedgehog Review
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Schadenfreude For The Holidays: The Meanest Book Reviews Of 2021

“Among the titles being cast into the maw of the volcano this year: Blake Bailey’s oozing hagiography of Philip Roth, Mitch Albom’s latest cavity-inducing parable, Andrew Sullivan’s overfull toilet of essays” (fed to the merciless Dale Peck) “and Malcolm Gladwell’s smug apologia for American butchery.” – Book Marks
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Big Entertainment Comes To Riyadh. But…

Mass entertainment events are no longer a novelty in the once austere kingdom, but there have been reports by local and foreign women that they have faced harassment at them – some of it documented on video. – BBC
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Mapping One Of Machu Picchu’s Most Unusual Features

“Pilgrims traveling to Machu Picchu in the 15th century were greeted by Chachabamba, a ceremonial water complex that was designed to demonstrate the power of the Inca peoples. Now researchers have used 3D imaging technology to map this unique feature of the citadel.” – Artnet
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How The Met Museum Dances Around The Looting Of African Art

 If you want to see an acrobatic display of ducking and weaving in a gallery by people trying desperately not to set off any alarms, just read the labels in the newly opened The African Origins of Civilization at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. – Hyperallergic
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For Her First Piece As Choreographer, Tamara Rojo Remakes Petipa’s “Raymonda”

Says the artistic director of English National Ballet, “I am by no means Petipa, but what I’m trying to do with Raymonda is what I’ve seen done in England with … Shakespeare, which is to try and make the original work fit into a different context.” – Bachtrack
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Joan Didion, 87

Didion came to prominence with a series of incisive, searching feature articles in Life magazine and The Saturday Evening Post that explored the fraying edges of postwar American life. – The New York Times
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Omicron Is Keeping Older Viewers From Going Out To The Movies

A YouGov poll of 1,000 Americans found that roughly 56% of 18-to-44-year-olds weren’t deterred by the new, rapidly spreading coronavirus variant, with only between 20% and 27% actively deterred. That latter figure among those aged 45 to 64 is 39%, with another 37% neutral. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Nielsen Confesses It’s Been Undercounting TV Audiences For A While Now

“The media-measurement giant informed TV networks and other clients Wednesday that it has, since September of 2020, undercounted so-called ‘out-of-home’ audiences — the people watching programs in offices, bars, hotels and other places — for national TV programming.” – Variety
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The Lucille Ball Almost No One Saw

The first woman to run a TV studio (a job she never liked and only did after she and Desi Arnaz divorced), Ball was long known as hard-nosed, shrewd and no-nonsense, even humorless. Yet, says a biographer, she had a “seldom-seen soft side.” – The New York Times
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What Does It Take to Be a Great Artist?: An Aging Painter Reflects on His Creative Process & Why He Will Never Be a Picasso

What does it take to be an artist? In the short film above by Jakub Blank, artist Bill Blaine meditates on the question as he strolls around his home and studio and talks about his work. Blaine has aged into the realization that making art is what fulfills him, even though it probably won’t bring him immortal fame. “I’ve thought about this,” he says. “I would probably be a happier person if I were painting all the time.” Bloated egos belong to the young, and Blaine is glad to put the “absur...
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Researchers: Where Your Sense Of Right And Wrong Comes From

The researchers found that higher conscientiousness – the tendency to be organised, hardworking and disciplined – was related to rating loyalty, authority and purity/sanctity as important bases for morality. – Psyche
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Millennials And Gen Zers Are Flocking To The Metropolitan Opera

A set of young New Yorkers seems to have decided that the Met is cool. Sure, many of them appear more interested in the dress-up-drink-Champagne-and-be-fabulous aspect than in the art, but that’s been true for centuries — and many others are finding they like opera. – The New York Times
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Baltimore Is Becoming A Matisse Capital

The Baltimore Museum of Art has roughly 1,200 works by the artist, and it’s just opened the Ruth R. Marder Center for Matisse Studies, which will have a library, resident research fellows, and the museum’s first exhibition room dedicated to Matisse’s art. – Smithsonian Magazine
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Belgium Shuts Down Its Performing Arts, Too

Following the lead of the Netherlands and Denmark as the Omicron coronavirus spreads, Belgium is ordering theatres, concert halls, and cinemas to close beginning Monday, Dec. 26. – Variety
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Spain Declares Export Ban And Formal Interest In Possible Caravaggio

The Madrid regional government has given the painting of the scourged Christ official bien de interés cultural status, which legally requires the current owners to give the government the right of first refusal to purchase the work. – The Guardian
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Farther along

I can’t remember anything in particular about how I spent Christmas last year. I didn’t want to, and still don’t. Not so Christmas of 2019, which I will never forget: I spent it with Hilary in the ICU of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, where she had just been disconnected from the ECMO heart-lung machine that got her through a near-fatal respiratory crisis. (COVID has since taught the rest of the world about ECMOs, but I knew first.) “Our” tree that bleak year was a Charlie Brown-s...
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Outcry as memorial to Tiananmen Square victims removed from Hong Kong University

Site of the Pillar of Shame at city’s oldest university under guard after workmen cut up statueHong Kong’s oldest university and the territory’s authorities have been accused of rewriting history after cutting up and removing a statue mourning those killed in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.The erasure of the memorial from where it had stood for nearly 25 years came as Beijing has intensified its targeting of political dissent in Hong Kong since the Covid pandemic. Continue reading...
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I Think, Therefore I Have Language

So how does language and thought relate, then? And what is “thought”, anyway? Perhaps one way of answering both questions is to determine whether any of the representations language provides – syntactic, phonological, semantic, etc. – are suitable for the “fixation of belief.” – 3 Quarks Daily
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Outcry as Hong Kong University memorial to Tiananmen Square victims is removed

Site of the Pillar of Shame at the city’s oldest university is under guard after workmen dismantled statueHong Kong’s oldest university has removed a statue mourning those killed in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 and posted guards at the site where it has stood for more than 20 years.The move prompted criticism of the university and the Hong Kong authorities, with academics and experts saying the removal of the sculpture was an attempt at “rewriting history”. Continue reading...
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