Center of Creative Arts – Senior Director of Arts Programming

Organization Founded in 1986, Center of Creative Arts (COCA) is a national leader in innovative arts education, dedicated the fostering the creative potential of everyone and centered in the belief of the transformative power of the arts to change lives. COCA is the fourth largest multidisciplinary community arts center in the country and annually serves 50,000 people of all ages and skill levels—from enthusiastic amateurs to emerging professionals. COCA’s faculty of distinguished educators ...
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Choral Arts – Artistic Director

Organization Founded in 1965 by Norman Scribner, Choral Arts has a rich history of bringing the power of the human voice to audiences large and small. Advancing the story of choral music by collaborating with a myriad of musicians, composers, and ensembles, Choral Arts weaves its shared passion, world-class repertoire, and radiant voices into a sound that resonates with and changes people. The organization’s principal ensemble is the 130-voice Symphonic Chorus. In addition, the organization ...
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YOLA Grand Ambitions For Music In LA

It is one of the most vivid examples of efforts by major arts organizations across the country to bring youth education programs out into communities, rather than concentrating them in city centers or urban arts districts. – The New York Times
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Checking In With Claire Chase’s Multi-Decade Flute Project

Since 2013, she has been commissioning scores for a monumental project called “Density 2036”; when it comes to completion, in the designated year, it will have added as many as a hundred pieces to the flute repertory. – The New Yorker
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E.O. Wilson, 92, Often Referred To As Darwin’s Successor

Dr. Wilson was an eloquent and immensely influential environmentalist and was the first to determine that ants communicate mainly through the exchange of chemical substances now known as pheromones. – Washington Post
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Identity Crisis? Universities Are “Triaging” Away Humanities

Suddenly, faculty in these departments are expected to justify why they exist and why anyone would need a degree in English. – The Baffler
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Arts Administrator Christopher Newton, 85

Among Newton’s contributions were the development of distinctive Shaw Festival seasons, the establishment of a permanent acting ensemble and the creation of an artistic training program now known as the Slaight Family Academy. – CBC
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The Landmine Field That Is Pop Christmas Music

With Christmas pop the companies are on tricky ground. As one company executive put it, the Christmas record needs “an indefinable atmosphere.” Sex is not part of it. – The Guardian
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Amazon As A Grand Narrative

“The relation of Amazon to fiction, to story, is more than one of convenience, going to the core of its corporate identity,” Mark McGurl writes: “the company sees itself in terms of an unfolding epic narrative of astounding achievement it can’t find enough ways to narrate.” n+1
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NY State Tries Out A Universal Income For Artists

Creatives Rebuild New York is a new initiative that will provide monthly, no-strings-attached payments for up to 2,400 artists with financial need. A second component of the program will fund and facilitate employment for 300 artists at dozens of small-to-mid-size community arts organizations statewide. – Albany Times-Union
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Up to 80% Off Mega Clearance Event at Michael’s | Christmas, Art Supplies & More!

Michaels has some amazing clearance prices happen right now! Get Up to 80% off  favorites from Christmas, Art Supplies, Kids Activities and more!   On the hunt for Christmas Decor? There is an entire section filled with sale items! There are tons of art supplies too! Photo Keepers are only $14.99 (reg: $41.99!) Don’t forget... Read More
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Yes, Movies Can Still Score: Spider-Man Breaks Box Office Record

Worldwide box office is $1.05B which makes Sony’s No. 2 film of all time, behind only Spider-Man: Far From Home ($1.13B). No Way Home is also the No. 1 title of the year worldwide — and one of the only movies of the modern era to ever reach $1B without China. – Deadline
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Photo & Craft Keeper by Simply Tidy $14.99 at Michael’s (Reg. $41.99)

Hurry, there is a a great Michael’s deal to keep organized. Get the Photo & Craft Keeper by Simply Tidy $14.88 (Reg. $41.99)  I use this for Photos, storing wires, toys – anything really! Description This ultimate storage box includes 16 cases for even more space to organize, protect and store your photos and craft supplies.... Read More
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Does Art Really Have Role When Times Are Bad?

To Thomas Mann, the ironist was always serious in play. But does playing seriously mean playing unapologetically, letting oneself be nothing but a player? Or does it mean taking play seriously, as an activity with its own conditions of possibility, among which are both an appreciative audience and a certain pathos of distance?  – The Point
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In The 80s Booksellers Took Over A Belgian Town. Now The Tourists Have Left…

A band of booksellers moved into the empty barns and transformed the place into a literary lodestone. The village of about 400 became home to more than two dozen bookstores — more shops than cows, its boosters liked to say — and thousands of tourists thronged the winsome streets. – Washington Post
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Some Of The Creative People We Lost This Year

Artists, musicians, technologists, actors, innovators and more. – The New York Times
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Taking a time-out

There will be no posts this week—I have no shows to review and so will not be filing a Wall Street Journal drama column, and it struck me as appropriate to shut the shop down between the holidays. See you again on Friday for my annual end-of-the-year sendoff.
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The World Has A Plan To Try To Save Indigenous Languages. Not The US

The U.S. has an incredibly rich heritage of Indigenous languages ranging from Anishinaabe to Cherokee, Navajo to Tewa. But they are almost all endangered, in part because  the U.S. spent two hundred years and $2.81 billion trying to destroy them. – The Hill
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TokTok Is A Wildly Creative Place. But TikTokers Struggle To Grow Beyond It

What’s become clear is that the skill set that led to big-tent triumph on the app in 2019 and 2020 is, by and large, sized to the medium. Given more room to breathe in other formats, most of TikTok’s superstars are still figuring out how to create beyond the phone. – The New York Times
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Watch: “Music Man” Understudy Kathy Voytko Steps In At Last Minute. Hugh Jackman Pays Tribute

Jackman told the audience “Kathy, when she turned up at work at 12 o’clock could have played any of 8 roles. It happened to be the leading lady. She found out at 12 noon today and at 1 o’clock she had her very first rehearsal as Marion Paroo. This is unprecedented. – Broadway World
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Kaywin Feldman’s Plans For The National Gallery

“I feel like I was hired with one clear mandate from the board which, they like to say, is to put the ‘national’ back in the National Gallery and think about how we serve the American people, because our funding in large part comes from the American taxpayers.” – The Guardian
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Kaywin Feldwin’s Plans For The National Gallery

“I feel like I was hired with one clear mandate from the board which, they like to say, is to put the ‘national’ back in the National Gallery and think about how we serve the American people, because our funding in large part comes from the American taxpayers.” – The Guardian
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Michiko Kakutani On Joan Didion

Decades ago, she was already pointing to the startling disconnect between much of the American public and the political and media elites who “invent, year in and year out, the narrative of public life” — a disconnect that today is fueling populist politics and partisan divides. – The New York Times
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"But on closer inspection, his pictures of idealized pies, spaghetti entanglements of highways and gumball machines rimmed in blue halos required unpacking."

"A rustling of unexpected sadness occasionally crept into the paintings after that initial leaping rush of joy — an unsentimental nostalgia for a bygone era or some long lost love.... ... Mr. Thiebaud’s pictures were the opposite of mechanical-looking, their slathered surfaces as rich and thick as the icing on his painted layer cakes. This tactile luxuriousness was one of the things that separated him from classic Pop painting.... 'It has never ceased to thrill and amaze me,' he said, 'the magic...
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Painter Wayne Thiebaud, 101

Truth be told, Mr. Thiebaud was not really a Pop painter. Detractors sometimes tried to pigeonhole him as one or as an illustrator. In fact, like many of the historical artists he admired, he was a virtuoso of the everyday and its deep, subtle symbolism. – The New York Times
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Theatre Educator Profile: Julie

At Theatrefolk, we celebrate the theatre educators who share their stories and continue to make their classrooms and stages a warm and wonderful place for all students. Julie Zatko is a Northwest Ohio based theatre director and educator. She is passionate about presenting new and bold works, juxtaposed with educating and creating theatrical opportunities for […]
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